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Meet Adrien

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A descendant of Ariadne, the woman who was supposed to marry Theseus comes to the seven heroes school and has stolen Theresa's heart before Jay got to. What they dont know is that the new kid has s...

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Jay was in his locker and was reaching in to get his book, when something caught his eye; a picture he ad taped up of him and Theresa together. He looked at the picture and smiled deeply. He loved her so much. He wanted to tell her how he felt so badly, but didnt for to reason: one was because he was scared of what she wold say and two was because of Cronus. He tried his best not to think about Cronus, and focused on the picture. He smiled at it.
"I love you Theresa....I really do." He put his fingers on the picture of her and then he heard many laughs coming from behind him. He turned around, and in horror, he saw Archie, Neil, Herry, and Odie laughing at him. They had heard and seen everything that Jay had done! Archie smirked at Jay.
"So Jay is there a little something you want to tell a certain redhead we all know and love?" They all started to laugh again and Jay began to blush with embarassment. Not long after, his eyes filled with anger.
"Shut up you guys! I can't tell Theresa how i feel you know that guys." Odie rolled his eyes.
"Oh come on Jay! We know that Cronus may go after her, but you know that she can take care of herself. And if i remember correctly, she saved your butt a few times." Jay looked at them, both uncmfortable and sad.
"Guys its not just that....she probably doesn't like me. Even if she did like me, she wouldn't like me anymore." Herry looked at him confused.
"Why do you say that Jay?" Jay looked at him sadly and then he looked down at his feet.
"I've done so much that could make her go against me." Odie looked at him ,dumbfounded.
"What did you do to her?" The four other boys rolled their eyes and Jay decided to explain.
"There were times i let her down, there were times i hurt her emotionally and plus i would notice her trying to get my attention but i ignored her. She may hate me now for all i know. I don't know why i even bother trying to get her attention." Neil looked at Jay, awkwardly.
"Jay you worry too much....if you want to know if she hates you right now, take a quiz on girls in a does help!" Neil got out his mirror and started to check himself out. The other boys rolled their eyes and Archie put his hand on Jay's shoulder.
"Jay you're never going to find out unless you go and tell her how you feel. If you don't, then i will....which i am going to do right....NOW!" with no hesitation, Archie began to run and Jay and the others follwed behind and when Jay got close to Archie, he grabbed his hood and yanked him in and they both fell back and thy both knocked a random kid over! Archie got up and helped Jay up. Jay turned around and helped the boy he had knocked down up. As he helped the boy up, he realized that he had never seen him before. This boy had dark brown hair and dark brown eyes to match. He dressed almost exactly like Neil, on he didnt freak out if there was one unnoticeable wrinkle on his shirt. Jay apologized to him.
"Hey I'm really sorry for knocking you down, me and Archie here are never that clumsy and i hope you don't take it personally." The boy smiled softly.
"Its okay dont worry about it. I'm used to that trust me on this one." Jay smiled and extended out his hand.
"I dont think we met before I'm Jay." The boy looked at his hand and shook his hand. The boy smiled an impish looking smile.
"I'm you always try to kill the new kids on their first day of school?" Jay shook his head rapidly. He didn't understand why he had so much attitude; Jay said he was sorry.
"No I don't. I told you that it was an accident....I'm never that clumsy Adrien." Adrien rolled his eyes and nodded.
"Whatever....I'll see you around. Oh and by the way....try not to get in my way; that's my biggest pet peeve." He walked away and left Jay staring at him. Odie looked confused.
"Who is that guy?" Herry shrugged his shoulders.
"He's this new kid in our school. He is in my biology class. I can tell you two things about him, he is very suspicious looking and he is defiantly a ladies man. All the girls were checking out his butt." Neil looked at him and smiled.
"I think he's cool...he knows his style! I should ask him wear he shops so I could look as good as he does." The boys looked at Neil and rolled their eyes and walked back to their class. little did they know, this boy would be causing some trouble for them....
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