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Chapter 5

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Chapter 5... let's just say that Michael doesn't turn out to be the good boy we all thought he was..., and Jay, uh, meets someone new... Please read:D

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Author's Note:Thanks for the reviews guys! Ugh, re-read the last chapter, and mentally smacked myself at how OOC, Jay and Archie were at the end. Grrr. I will make up for it with this chapter, which I am hoping will be much better. I had/have such a huge writer's block for this chapter, so there might me one or two more chapters after this, then maybe a sequel... dunno, depending on how this one will end. I have piles and piles of homework, and like 3 booklets of 10 pages each, filled with questions that I haven't done, all for tomorrow. But, I've had enough, and it's time to conquer my writer's block laughs evilly. (I think I'm going insane...) Enjoy!

/Chapter 5/

Jay slowly shut Archie's door behind him, their previous conversation still fresh in his mind. Now Jay understood why Archie and Atlanta were acting so weird around each other. He knew Atlanta had a boyfriend, but he hadn't known that Archie had confessed his love for her. He sighed. This would be the perfect chance for Cronus to make his move. Yes, Cronus. Thinking about Cronus seemed to take his mind off of Theresa... at least for the time being. But somehow, his mind would always wander back to her, just like a lost dog running back to his owner. He couldn't decide what was more important- being a leader, or being in love.

Atlanta and Michael walked out of the park, hand in hand as they neared his house. It was a dorm he shared with two of his friends. The house was rather small and plain, confirming that neither of the boys could decorate for their life. Michael unlocked his door, and they slowly walked in, Atlanta laughing at something he had said. She looked around, and it was well, boyish. Just what you would expect an all-boy dorm to be. Dirty, and smelly, and with last night's pizza still lingering around in the living room. She didn't even want to know what the kitchen looked like... or even worse, smelled like.

Back in his room, which was relatively cleaner that the rest of the house, Michael was showing her his things. He seemed like a proud mother, showing off her son's trophies to the other woman in the neighborhood, all the while wanting to scream HA!
"That's a trophy I won for soccer two years ago. Oh, and that's the trophy I got last year for MVP in football... that one's for hockey... and that one's another hockey trophy... but enough about me, what do you like to do?" He smiled down at Atlanta who was sitting on his bed. She smiled back, glad he was done with his bragging. He gloated more than Neil ever did!

"Well, I love to run and hunt and..." She smiled as Michael sat down next to her. He turned to face her, and slowly kissed her, cutting her off, not that neither of them minded. Then he suddenly slightly pushed her onto the bed. Soon she started to feel his hand rummaging up her shirt, as she felt him try to lift it off. Atlanta, startled, quickly backed away from Michael.

"What are you doing?"

"Just having a little fun babe." He said as he buried his face into her neck. She pushed him off as he tried to cross her territory once again.

"Michael, what the fuck do you think you're doing?"

"Come on Atlanta. You know you want to." He smiled a mischievous little smile, and Atlanta sat there shocked. She had never expected Michael to have such a dirty mind. He seemed like the kind of guy who would help and old woman cross the street. But now it seemed instead of helping her, he would have left the poor woman hanging in the middle of the intersection.

"Come on Atlanta. What, are you still a virgin or something? I mean, it's no big deal."

"Yes I am, and I'd like to stay that way, thank you very much." She crossed her arms around her chest and quickly got up and gathered her things, trying to contain her anger. They had only been going out for two days, and already he was pushing it. Within seconds she was at his front door, ready to leave.

"Wait, Atlanta!" Michael had run downstairs right after her. "Atlanta, where are you going? I'm sorry, okay?"

"Actually Michael, I'm sorry. I just can't be with you." She reached for the doorknob when she felt someone grab her wrist. She turned around and ended up face to face with Michael.

"You mean we're done over a sex issue??"

"No Michael, we're done over /you/." She said simply, almost as though it was a statement. Her voice seemed awfully calm despite the emotions that were aimlessly swirling around inside of her.

"/ME/!?? What the hell did I do?!" Confusion rang clear in his voice as he yelled back at Atlanta.

"Because you're just like any. Other. Fucking. Guy. That's why." Without another word, and without leaving him the chance to answer, she emerged out of his dorm and walked away. She ignored the fact that he was still yelling her name. She ignored the fact that she was going to have to face him the next day. And she ignored the tears streaming down her face.

For some unknown reason to her, Atlanta started to silently cry. Why? Why was she crying? Because she broke up with him? Because he was a perverted ass? Maybe because she thought she had loved him. Maybe because she was trying to get away by convincing herself that she loved him. 'Maybe my heart didn't really skip a beat. And maybe the twinkle in his eye was just the sun reflecting weird. And maybe that feeling in my stomach was just not having enough for breakfast. And maybe I just thought it was love.' Did she love him? No a voice in the back of her mind decided for her. No, she didn't love him.


Jay slowly walked down the stairs, deeply lost in his thoughts. He walked into the living room, but then stopped dead in his tracks. Theresa was sitting on the couch, exactly where he was going to sit, and watching exactly what he was going to watch. He debated whether or not he should sit down and watch too, or just leave the room.

Theresa seemed to notice him just standing there (who wouldn't?), so she snapped him out of his trance by yelling his name. He quickly snapped out, and starred at Theresa.

"You can sit here if you want. Just cause I'm here doesn't mean you can't be, Jay." Theresa sounded kind of hurt, but she let her emotionless voice over power her. When Jay didn't move, she wordlessly got up and started to leave the room.

"Theresa, wait! I was just thinking about -"

"About Cronus, I know." He looked into her hurt eyes before she silently turned around and left. He brought his gaze back down to the ground, wondering what was really more important.

Soon Herry walked into the room and plopped onto the couch, bowl of popcorn in hand. He watched Jay for a while before talking.

"Hey buddy, watcha doing?" He asked, in between mouthfuls of popcorn. Jay was startled at the sudden noise. He hadn't even noticed Herry walk in.

"Uhhh... nothing really." He said as he plopped down onto the couch beside him.
Herry turned to look at him, and it seemed he was wondering whether he should ask or not.

"So, uh... how are you and Theresa?" There were milliseconds of silence before Jay's bubble burst.

"Why the fuck does everyone keep asking that!!?" Then Jay got up, glaring at Herry and stormed out of the room.

"...Just asking..."


Theresa was silently walking through the halls before she jumped, startled when she heard the front door slam shut. Archie, having heard the loud noise as well, popped his head out of his room. He gave Theresa a questioning look, and she just shrugged back. Before any more questions could be asked, Atlanta stormed upstairs and into her room, slamming that door shut as well. Theresa jumped again when Atlanta had closed it with such force. Archie just retreated back to his room, while Theresa walked over to Atlanta's.

She knocked twice before speaking. "'Lanta, are you okay?" When she received no answer, Theresa just opened the door, not caring if Atlanta blew up at her. Luckily for her, the door was still unlocked.

She found Atlanta sitting on her bed, crossed legged, her face buried in her hands. When Atlanta heard Theresa's light footsteps, she looked up. Theresa noticed her eyes were slightly puffy from crying. She sat down next to her, and put her arm on her shoulder. She watched Atlanta worriedly.

"Atlanta, tell me what happened." Atlanta sighed and then explained everything to Theresa, who just sat there in the same state of shock Atlanta had been in before crying. She too had taken Michael to being the caring type.

"You mean he pushed it just after two days??" Atlanta silently nodded while Theresa let this sink in. It seemed as though none of them were having any luck with love. She hugged Atlanta, trying to comfort the sobbing girl. But a question kept running through her mind.

"Atlanta, do you love him?" Atlanta seemed thoughtful for a second, thinking back to when she was at his dorm.

" I don't love him."

"Then why are you crying?" Suddenly Atlanta stopped crying, trying to think of an answer to Theresa's question.

"I-I... don't know..." Theresa smiled weakly before passing Atlanta the tissue box. She starred out to nowhere before speaking again.

"You know, Archie really did love you. And I know it wasn't just a crush..." She let out a little chuckle. "Although you had been completely oblivious to it." She sighed while falling back onto Atlanta's bed, starring up at the ceiling. "If I could just take it back...." She muttered to herself. Atlanta fell back onto her bed as well, right beside Theresa.

"Why would you take it back Terrie?"

"Well what good has it done me 'Lanta?" Atlanta thought about this for a while.

"Well, he knows now, doesn't he?"

"Yeah, but 'Lanta, it meant nothing to him. I knew he thought about Cronus a lot, but I would have been better off not knowing that Cronus was more important... 'Lanta, believe me, I'm trying to get over him, but I just... can't. I-I still love him."

Atlanta nodded in understandingly, and they sat there in silence for a while. Atlanta thought back to Theresa's words. 'He loves you. He really does.' She shook her head as though it would shake those thoughts away, but she knew better. Just as she was going to tell Theresa that she was going to talk to Archie, Jay's voice rang through the house.

"GUYS! Hera wants to see us NOW! Let's go!"


"Wait, so who is she again?" Hera sighed and shook her head at Neil's question.

"Neil, for the third time, Ashley is a prime suspect for Cronus' current plans. She seems to be involved into it somehow, but we can't figure out why. That is why we need one of you to befriend her, anything, just get close to her and figure it out." Everyone nodded before Theresa spoke up.

"So Miss Hera, do you want one of us girls to do it, or the guys?" Hera seemed thoughtful for a moment before speaking.

"No, my dear. I would like one of the boys to befriend her. Girls have a tendency to... argue a lot. And a friendship between girls will take much longer to build. That is why I would like one of the boys to." Theresa and Atlanta nodded, understanding what she was trying to explain. The guys looked around amongst each other, each wordlessly crossing out Neil since he wouldn't be able to pay the girl any attention.

"Okay guys, so who's gonna do it?" Herry asked. They all looked around each other again before Archie spoke up.

"How about the first guy she's interested in? That'd make it fairer, I guess." They all nodded and agreed to let the girl decide.

"Now, my children. She is currently in the nearby park. Try to catch her there. Now hurry, we do not know what Cronus might be planning..."

"Okay guys, let's go!"

At the park everyone searched around for Ashley. The fact that she was blonde, of average height and wearing a jean miniskirt was all the information they had gotten. Soon enough, Odie yelled out for his friends.

"Guys! I think I found her!" Everyone immediately ran over to him, the girls seeming a tad bit moody.

"Gee, nice way to blow our cover Od-" But Archie didn't finish his sentence because he had noticed Ashley sitting at the park bench. Herry was the first to speak up.

"Daammn she's hot." Theresa and Atlanta rolled their eyes at this statement, causing Atlanta to remember Michael.

"Yeah." Archie agreed.

"Ugh, can we get moving anytime soon?" Atlanta asked. Jay led them to her, until they were towering over her, causing a shadow to fall over the book she was reading. She looked up and smiled at Jay, causing Theresa to feel more hatred for this girl.

"Well well well, what brings a fine boy like you here?" Ashley asked, eyeing Jay. Jay blushed slightly as he rubbed the back of his neck uneasily. Herry, Odie and Archie only shook their heads, knowing they no longer stood a chance.

"Well, uh, I, uh..." Jay was at a loss of words; what was he supposed to say to her? Before he could mumble more gibberish to Ashley, Neil cut into their 'conversation'.

"He wanted your number. Yeah, so could you just give it to him so we could get moving- I've got a manicure in 20." As Neil said this Jay had blushed even harder.

"Well of course!" She put down her book, grabbing a piece of paper and a pen from her purse. She scribbled a couple of numbers down before passing it to Jay. She got up and winked at Jay before she left. Jay was still at a loss for words while Theresa felt like pummeling that girl into a million pieces.

"Smoooth Jay. Smooth." Archie said, laughing, patting Jay on the back. Jay just shot him a dirty look before looking down at the piece of paper in his hand. Maybe he would give her a call tonight.

OMG! I just saw See you at the Crossroads, and it was AMAZING. My favorite episode so far. And you had to love Jay being all worried/screaming Theresa's name. Ahhh, too cute! Anyways, this wasn't one of my best chapters, (at least I don't think), but it probably was the most 'productive' if you want. So, Atlanta's not with Michael now... does that mean Archie has a chance?? And what about Jay and Ashley?? What's Theresa going to do? Ooo, keep reading to find out! Lol, well guys, rate and review please, they really help! Tell me what you guys think... Anyways, have a great rest-of-Sunday-night night. Hehe. Bye!

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