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Let's Get Crunk Together

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It's Andy week. Let's have some non-dairy cake. And then Patrick can jump out of it dressed like Tofu. I'm just kidding. That was my dream last night. Don't ask.

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The kiss or the-lack of the kiss was running through my mind all weekend. While most of that weekend I spent down at the shop, that or out on dates with Andy, and if not that, it's none of your business unless you're here to tell me you want me as a porn star.

I'm kidding.

Well, not completely.

It's not like I had to take all my sexual frustration out on Andy, it's just the fact that...I /could/.

Readers- Do not stick your hands down your pants.

Specially you, Sheena*.

But none the less, I was fairly torn between two...well I guess you could call them men. Andy at least, true gentlemen at that.

But Pete, well Pete was just.../blah/.

He was indefinable in that trusting mysterious way, but I knew for a fact I didn't, well, love him in the same sense I loved Andy. Pete was that older brother, but in a creepy kind of way, considering he did almost kiss me.



I sighed and flipped another page of a magazine, my daily routine at the counter of Vintage Vinyl, waiting for Patrick that Monday afternoon. Today I got to see if all that dancing really paid off towards Patrick's love problems.

The door chimed and I looked up with a bright and welcoming smile to find Patrick...completely depressed. His hand brushed against the sign and flipped it to 'closed'.

"Patrick? Baby?"

God, I love pet names.

Patrick mumbled something, fumbling with the blinds so it actually appeared closed. He shook his head as I put down my things, rushing to his figure as he entered the back area. Patrick turned away from me but I turned him by the shoulders and tilted my head to one side while he looked away.

"What happened?" I asked and he took a deep breath in before shaking his head and quivering his bottom lip slightly.

"She...she," he hesitated and I arched an eyebrow.

"Izzy?" I asked and Patrick nodded. "Ok, what about her?" I asked and Patrick sighed.

"He...asked her out, for real...and, I guess, they are going out now," I took a deep breath and brought Patrick's head to my shoulder before hugging him and rocking him slightly.

"Patrick...oh, Patrick. What am going to do with you," I whispered more to myself, Patrick sniffing. I sat him down and sat in his lap sideways, his arms slightly keeping me secure while I rested against his head.

"She switched science partners with him too..." I closed my eyes and sighed.

"We need to help you get over her," Patrick smirked.

"That aint happening when I get a reminder everyday," I looked at him and smiled.

"What about ice cream and chick flicks?" I asked and Patrick smiled, nodding.

Two hours later we were at Patrick's house where I had to explain why I was spending the night to his parents, and the fact that his mother got a little too excited, I decided not to tell her I wasn't going to...let's put it this way:

'Bang Patrick Senseless'**.

We just sat on the couch in our pajamas, in which case I had borrowed some boxers from him and just left my under tank top on. We sat cuddled up with a huge bucket of ice cream while watching random 80's movies. Half way through the night I got a phone call.

Guess who.

"Hello?" I answered and Patrick shifted, as he was growing tired. I heard some noises in the background before a sigh.

"Hey," I blinked at hearing Pete.

"What's...up?" I asked cautiously. Pete smirked.

"Well, currently photos. Lot's of photos," I jumped slightly.

"Why are you in my room, and lying in my bed?" I asked and Pete sighed.

"I don't know. You have a queen bed and I have a twin. How fun is that?" I laughed lightly and pushed some of Patrick's hair out of his face as he smiled tiredly and yawned, pulling me closer like some sort of teddy bear.

"I guess," I replied. Pete shuffled the phone again.

"So where are you? And when are you coming home?" I smirked at that line. It sounded like something he should be telling...his.../girlfriend/. I blinked slowly and gulped.

"I'm at Patrick's trying to help him forget about things, and yes I'm staying over with my Leprechaun," I heard Pete sigh.

"Cause you know, I wanted to hang out with you," I bit my lip.

"What about tomorrow, right after class we have a Pete and Evie day*," I heard the smile in Pete's response.

"Then after English. Give Patrick a kiss from Peter!" I laughed before quickly saying goodbye and glancing over at Patrick who was pretty much asleep, rested in the corner of the couch. I leaned against him and snuggled close.

"Ev? Jesus, you're comfy," I smirked and kissed his cheek.

"It's from Pete. And thank you," Patrick sighed and his arms fell around me, keeping me from falling off the couch, as my back was facing anything in the living room. I yawned deeply** and smiled into Patrick's shoulder.

"Patrick Stump- human teddy bear," Patrick replied in the same tired tone.

"Evie Wenz- professional best friend," I smiled again and let my body fall asleep.


Ok, so maybe I didn't really go to class the next morning, considering I had already missed a lot of seat time, and I was really, really tired. So I waited out front with my jacket around my arms waiting.

Looking up at the sky, I saw the clouds and smiled.

It was going to snow soon. I heard the doors to the schools open, students spilling out and waited until I saw little disappointed Pete walk past me, about ten feet away.

I followed behind him until there was a clear path and ran, jumping on his back and smiling sideways at him. He clutched my thighs with his small binder in one hand and laughed before putting me down.

"I thought you were passing me up," he mumbled and I ruffled his hair.

"I may be a bitch, but that doesn't mean I'm going to ditch my bestest friend in the world!" Pete laughed and wrapped an arm around my waist as he led us to his car.

"You think it's going to snow?" I asked and Pete slowed down, looking down at me.

"I have to remember that it doesn't snow in Arizona," I bit my lip.

"Wanna know a secret?" I asked and Pete blinked, stopping and turning to me.

"What?" he asked and I shuffled my feet slightly.

"I've never seen snow, like right before me," Pete shifted his eyes across my face and smiled, linking arms with me again.

"Come on," I felt a little nervous about letting Pete take me somewhere, considering the fact that as soon as I was in the car, he blindfolded me.

All I know was that it was an hour drive and it was frankly cold. Soon the car stopped and Pete instructed me to wait. He got out and I held my breath until I felt the open air next to me. He took my hand and led me out.

I shivered and gasped slightly. As the blindfold dropped, I gasped and jumped on Pete, hugging him as we were surrounded by white, pure as anything.

"It usually snows here before it reaches the towns," I bit my lip and looked down at the view. I smiled but then shivered.

"It's cold," I watched as my breath appeared in front of me and rubbed my arms that only had my long-sleeved shirt and hoodie warming it.

Pete smirked and opened his backseat, revealing two jackets. I wrapped it around me and he took my hand as we walked up the path.

"So, what else do you want to do today?" Pete asked and I shrugged, looking at the snow as it practically blinded me.

"I don't know...we can always go out for diner," Pete shrugged and smiled.

"I know a place that has really good ice-cream," I smirked.

"I'm an ice-cream freak," Pete nudged me.

"They have this chocolate ice cream with chunks of Butterfingers, if you want," I widened my eyes and looked at him.

"I love you!" I joked and Pete smiled lightly, biting his lip slightly before looking away. I sighed through my nose and let Pete walk me back to the car.

"Hopefully it will get to us by the end of the week," I nodded and slipped into the passenger seat, bringing my knees up to my chest after I buckled myself in.

"You know what? I think we should go grab diner, and then hit the club to see who's playing," I turned my head towards Pete who started the car and shrugged before driving us away from the snow.

I watched for another hour as we made it back to town and got to the diner just in time for the sunset. Of course it was delicious and Pete literally had to beg me to let him pay for everything.

Info: the bill was pretty hefty.

Then we hit the bar, where from then on, I was...screwed. I have no idea how they believed me that I was 21, but for god's sake, I didn't see Pete stopping me. I had low tolerance and by number 3 I was out and hanging off Pete.

"Alright, Ev...I think it's time we headed home," I giggled and nodded into his shoulder before letting him lift me up and out of the building.

I smiled lazily and played with his hair until I was in the car and just hummed a tune I picked up from the record store. It's not like when my mind in the state of drunkenness that I'm completely vulnerable, but I was still a little nervous that Pete would, well, he's a guy, right?

Getting me through the house was fun, and it was right about the time I had Pete straddled to the couch did I realize just what the fuck was going on. He was sitting up straight, but didn't do anything, just let his hands rest on my sides while he stared skeptically up at me with his big brown eyes.

"Evie, I don't think this was a very good idea," he muttered and I shook my head, sobering up.

I didn't move.

"I'm starting to think so too," I shifted slightly and leaned forward slightly.

"And I also don't think this is a great idea," his voice got lower and I bit my lip faintly.

"Neither do I," The damned pause and silence that took place next was a chance for me to think of consequences.

I wasn't the time to be unfaithful, nor be, well, a drunken slut. But considering I wasn't naked, or half clothed, or even drunk anymore, this put me in a tough spot.

I didn't like Pete.

Mainly the only reason why was because, I had Andy. And I don't think about relationships with other people until I'm single. But with Pete, it just seemed as though I felt bad, guilty even that I could have possibly broken his heart.

So while his eyes closed and his head tilted up to capture my lips, I had to pull back and look away, for the reason I didn't want to bring him into something, I didn't want to make any promises to him. Pete opened his eyes and looked up at my profile, and I could sense the hurt running through his veins.

I gulped and climbed off of him before grabbing my things and running out of the house. My feet took my wherever I wanted to go, and I let them take me somewhere I didn't expect to go with a close encounter with Pete. Knocking on his door, I waited for a minute before it opened and he raised an eyebrow.

"My parents are sleeping, Ev...if you're going to come in, you have to be," I cut him off, pushing him inside and throwing my things and hoodie to the ground.

I closed the door with my foot and practically jumped on him, wrapping my legs around his waist and kissing him.

My mind /flipped/.

I wasn't the drastic or rational type. I heard Andy moan slightly and I smiled at the feel of his hands on my sides, walking me back towards his room that was in the basement.

Pulling away as he landed on the couch, I bit my lip at the familiar situation. In only fifteen minutes I had switched from Pete to Andy. I really was fucked up. He blinked and smiled.

"Where did this fierce Evie come from?" I shrugged while my hands slid from his shoulders slightly.

"I need this," I whispered, lightly tapping my palms against his chest. Andy raised an eyebrow.

"This as in..." he raised his eyebrows and I shifted slightly.

"/Sex/," I whispered and felt the blush rise to my neck and cheeks. I heard Andy nearly choke on his breath and stared at me.

"Whoa, whoa, Ev...what are you talking about," I bit my lip.

"Sexual frustration. Everyone's got it, and I...I don't know..."

I seriously didn't.

Ever since I left Pete's house I felt...empty and...lonely and with the wind and coldness factor, it made it worse. Andy smiled and pecked my lips.

"You know what?" I blinked and waited.

"What?" I asked and he smiled, wrapping his arms tighter around me.

"I think you deserve it," I smirked lightly and nodded before I lowered my head again and let my eyes close.

So as hands roamed, my mind ran thoughts of just what I was to do.

Minus Andy***.

But with Pete probably growing more and more depressed as the days went by, I wondered how he'd hold up if I grew more attached to Andy, or frankly to anything I did to avoid being alone with him.

Because every time that happened, it seemed as though I was being brainwashed into thinking I needed to sacrifice myself in order for Pete to be happy.

But if I learned anything from my mom, it was that your own needs are for more important than anybody else. If you're happy, then you're happy.

But I couldn't help but wonder...what if?


*Yeah, that's right, I made a reference. XD

**Though I'm sure Izzy would like to.

*AKA my birthday wish

**Which I did at the time of writing that

***Andy's getting lot's of action lately. Havent you noticed? But, I suppose every one's out to 'do him'
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