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Raven discovers the truth about Beast Boy and Changeling, but will it be too late for her to save herself?

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/My only love sprung from my only hate Too early seen unknown, and known too late Prodigious birth of love it is to me that I must love a loathed enemy. "/-Juliet, Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare

Chapter Nine: Revelations

Raven stood, dark silhouette against the night. Her cape fluttered in the soft wind and her violet eyes had a fell look in them. It was time, time to let the Rage out. Rage at herself, rage at Changeling, rage at her losses and most of all, rage for her failure to save Beast Boy from his horrible fate. Hard fire came into her eyes. It was time to act.

She walked determined towards the door. She used her powers to blow it open. The door flew back with a clang, falling to the ground in a twisted heap. Raven walked in, silently searching for any sign of life. She heard a click and two-dozen guns were trained on her, ready to fire. Shot rang in the night, and Raven quickly summoned her powers, raising a wall to shield herself from bullets that smashed harmlessly into the black energy field. "Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!" Raven's voice rang as Rage took over. A dozen voices screamed in agonizing pain, and were suddenly silenced.

Raven stood motionless, for a long minute in complete, deathly silence, then she silently stepped over the dead bodies, making her way inside. As she stepped through the door, an alarm began blaring. Using her powers, she smashed it to bits, but not before a dozen soldiers charged her, firing their guns rapidly. Using her powers to shield her, she threw herself at them with reckless abandon. Her fists smashed into a face as she whirled around to kick another, as she grabbed a stunned soldier, snapping his neck in two. Two men flew back into the wall, one dropped dead at her feet. She grabbed the remaining guards and slammed them against the wall, "Where is my mirror?" She demanded. They said nothing.

Her grip began to tighten and they gagged and struggled but said nothing. "Where is it?" Raven screamed, squeezing so tight, their throats about to break. One man finally gagged out, "Changeling's--Changeling's Trophy Room!"

"Where is this 'Trophy room?'" she demanded, Rage wanted to kill them, but not before she'd gotten what she needed.

The other man finally spoke, "In Changeling's room, there is a bookshelf. Find the book, The Picture of Dorian Gray and you will find a key."

"And?" Raven squeezed harder.

"The key unlocks a door behind the bookshelf. There is a staircase and it leads down to a long hallway, at the end of that hallway is the Trophy Room."

"Where's his room?" she asked.

"Down the hall. His office is at the end of the hallway. His room is on the left side."

Raven broke their necks and threw them to the floor. She walked past them and said nothing. She found the room easily, using her powers; she hacked the system and stole silently into the room.

Changeling heard the alarms sound as he stepped out of the Trophy Room. Beast Boy was put away; there would be no stopping him in his revenge against Raven now. "She's here!" he smiled as he walked up the stairway. Opening the hidden door in the wall, he came in his room. He froze for a second. He thought he heard something. He looked around, then up at the ceiling. There was nothing. He left the room and stepped out of the room. He looked down the hallway and spotted the dead soldiers on the floor. Snarling, he began to run down the hall, noting the snapped necks and broken limbs. Changeling let out an enraged roar as he came to the entrance. All his beast soldiers, his most loyal guards, dead

He started back. He would tear the whole building apart, piece-by-piece until he found her. He'd also rip her throat out as well.

Raven heard he footsteps approaching. Changeling was coming and she had to hide. She flew into a corner of the room. Using her power, she cloaked herself in it, enshrouding her figure in the black aura of her power. She remained completely still. She didn't dare breathe. She felt sweat pour down her face as he exited out from behind the bookshelf and began walking towards the door. He stopped; she froze. He'd heard her. He looked up. He was staring straight at her. His eyes seemed to roam around the room, and then they came back to her. She didn't move, he looked at her for a second longer and then he shrugged his shoulders and walked out. Once the door shut, Raven breathed a sigh of relief. He had been so close to finding her, but she'd barely managed to hide from him. She landed on the floor and began looking through the bookshelf for The Picture of Dorian Gray. Finally, she found it and she found the key, which he had replaced back in the book. She found the key and used it to unlock the secret door, which slid open silently.
Climbing down the stairway, Raven walked down the hall towards the Trophy Room. Here would lie the answers to all the riddles concerning the mysterious man called Changeling. She stopped before the door. She took a deep breath, now she would find the truth, and discover why this monster wanted her dead so badly.

The door blasted to pieces before her as she strode into the room. To her surprise, the lights were on and things were strewn all over the floor. She began to look through them. Obviously, Changeling liked to keep mementos of past victories. A lot of uniforms and weapons of various opponents, she didn't recognize any of them, but then she looked up, and saw the most horrifying sight in her life. There, at the end of the room, pinned to the wall was the purple uniform she knew so well. It was Beast Boy's. She quietly walked over to it, studying it carefully. She saw the rips and tears in it, and the bloodstains, and knew her friend had died bravely. She began to look around to see if there was anything else Beast Boy's in the room.

Then she spotted it, her mirror. She walked over to it and quietly knelt down beside it. She looked around and suddenly spotted an old photo. She saw Beast Boy's face grinning mischievously as the camera. She remembered Robin taking that picture, and smiled. Raven looked down and found a wallet at her knees. Picking it up, she began to go through its contents. Her face went white with horror, for on the license photo was that of Gar Logan! She continued to look through the photos in horror, for another ID was that of the Changeling! She compared the pictures, looking from the photo of Beast Boy, to Gar Logan, to Changeling, and back again. The revelation hit her hard, Beast Boy was Gar Logan, and Gar Logan was the Changeling!

"No!" she screamed, she didn't care if he heard or not, "NO!" She burst into deep, wracking sobs that shook her whole body.
"Beast Boy, Beast Boy, what have I done?" Raven sobbed, miserable, "I drove you to this. I couldn't love you and I couldn't save you. It's all my fault. It's all my fault. No wonder you hate me, I couldn't love you...not like you wanted. I hate Changeling...But I always loved you...its all my fault...and I hate myself for it!" She clutched the photo against her body, and sobbed.


A pair of hands slid around her shoulders, "No! Changeling, let go!"

"Raven, easy, easy," said a voice from out of a distant past, like out of a dream, "I'm not Changeling, and I won't hurt you." She felt the arms gently pull her against a warm body, gently rocking her, "Shh, Raven, you saw Changeling in his room. I've been in here."

"What? How? And who are you?" Raven demanded.

"It's me, Beast Boy. I'm Gar Logan." Raven pulled him close, clutching him, sobbing. "Easy, Raven, it's okay.

" He held her gently. She pulled away from him, "Why Beast Boy?" She asked, "Why did you become Changeling?"

"I can't explain now," Beast Boy replied. "We have to get out of here. Where can we go?"

"My house," she replied. "He doesn't know where I live."

"Good, come on, "We'll take my car." They ran out of the room, and down the hall. Gar stopped at the end and pushed on a hidden door in the wall. It opened up to reveal a garage filled with different cars. Gar jumped in one and pulled out his keys. "Come on, Raven! We don't have all day!" She jumped in and he floored it out of the hidden garage, and drove towards her house.

They saw another car pull behind them and a man raised a sniper rifle. "Azarazth, Metrion, Zinthos!" Raven summoned her powers and blocked the bullets repeatedly. Gar reached down, pulled out an illegal grenade and pulling it, tossed it into the perusing car. There was a loud explosion as he floored it away from the burning inferno. They arrived at Angel's house safely and Raven disintegrated the car so they wouldn't find it.

Stepping into the house, she grabbed Beast Boy and pulled him into a kiss, "I'm sorry, I'm so very sorry. It's my fault you--"

"It's not your fault, Raven, it's mine." he pulled away. "I'll tell you in the morning. I'll tell you everything." He wrapped his arms around her body, "Right now, I just want to hold you. I've missed you so much, I never knew you were still alive until that night I fought you. For all these years, I hated you, but now, all I can do is love you." He kissed her, stroking her face and embracing her, "I love you, Raven, my sweet Angel, I need you. I love you so much."

"I love you too, Gar Logan, my Beast Boy. I've always loved you...I've always loved you." She pulled him back into a kiss, slipping her tongue into his mouth, she kissed him deeply. They'd found each other at last, through a web of lies, hidden identities and deception, they'd finally found the truth and each other.
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