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Theresa meets Adrien

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Theresa has never loved anyone since she met Jay...all that is about to change! dont worry it doesnt suck so much....just r/r

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Theresa was walking down the hall with Atlanta and were talking about the new kid in their grade, that everyone seems to be talking about. Atlanta whispered into her best friend's ear.
"I heard that this guy has the hottest butt you could ever look at! Samantha Collins said that she pinched his butt and it was the hardest butt you could touch since he has a lot of muscles!" Atlanta exclaimed. Theresa blushed and nodded.
"Yeah I heard that a few times too. But I guess I won't know for sure until I see him eh?" Theresa tried not to show that she wasn't thinking about the one guy she always thinks about; Jay. He got and "A" plus on always being on her mind and always made her blush. Atlanta looked at Theresa and raised an eyebrow.
"You're not thinking about Jay now are you?" Theresa looked the other direction. She knew her way too well.
"How did you guess?"
"It's kind of obvious Theresa. He is the only guy that you talk about and you never check out any other guys, unless it is a famous actor who you will never meet."
"Well I do like him, like him's pretty hard not to think about him." Atlanta looked at her, eyes heavy with concern.
"Terri....I am your best friend, and best friends look out for each other. I just think that you shouldn't waste all your time waiting for Jay to make his move. He might make his move when you are eighty years old and on your deathbed. Theresa try to think of someone else....let's go meet the new guy and see what we think of him." Theresa sighed sadly. She hated it when Atlanta was always saying stuff about her lovelife. But then again, Atlanta did have a point there.
"Fine let's go meet..." Theresa bumped into Adrien and she looked and saw his dark brown eyes right before her emerald eyes. She realized that he was pretty good looking and began to blush. He smiled at her.
"I'm Adrien I'm new here at this school."
"I'm Theresa....have you been around the whole school yet?"
"I've seen bits and pieces of it....wanna be a sweetheart and show me the rest?" Theresa's cheeks became as red as her shirt. She nodded.
"Yeah of course....see ya later Atlanta!" She waved to her friend and walked away with Adrien. Atlanta smiled as she watched her friend walking around with the hot new boy. She was happy she had convinced Theresa to be rebellious.

The guys were in the cafeteria eating their lunch and were talking about their everyday lives, until Atlanta came along.
"Hey guys!"
"Hey Atlanta!"
"Hi Atlanta."
"Well hey there girl!"
"Yo Atlanta!"
"Hey Atlanta." Atlanta sat down beside Archie with her lunch tray and began to indulge on her salad. Jay looked at her curiously.
"Where's Theresa?" Atlanta shrugged her shoulders.
"I dunno....last I saw her she was showing the new kid Adrien around the school."
"ADRIEN!!" Jay nearly screamed.
" I never really look at people's butts, but that Adrien has a fine tush!" Jay tried to hold in his anger, when he then heard a sudden laugh and he turned around and saw Theresa and Adrien sitting at a table together laughing, smiling and flirting. Jay was raging mad.
"Why is she with him?!?!" Neil looked at them.
"Dont worry Jay she's just talking to him." Odie looked at Neil with no emotion.
"That doesn't look like just talking Neil....That looks like flirting." Herry agreed.
"Yeah i have to agree....I've never seen Theresa act that way with anyone ever before." Archie looked at Jay sadly.
"Sorry Jay but it looks like you lost your chance." Jay stood up, with anger in his eyes.
"Oh no I have not! I'm going over there now! Oh he will pay!" Atlanta nearly choked on her pop when she heard Jay.
"No! Jay don't! She's happy and let's just keep it that way!" Jay ignored her; he was already half way to their table. He tried to look calm. He reached the table and Adrien noticed Jay and smiled.
"Well hey Jay....what are you doing here?"

ohh cliffhanger!!! haha i'm so do you want me to continue? What do you want to see happen after this chapter? read and review and give me some ideas!
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