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Who's Your Daddy?

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Bitch, this is slaptastic. TONTO, JUMP ON ITTTT!!!

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At first I thought it was all a joke. But after my father told me everything about my childhood, I nearly fainted, Patrick having to catch me as my knees went weak. I talked to him for an hour, and learned nothing more about the fake death than I would have liked to.

Instead, my father told me to come back home for a few weeks. I freaked, and hyperventilated until the rest of the boys came into the shop, freaking because they thought I was dying. I had managed to make Andy almost cry.

That's where it leaves us, so yay!


"Evie! What...what happened?" Joe asked and I shook my head, jumping on him first as he was the closest person, and the fact he hasn't been mentioned in the story in a while.

" dad! He's /alive/!" I yelped, it muffled slightly in his shoulder. He put me down and held my shoulders.

"What are you on?" he asked and Patrick coughed slightly.

"It really was her dad, she was crying earlier," I didn't want to mention that but wiped at my eyes.

"He wants me to go back," I smiled and frowned as they all pouted instantly, Pete avoiding his eyes from me. "Just to visit," I added and there go the smiles.

"Well, when are you going to head back?" Andy asked and I leaned against him.

"Whenever you guys can get days off from work," Pete blinked.

"You want us to come with you?" he smiled brightly as I nodded.

"My dad is wiring money to my bank account tonight, so any time is great for him," I bit my lip and looked up at Andy. "You ready to meet the only part of my family that's important?" I asked and he smirked, rubbing my arm slightly.

"Sure, as long as he's not one of those dads..." I nudged him.

"Oh, he's very protective of me," I joked, walking back around the counter and gathering my things. Andy looked squeamish.

"He's not going to kill me is he?" he asked and I laughed lightly before beckoning Joe over.

"Of course not, he'll love you," Joe crouched as I climbed on and giggled slightly at the fact I had my own chariot. I paused and hugged his back. "All of you," I mumbled.


I was sitting in a café at one point the next day while all the guys were busy with making plans for the trip to Arizona over winter break, well, winter break for Joe and Patrick, but still, going back for the holiday season.

And after learning Christmas was Pete's favorite holiday and he was a little bummed about being away, I made a promise without telling him to get him an amazing gift...but I was still thinking about it.

Hearing footsteps, I looked up to see Izzy lightly smiling as she sat across from me in the high chair. She crossed her legs and pulled her hoodie sleeves further down her hands and I knitted my eyebrows together before shifting slightly and smiling.

"Did you talk to Kevin?" I asked and Izzy took a shaky breath before smiling and nodding, her eyes distant.

"Yeah, I did. He said that he'd leave Patrick alone," There was something there that seemed unsure.

"What did you have to do to get him to stop?" Izzy gulped.

"I just told him to do it for me," she spoke and shook her head. "Never mind, tell me about the good news," I smiled slightly and nodded, avoiding the question burning my mind.

"Well, my dad's alive," Izzy widened her eyes.

"Seriously?" she asked and I nodded.

"Yep!" I answered and swallowed. "Me and the guys are going down to Arizona for the holiday season," Izzy slowly nodded.

"You're leaving me here?" she asked and I shook my head.

"Fuck no. You're coming too, at least, I hope you can come," Izzy smiled, playing with her sleeves slightly.

"I guess, you know," she paused and looked up. "It's a great idea, but I don't know if I can afford that," I shrugged.

"My dad's paying for everything, and considering we don't need a hotel," Izzy interrupted me.

"Why not?" she asked and I smirked.

"You'll see,"


On Christmas Eve we pulled up in two Taxis's at Castle De Le Wenz. It made my heart flutter wildly and my breath turn shaky. My hand was gripping tightly to Andy's as we walked up the pebble pathway towards the large house.

"What the fuck does your dad do?" Joe asked. I gulped.

"You'll see," I whispered and rang the doorbell. I took a deep breath and Andy smiled at me before moving his hand to my back and patting it slightly, calming my nerves slightly.

The door started to creak and I took a deep breath, letting it go when Victor, the butler I had grown to love when I was little answered. I literally screamed and jumped into his arms, him wrapping them around me.

"Evie! God you've grown," he mumbled and I smiled wide as everybody grabbed their things into the giant open area in front of the two way spiral staircase.

I always called it the grand hall, because it reminded me of all those movies. But what really caught my attention was the giant tree in the middle and right up at the top, leaning against the barrier was David Scott Wenz.

My father.

And as soon as the star was placed neatly on top of the tree, he looked down and I felt an overwhelming smile come to my face as he smiled. As he ran down the stairs, I felt tears come to my eyes and I dropped my hand bag before meeting him halfway, his arms gathering me up and twirling me around.

"My baby girl," he breathed and I pulled away, searching his face. He kissed my forehead and I bit my shaking lip, wiping my eyes and smearing my mascara slightly.

"I missed you dad," I whispered and he ruffled my hair before looking over my shoulder and walking me over towards my group of friends.

"Who are the punks?" he joked and I giggled, before pointing to Joe.

"That's Squishy. Joe is so funny and got me fired," My dad smirked.

"Who's the gender confused emo boy?" I laughed lightly and noticed a blush creeping up Pete's neck. I sighed.

"That's Pete. He's the first one I met, /technically/. He was hitting on me," I told my dad, looking up at him. Pete shifted slightly, and smiled sheepishly.

"Well, if you got anything good from your mother, you got her ass!" I smacked my dad's chest.

"Fucking perv!" I joked and he laughed.

"Hey, your mom's the one that was a gold-digger," I smirked and pointed to Izzy who was standing next to Joe, far away from Patrick.

"That's Izzy, she's from England and I'm sure we've warped her mind," she giggled slightly and waved.

My dad nodded and I left his side to jump on Patrick, ripping his hat off. While he grabbed the air above him, reaching for his hat, I turned to my dad.

"This is Patrick, he's such a cutie, isn't he?" I asked and pinched his cheek before giving him his hat back. My dad nodded his head at Andy.

"Who's this fellow?" he asked and I smiled walking over and wrapping my arms around his waist.

"This is Tofu Man and he cooks me French fries and broccoli," I joked and my dad sighed.

"Tofu man, ehh?" I giggled and squeezed Andy.

"This is my /boyfriend/, Dad," I said and looked up at Andy's nervous eyes. "Right, Andy?" I asked and he nodded at both me and my dad.

"Well, prepare for the talk," Andy widened his eyes and my father walked over to double doors on the side of the stairs, opening them up. "Step into my office, boy," he said sternly.

Of course I knew my dad was joking and Andy gulped before kissing my forehead and disappearing. Joe came up next to me and looked at my profile.

"We're never going to see him again, are we?" he asked and I yawned.

"We'll see," I paused and turned to everyone else. "Who has jet lag, because I'll show you to your rooms,"

Izzy smiled and I led everyone up the stairs, giving Joe the one across from my room. He was glad and went in, closing the door behind him.

Considering it was late, I understood.

But I smiled, remembering it was almost Christmas. Izzy got the room next to him, and I walked Patrick to his room while Pete looked at pictures. His room was at the end of the hall and he sighed before I opened the door.

"Did you talk to Izzy before you convinced her to come?" Patrick asked quietly and I turned to him.

"What do you mean?" I asked and Patrick swallowed.

"I don't want to sound like a jealous prick, but...why isn't she talking to me?" he asked and I shrugged.

"I'm thinking something's wrong, but I'll talk to her later, ok?" Patrick smiled warmly and I patted him on the back.

"Thanks Evie...cause you know, I..." he paused and bit his lip. "I love her," he whispered and I smiled, hugging him slightly before kissing his forehead.

"You need some loving, Patrick," he smiled slightly and I nodded, assuring him. "And I'm going to make sure she gives it to you," Patrick nodded.

"Sooner or later..." he whispered. I sighed as he slipped into his room. I called Pete over and I pointed to a door.

"That's the last guest room, and its right next to mine, so if you have a nightmare," I joked and Pete smirked.

"I'm just glad it's almost Christmas," he mumbled and I placed my hand on my own doorknob.

"Yea," I whispered and looked away. "Good night Pete," I said and slipped in, closing my door.

I smiled at the picture covered walls and slipped out of my clothes, pulling on some short shorts and a tank top before slipping under the quilt and blankets. In a short amount of time, the door opened and I sighed slightly, rolling over as the bed sunk about a minute later. I smiled at Andy.

"How'd it go?" I whispered and Andy smiled.

"I love your dad," I smirked.

"So do I," I replied and let him kiss me.

"I love you," I smirked.

"So do I," I laughed at his glare and bit my lip. "I love you too," I whispered and rested my hands on my chest as I fully turned around, on my back while he kept himself over me.

"What?" Andy asked and I smiled shyly.

"Is the door locked?" I asked.



Pete stared up at the ceiling and cringed at the noises from next to his room. He groaned and closed his eyes tight. It sickened him but worse than that he felt his heart being eaten by the monster of jealousy.

He wanted to be him.

Not Andy in particular, but in his spot. But Pete was a friend, not some jealous bastard. He would wait, sure, but for how long?

The answer was unknown to anybody.

He clutched the sheets at his chest and felt his lips quiver with an unknown sickness. He gulped and loosened his eyes, the stinging feeling of his eyes letting tears slip down the sides of his cheek bone and hit the pillow.

Love never wanted him...
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