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Dance Like Michel Jackson

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There are so many song referances in here. I think most of them are Fall Out Boy, but try to guess them'll be happy.

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To all of you reading, ha, ha, ha.

Bet you liked that plot twist, ehh?

Well, the next morning, Andy dropped me off at Pete's before I had to head to classes with him. It was Tuesday, that meant English.

Walking into the house, I found Pete on the couch again, clutching one of my stuffed cows and snoring lightly. I furrowed my eyebrows together and shook him, his body twitching and rolling over before he groaned and opened his eyes.

He looked up at me and then frowned, pouting with an angry scowl and looked away. I shook my head and sat down next to him.

"You stayed the night," I blinked at him.

"Yes, yes I did," I agreed and Pete dropped his eyes, looking directly at his socks.

"You didn't..." he bit his lip and I sighed, looking at his profile.

"For your information, I did. I gave it up, Pete," Pete closed his eyes and turned his head before opening them again.

"Why?" he croaked and I shrugged.

"You ever get those moments were you know something's about to happen? I had that...and I knew it was time," Pete skewed his mouth.

"It's only been about four weeks," I shrugged.

"And? Shouldn't you be happy for me?" I asked. Pete shrugged, looking away again.

"I guess. It's all part of growing up, right?" I sighed and shook my head before standing and walking towards the stairs. "But are we growing up?" I blinked and didn't face.

"Or are we just going down?"


This day in particular, I opted to lye on the countertop, staring up at the glow-in-the dark stars Patrick and I had placed above us so when it was those night shifts, we could have some sort of entertainment.

Plus, I always liked them as a kid. I heard the bell above the door ring and turned my head to see Patrick without his things and his hat in his hand while he ran a hand through his hair.

Wow, that's a lot of 'H' words.

"What's up, Hat Man?" I called and he frowned, resting his elbows near my shoulders and placing his chin in his hands.

"Homecoming," I blinked up at him.

"And...?" I asked and Patrick glanced down at me.

"Izzy got a date," I frowned.

"I'm sorry, Patrick," Patrick sighed, and shrugged.

"We were gonna go together if either got asked, and Kevin from Chemistry asked..." I raised my hand and ruffled his hair.

"I'm sorry, babes..." I paused. "Hey, are you allowed to bring guests?" Patrick blinked and smiled.

"Yea, but..." I smiled.

"I'll go with you, I mean, Joe will we there, we can sabotage Kevin into ditching her and then Izzy will be all yours to dance with," Patrick shifted slightly.

"I don't know," I sighed and glared at him as the door chimed again.

"Welcome to Vintage Vinyl, you break it, you buy it!" Patrick smirked and I sat up to see three of my favorite people smiling.

And even though Pete was still slightly moody from yesterday, I ignored it, kissing Andy and letting him hop up next to me. Joe took a seat in the wheelie chair and Patrick sighed.

"Joe, what do you think about Evie reeking havoc at our Homecoming dance?" Joe looked over at me and smiled, nodding his head.

"That sounds pretty sweet, considering the fact /you/," he turned and pointed at Patrick. "Lost your potential date to the man that canned me in junior year," I snorted lightly.

"You got canned?" I asked and Joe glared.

"I don't like the guy, ok?" Patrick sighed.

"Neither do I," Andy spoke up.

"But because he stole your Izzy away, right?" I glanced up to see Pete picking up and browsing through records on the shelf behind Patrick.

"Yea, but...hey, wait, Andy, Pete," Pete looked up at the sound of his name and glanced at Patrick.

"What?" he asked and Joe looked wide eyed, catching on.

"You guys should come too! You guys, we could have so much fun!" Andy took a breath and looked at Patrick.

"When is it?" he asked and Patrick bit his lip.

"Friday at 6," I glared at him.

"You're giving me two days to find a dress and a date?" Andy nudged her.

"Hey," he joked and I smirked.

"It feels like high school all over again," Joe rolled his eyes before looking at Pete.

"What about you? You in?' Pete shrugged but then smirked.

"So you're trying to win the girl ehh? I can think up a plan," Patrick smiled and straightened his hat.

"I'm looking forward to Homecoming now," Joe nodded but Andy frowned.

"I think I have to work and close up that night, I'm sorry guys," I pouted for a moment.

"That really sucks," Andy rolled his eyes.

"Tell me about it," I leaned against him until looking over at Joe who sighed.

"So, Pete, what ya got?" he asked and Pete smiled evilly, for once letting his old self come back.

"Oh, it's gonna be good..."


I tilted my head to one side while I tied Patrick's tie, his own hands busy with curling the rest of my hair, making my natural barrels springier and stand out more.

The door opened and in walked Joe with his own tie. I smirked and finished Patrick up, moving him to face my back so I could work on Joe.

"So, you ready to have fun all over again?" he asked. I smiled.

"I'm ready to get Patrick the girl all the boys want to dance with," I smiled and Joe looked at Patrick.

"Too bad he's losing way too many chances," I laughed and Patrick play pouted. Joe smiled and moved his hands so he was adjusting the top of my dress.

"Your cleavage was off," I glared and smacked him, lightly.

"Thank you, but these," I cupped my own breasts. "Are not yours," Joe burst out laughing while Patrick flushed red as he was right behind me, probably getting a rather good view. I giggled too and took the curler from Patrick, finishing up.

"Who's downstairs?" Patrick asked and Joe sighed, putting on his suit jacket.

"Izzy, without her date, she's supposed to meet him there, oh, and Pete," I nodded and looked at myself in the mirror, licking my thumb and wiping it on the mirror. Joe smirked and Patrick looked at me oddly.

"What's that all about?" he asked and I smiled.

"Its good luck," they both nodded and moved to do the same. I smirked and blinked hard before grabbing Patrick's hat off the door handle. It was a fancier hat, of course and Patrick was very happy to find it. One of those gangster Fedora hats, you know?

"I'm good to go," Joe said and I smiled running and jumping onto his back, my heels almost breaking his ribs.

"Onward, Squishy!" Patrick followed us down the stairs and my red, knee length dress slightly flowed with the air, my laugh echoing down the hall before I nearly fell off, smiling and waving at Izzy and Pete.

Izzy smiled wide and clapped her hands excitedly before bringing me into a hug. She had curled her hair for tonight, and left it all down and I could tell Patrick was feeling the wrath of cupid's chokehold.

Hey, that's a pretty clever saying right there...they should have a song about that...

I glanced over at Pete and smiled before turning to Joe and ushering him into the picture.

"This is going up on my wall," I joked and took the picture, everybody pretty much all happy smiles. I looked down at the Polaroid and sighed, sticking it in my purse before placing it on the couch.

"You're not taking anything?" Izzy asked and I shook my head, jabbing a thumb at Pete.

"He's the parent tonight," Pete smiled and stuck his phone in his pocket and giggling the keys.

"Is everybody ready?" he asked and Joe jumped in the air, running over and picking me up, throwing me over his shoulder.

"Kick ass! I just picked up a girl for the dance!*" Patrick lightly laughed and Izzy giggled as I smacked Joe's back and kicked my legs.

"Watch it, Ev. We don't need a peep show," I glared at the carpet at hearing Pete's voice. I raised my arm and pocked Joe's hair.



I looked over from dancing with Joe to see Patrick and Pete both sitting at the table we had reserved as ours, Patrick looking a lot more depressed than Pete, as this was his dance. I pouted and looked at Joe.

"Maybe we should cheer Patrick up," Joe shrugged.

"And how are we gonna do that?" he asked and I patted his shoulders where my hands were.

"Come on," I took his hand and weaved us through the crowd before finding the two.

"Evie here has a plan," Joe announced and Patrick jumped up at the mention of his name. Pete looked up as well and raised an eyebrow.

"What?" he asked and I smiled.

"Basically, we find Kevin, and...whelp, I have to act like a whore and lure him away," Pete smirked.

"Then blow him off with someone else," I nodded and looked at Joe who shook his head.

"Kevin already has shit with me, so don't go off with me," I rolled my eyes and gripped Pete's wrist, bringing him up.

"Let's go, baby," Pete followed me while Joe took Patrick off.

I had spotted Izzy dancing with Kevin just a few feet away and he glanced over for a minute and smiled while Izzy wasn't paying attention. Pete fell away a few feet and I smiled seductively, moving my hips and basically, well, acting completely out of character.

In a few minutes time, Kevin flat out and left Izzy, her expression baffled as he walked away and towards me, where I was standing now, ignoring him as to not anger Izzy any more. I walked to my right and found Pete before noticing Joe who waved over the crowd and pushed Patrick towards Izzy who looked disappointed.

I looked behind me and jumped at finding Kevin close. I maneuvered over towards Pete and grabbed him, right when the music changed and the lights slowed down slightly.

Fuck my luck**.

It was a slow song, and I glanced over at Patrick who had just swept Izzy away, a smile appearing on her features. And then searching out for Joe, even he had somebody to dance with. Pete bit his lip and I shrugged before wrapping my arms around his neck and smiling a content smile.

"I never really went to the dances in high school," Pete commented. And I shook my head, his hands resting on my hips.

"I only went to Prom twice. Junior year and Senior," Pete smiled.

"I remember what you said about Derrick," I nodded.

"He ruined my junior year...I hear he's still stalking me," Pete shivered.

"That's disturbing," I rolled my eyes.

"Tell me about it," Pete shrugged and I heard the music change again and soon saw Joe walking over and laughing at Pete. I raised my eyebrow and Pete laughed.

"What?" I asked and Joe pointed at Pete.

"He knows this whole dance," I blinked and then heard it.


I gasped and started laughing, really hard. Pete looked worried and I shook my head.

"I know it too!" I said and smiled wide. Joe clapped, excited.

"You guys! Do it, please?" he asked, Izzy and Patrick coming over as well.

I sighed and rolled my eyes before Joe pushed us into the circle. I looked at Pete and he nodded as soon as the part came in. I had a hard time controlling my laughter as we danced, Pete even bursting out as we raised our arms and crossed paths.

The people around us were cheering and I could hear Izzy and Joe whooping, Patrick just trying to control his laughter. The song soon ended and I laughed so hard as people crowded around us again as a new song started.

Out of pure excitement, I skipped over to Pete and jumped on him, hugging him.

"That was so much fun!" Pete laughed into my ear and I pulled back, broad smiles on our faces.




The eye lock.

My smile faded slightly and Pete gulped before he looked down at my lips and closed his mouth. I didn't mean to, I swear, but I closed my eyes. I'll tell you right now, thank god for Joe. Right when I felt the tingle of close contact, my body was ripped away from Pete and I squealed as I saw Joe.

"SQUISHY!" I yelled and Joe laughed before rolling his eyes.

I smiled and glanced back at Pete to see him looking ashamed and disappointed. In my book, the worst anyone could ever look in any situation.

I was truly sorry for him.



*Isn't Joe just hillarious?

**Hey, that rymed.

*Thriller- Michel Jackson. Watch the dancing part. It's fun to imagine it's Pete. So now you know why I had this part.

**If any of this sounds familiar, then you've been watching Dance, Dance too much.
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