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The Beginning of Something- Or a Lot of Things

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Ready for another twist? You might want to pay attention to a lot of things that are said in this chapter. There are TONS of referances to it later in the story, and there is TONS of foreshadowing...

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Friday night came quickly that week and of all nights, it started to snow. It made my day even better. It was perfect, for and Arma night, considering I had to be around Pete, but I was happy for him, and that's all that mattered.

"Evie?" I turned from the mirror and looked at Pete.

"What?" I asked and he walked in.

"What are you dressing up for?" he asked and I looked at him oddly.

"Isn't there a show tonight?" I asked and Pete shook his head.

"I forgot to tell you-" I smiled and waved my head.

"It's no big deal,"

"-that the band kinda broke up," I whipped around and stared, shocked at Pete.

"Why?" I asked and Pete shrugged.

"Creative differences? I don't know...I kind of want to do something..." I sat next to him.

"Lighter?" I asked and he nodded.

"Pretty much..." he paused and looked at what I was wearing. "I'm sorry, you're all ready too," I shrugged.

"I could just call Andy and figure something out," Cue instant mood swing. Pete's smile faded and he looked back down at his converse. I raised an eyebrow.

"What are you all dressed up for?" I asked and Pete shifted.

"There's this really cool roller-rink," I cut him off.

"Roller rink? What are you trying to do? Bring back the 70's?" Pete lightly laughed while I smirked. He shook his head.

"Well, it'll be fun, I promise," I smiled and shrugged.

"I guess," I whispered and Pete stood up.

"I mean, you don't have to," I bit my lip and looked up at him.

"I haven't really hung out or seen you in a yeah, that sounds great," I smiled and Pete nodded before going downstairs.

I swallowed and stood up before hearing the muffled ring tone from my purse. I looked down at the caller ID and bit my lip. I lightly tossed my phone in my palm before pressing 'ignore' and throwing it on the bed, walking out the door.

One new text message: I can't hang out tonight, but I love you- Andy

Never got it.


"Sorry, I think I lied,"

I looked up at Pete's face and then before him and saw an ice skating rink. I smiled and tightened my grip on his arm before sighing.

"This is a little over-doing it, wouldn't you think?" I asked, glancing back up at him again.

He stared forward for a second and breathed out, breath instantly turning into frost. I smiled as he looked back down at me and shook his head.

"Not for Miss Wenz," I smirked and let him walk me over to the shoe rental area where the worker was handing them out.

"Ah, Pete...who's the miss?" he asked and eyed me up and down. "New girlfriend, or is she, you know?"

I frowned and glared before Pete wrapped an arm around me and nodded. I kept me cool but smiled none-the less.

"Sorry mate, /all mine/," I smiled to myself and let the blush creep up my neck. We got our skates and I walked with Pete until we got on the rink where I had to cling to his arm for a while.

"What was that all about?" I asked and Pete smiled.

"Trey's an ass. And happens to like ass, too, so...any single girl is bed candy for him," I blinked.

"Couldn't of you just told him I had a boyfriend?" I asked, looking up at him and Pete shook his head, moving to stand in front of me. I clutched the railing as he laughed slightly.

"Not exactly, then he'd wonder why I'm taking a taken girl out this late at night," I nodded, moving slightly.

"True to that," I mumbled and slipped, almost falling.

I grumbled and Pete chuckled slightly before holding his hands out in front of him. I gripped his gloved hands with my own and let him skate backwards for a while until I got the knack of it. I moved to his side and took a deep breath.

"So why exactly did you come to Chicago?" I smirked.

"And you waited four months to ask me this, why?" Pete shrugged with a toothy smile on his features.

"Well, it never really crossed my mind," I nodded.

"I wanted more out of life, and hearing that my dad died, pretty much fucked it all up, the whole money thing, everything. My Aunt wouldn't let me come to the funeral. It sucked," Pete frowned.

"I'm sorry," I shrugged.

"No biggy, it's been about a year, but you know, I'm glad I came," Pete smiled. I was letting him get full of himself.

"Why?" he asked, slowing down. I smiled.

"Because I met some pretty kick-ass people,"


Monday afternoon and the first person to walk into Vintage Vinyl was none other than Izzy herself.

"Have you seen Patrick?" she asked, quickly might I add. I shook my head.

"He should be here any minute," Izzy took a deep breath and raised her hand to her mouth.

"There was, what it is called," I blinked.

"Rumor?" I asked and she nodded while her eyes widened.

"That Kevin was going to beat Patrick up for talking to me at my locker and for hugging me," While my heart melted at that mention, I was growing furious that Izzy would date such a jealous son of a bitch.

The door ringed and we both whipped our head to see Patrick walking in with his hat askew and a cut on his lip, his arm bruised while he had a slight limp. Izzy ran first and attempted to wrap her arms around him.

"Oh my goodness, Patrick! I was so worried when I found out," Patrick shook his head, lightly pushing her off of him.

"Tell that to your boyfriend," he mumbled and walked towards the employee bathroom. Izzy stood shocked, her hands to her chest. I looked at her and shrugged.

"I don't know what to tell you, Izzy," I whispered and she bit her lip.

"I don't know what to tell /you/, Evie...I...I better go find Kevin," I nodded and escorted her out and closing the shop blinds and flipping the signs.

I walked back towards the bathroom to find Patrick slumped against the wall across from it, his back to the wall as he sat on the ground.
"Patrick," I whispered and he grunted.

"I fucking knew it was bound to happen. I try to be nice and...I go up to her during lunch, telling her I wanted to hang out," he paused as I sat next to him, bringing my legs up towards me chest. "Because I haven't really seen or talked to her except it Science," I gripped his hand and examined the bruise on his knuckle.

"I don't think anybody as nice and...wonderful as you deserves this, Patrick," Patrick gulped and I removed his hat before shifting slightly to hug him. He rested his head on my shoulder and I ran my hand through his hair for a while.

"I don't want to love her," he whispered and I gulped, feeling my shoulder dampen.

"Patrick, I can't tell you anything, because it's all up to you. I can only tell you that I know somebody will love you," Patrick made a noise and pulled back slightly.

"I don't know if I want anybody else," I sighed.

"Oh Patrick," he shook his head and I wiped his eyes, before walking him towards the front of the store and getting tissues from my purse. While I was wiping his lip and cuts, my phone rang. I answered it and smiled.

"Chicago City Morgue, who's dead?" It made a smile appear on Patrick's lips. I heard a breath and a light laugh.

"Not me,"

I blinked, my heart stopping and face going emotionless. Patrick looked worried and I gulped.

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