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A Little Faith

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Will they save Theresa? Whgat's wrong with her anyway?What does Chiron mean? And what's wrong with Jay?

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"Wait. Chiron what do you mean?" Atlanta asked.

"Theresa's soul is running out with every last breath."

"NO! NOT HER! NOT MY BEST FRIEND! PLEASE CHIRON! WE MUST DO SOMETHING!!!" Atlanta wailed. She sobbed in Archie's arms.

Archie tried to calm her down.

"No Archie you don't understand!" She clenched his hands holding Archie's sweater.

"Yes I do understand..Atlanta she's my friend too..please everything's going to be okay." Archie said with hope.

"I'm afraid.." Chiron started. Everyone's ears were open.

He sighed.

"There is no way to save her...I checked...there's no cure..."

Atlanta yelled at him. "What! That's not true! Say it's not true!" Tears swelled up more. Chiron just looked down. Atlanta ran out.

First Jay, now Atlanta.

"That's it, I can't take this anymore either." Archie ran out.

Neil just sat on the couch both feet up. One tear fell.

Odie knelt on the floor" This is not happening" he kept repeating.

Herry still held Julia in his arms, he put on a brave face. Though behind that face was a scared heartache look.

Julia lay her head on his chest. She didn't know what to think...she wanted to help so badly..thinking of all the cures she found growing in the underworld she has seen and she knows too..that there is no cure.

Persephone walked in.

"Tell me Chiron this isn't so!" Persephone eyes were wet.

"I'm..afraid so." He said in disbelief.

Persephone looked away. Her hair turned gray, her face turned gray. She was angry... they heard thunder. Then she saw Julia.

Everything slowly went calm again.

"Jul--Julia?" She walked over.

Julia turned around. They starred at each other for the longest time.

"Mother?" Persephone was not use to hearing this, but it felt so good.

"Darling!" they hugged.

Herry watched them, he wanted to smile as he saw Persephone and Julia rejoice sad and happy at the same time. But felt so tearful for his friend...Theresa.


Jay's eyes opened. He was in a dusty place...the janitor's closet?

He stood up, moaning.

"Theresa.." he said t himself.

He tried to get up. But almost fell, someone had caught him.

"My boy, please rest." He heard.

Who's voice been it?

Jay looked up. The janitor?

"What?! speaked!" Jay said as he looked at Zeus with red dark eyes from crying so hard.

"Yeah yeah, is that so hard to believe."

Yes jay thought.

"Dear boy, did I hear you say Zeus as I walked in? Are you all right? You do not seem well at all."

Jay started getting teary again.

"I love her.." He said once more.

"Who? That young lady? With the fiery long hair?"

"Yes!" He said pleadingly as looked at this strange janitor who seemed to speak only now.

"Yes..indeed." He rubbed his chin.

'How do you..know I love her?"

"Dear boy, you spend ages of time with her...have do I not know..."

"...But...sir..why are you so mysterious?"

"Now if I told you, I wouldn't be anymore now would I?"
Zeus looked at him and smiled. He knew this boy was strong and a true leader, and that's why it was so hard. These 7 heroes were his children basically and was so proud. He knew there was a love story happening between every single one of them.

"Son, listen to me" His eyes turned gold in the light. "You have faith young boy, and courage, you have strength, and wisdom...that's why you face so many have a gift...and one most special of" He's eyes almost seemed like they blinked.

Jay looked stunned.

"Thank you...I must go though..." Jay ran off.

He knew how to save Theresa now...he felt it in his blood...


Atlanta sat on the bench on the soccer field of the school.

Archie sat beside her.

They put arms around each other and head to head as they sat there quietly...and calm...and sad.


Hera came to Odie, Neil, Herry and Julia.

"Theresa is barely alive...and if she doesn't survive..the prophecy will be broken." Hera informed them.

"Please miss Hera! There must be some way! When Jay died Theresa said she refused that was the way this was going to it's our turn." Odie explained.

"Persephone, Dionysus, Chiron, ME, we could not find anything. And you know how much we care about Theresa as well. I am asking you..please...for you young brave and young heroes to save her may be may have that weakness...but you all have a more love for you all...and more heart any of us has ever seen. We believe in you." Hera said with all true meaning and all she meant coming from her heart for her heroes.

Herry came over to her.

"Thank you misses Hera. We all care for you the same way." Herry said with the first smile for those many hours.

Then Jay came running in.

"Hera! Please, I can save her!" Jay shouted and he busted in.

"I have to do it myself."

"I believe in you jay..." Hera nodded.

jay gave her a hug, they backed away.

"I need to take her to Knossoss Island...once's the only way. Theresa didn't give up on me..and I won't give up on her." He knew they have gone to far to give up.... he believes in miracles..magic..and most of all love..because he experienced them all.

Hera agreed.

Jay took Theresa from her place and placed her in the jet. Odie was to come and drive for them.

Jay held her, saving her.

He remembered the letter Theresa had was fait to find...all thanks to Aphrodite, Oracle and Hope.

The letter was basically all blank, but the remaining few words changed into a speech..just for Jay to complete HIS task.

The words..treasure moe precious than gold...and you will find whatever you're looking for in wasn't Poseidon..Poseidon was one task to the very thing they really needed to find.

Now the letter said,

what is in your heart and soul
some mysterious word there...
It's hard to find..
But it's in your weakest part
And most strongest part
Of your heart
it's painful..yet healing.
And that one word...
creates a bond and feeling.
It has many tasks..and many meaning
You could never ever imagine.

And what that was...what that something was...

was something great...something to save a person's heart...

Was Jay's love...for Theresa.


OHH! Next chappie's gonna be amazing! Just wait and see! And a total fluff!

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