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On My Way and A New World

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how will jay save theresa? and will he succeed?

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Okay someone rated this story Illiterate and i plz forgive me...i'll do better and i fixed most the chapters..but it's pretty hard to check yur work on this story text thing. And sometimes im in a hurry. SO FORGIVE ME!!!!


"Theresa..." Jay whispered to the sleeping beauty next to him. "You've got to wake up okay? You hear me?" He tried to show and give a little faith.

He starred at her...she was sleeping almost peacefully, a small smile on her face because she could feel the warmth of Jay.

Theresa...Theresa...someone was calling her name.
Theresa walked slowly ahead.
The place was blue and bubbly...and not a very clear image to see where she was going.
Theresa...the voice repeated.
She followed it.
The voice sounded like an...angel? A song? What was it? The voice had it's own music to was the voice of a women. She could hear a lyre. It played. She continued walking following the sound and music. She slowly paced herself forward till she saw seaweed like a curtain. She moved them away with graceful movements.
She saw a women...dark blue pupils...light blue hair...and light blue skin...Theresa was frightened.
She was a mermaid as well. The mermaid's fins were dark blue like her eyes.
Theresa backed away; she could hear her heart pounding. The mermaid was holding a pink light shell. whispered again.
Theresa wanted to run.
She faced a pool of water by a waterfall, all felt calm.
What was this place?
The mermaid said again making the sound of her voice sound like a command to face her.
Theresa's eyes turned blue now and turned around.
She walked slowly back to her.
She felt out of control...what was happening! She wanted to shout out.


Jay ordered Odie to go faster.

"Jay! This is as fast as this thing will go! You want us ALL to die before we even get there!" Odie said back.

Jay sighed but put on an uncomfortable face. HE was uncomfortable...he was worrying he if he would make it on time...if it would even had to...IT HAD TO.

Jay put one hand on Theresa's forehead. Her lips were pinky red of a rose. Her hair was like sunshine from the dawn. Her skin was pail and soft as the look in her eyes. Her eyes were closed, but behind them he knew shiny green emeralds were planted there.

But her eyes in the world her soul was right now...was different...

Theresa...the mermaid curled her fingers for Theresa to come over. Her head titled a bit as her finger swirled into her palm.
Theresa slowly walked next to her.
Theresa's mouth was opened, as her eyes were dead blue. The mermaid placed her head straight again and pointed to the shell and the water she was sitting by.
Theresa looked into the water.
She could see her reflection. She was a mermaid...but when she looked away and at herself she saw legs. She looked in the pool once more...
The mermaid handed her the shell and told her to place it by her ears as she was playing the lyre with her voice.
Theresa heard waves...the calm and reminded her of Jay...Jay....
Then she heard storms on the was Jay as well...he was hurt.
Theresa pulled it away and closed her eyes. She felt hurt.
The mermaid grabbed back the shell and covered it. Then she put two hands in front of her to make Theresa sit down.

Jay heard a something come from Theresa. It sounded like pain.

Jay held her closer. "Theresa? You there! Are you okay!? Theresa hold on in there, we're over the Atlantic ocean now! Just crossed the Canadian border. Theresa can you hear me!"

Odie looked in his mirror (okay I know cars have that only but this jet does as well, lol)

He did still not understand how Jay was to save her...but he had faith in his friend.

Theresa sat next to this strange creature...was it evil? Or good? It seemed very scary looking. But it seemed not to want to harm her. said again. Look into the pool...look into the pool...she echoed through the still air.

She glanced again...she saw...something really strange...the water was deep...and dark everything was dark. But this seemed a very unfamiliar colour of blue. Her eyes were the colour white compared to the blue. Then she saw through was land...of soft grassy that she could never imagine...the air was crispy and gave a nice feeling. She felt love everywhere in the air...she saw a palace with no windows, because it would never be hot or cold...or ever rain. Windows were replaced by decks. Theresa could feel herself running for the was amazing! The most fascinating place she had ever seen...lakes instead of pools...Mountains not hard to sweet and no stingers on bees...everything...beautiful.

"Odie where are we now?" Jay asked. Last time he did was 2 minutes ago.

"Jay? Can you give me a little space? And stop asking that? Maybe a little respect too, I'm going my fastest." Odie replied.

'I'm...I'm sorry Odie...forgive me. I'm just so worried about Theresa...I-I can't bare to loose her."

Odie looked as his friend with sad eyes.

"I know..."

What was this place? Heaven? Wait is what that? Wasn't it...the mermaid was showing her heaven...she didn't want to leave Jay...not yet...but she was in pain...and this place was soothing her agony...she couldn't go...not yet...she was hesitating...Jay? Or heaven? She hasn't done a lot of things she still wanted to! What about her future children! Would she ever see them grow-up? They wouldn't be in this world without her, and what about getting married? Raising a family! Seeing the world! She's so glad she got to see Greece and Russia and all the other places she has been on with the tasks to defeating Cronus. Why did the mermaid even show her heaven! She was ruining this all! She was not allowed to see heaven until her time came. And this was not a fair way of dying.
She kept forcing herself to look away...but how long until she could see again...if she looked away...would the rest of her life on earth be miserable? No of course not...not as long as she had Jay...but would she miss seeing this place so badly...would she commit suicide and hurt Jay again? How could she enjoy rest of life on Heaven knowing her loved one is in pain?

"Europe! We're here!" Odie said.

"Yes! Almost to Greece and Mediterranean Sea!" Jay said feeling better.

Theresa forced herself back away.
What's wrong? The mermaid asked. Don't you like what you see?
I wished you never showed me in the first place Theresa said shaking her head. Her eyes turned the brilliant green again.
The mermaid looked hurt.
Sorry I just have so much more to do before I go to this great place...I hope to see it again...but in a long time from now. Theresa spoke in kind words to the creature.
The mermaid started looking angry and her eyes turned red and fire swirled around her.
Theresa backed away.
She looked furious and the beautiful trees and pool went black.
No! Jay! Help me!!!!

"Jay!" Theresa said in her sleep.

"I'm here!" He held her hand.

"Jay we're here." Odie slowed the jet down and landed gracefully on the beach.

Theresa looked ill and sick.

She was coughing.

Jay quickly brought her out and carried her and ran for the water and sand.

You're not going anywhere! The evil eyes mermaid lifted in the air and pointed a finger at Theresa.
Theresa fell to the ground, the heat from the fire made black spots on her face and she started coughing. The witch-like mermaid paced forward to her.
Theresa crawled backwards. Get away from me! Theresa yelled as she coughed. Please!
You must accept your destiny! The mermaid said with fierce voice.
Why was I brought here? Why not to Hades and Elysian Fields then?
You are under the poison of the fire soul. She said evilly with a wicked smile.
Cronus! Theresa said under her breath. He's a cruel god! Why are you working for him!
She laughed. I don't work for him, he simply created me and I live here! This is my world sweet heart and no one leaves!

Oh you are gonna love this! Jay so completeing the fluffs! And it's gonna be a fluff, I know I promised this chap would be a fluff but I thought itd be a better story with this freaky world Theresa's in. So stayed tune for Fluff mania in these next chaps!!!!
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