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The Monster Unleashed

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Changeling's origins are revealed and Raven discovers her Judas. (Rape threatened in fic, you have been warned!)

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/"Love changes a man. Revenge tears him apart"/-A Man Apart

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Chapter Eight: The Monster Unleashed

Changeling emitted an evil chuckle as he stared over at Raven's mirror. At long last I have my bait ready. He thought as he stared at it.

"Now," he said, "let's get you to my Trophy Room," he picked up the mirror and went into his room. Pulling out a book entitled, The Picture of Dorian Gray, he removed a key from the inside cover and opened a hidden door in the bookshelf.

Closing it behind him, Changeling made his way down a long, winding staircase down to a long hallway. He punched in a code and two doors slid open. He walked in and shut the door behind him.

This was his Trophy Room. Here he kept souvenirs of his past 'conquests' of vigilantes who had opposed him. He kept their uniforms, their weapons and anything else of value they had. There had been many opponents in the past, but Changeling was proud of a certain hero's uniform which he kept in the far end of the room. It was Beast Boy's uniform. He'd stolen it after Beast Boy had bee buried. It was pinned to the wall and was stained with blood. Changeling looked at it and smiled. There was a story behind that, and it was as twisted as he was.

Beast Boy walked alone through the dark streets of Jump City. He was all by himself. He'd left the Titans after they disbanded He'hd hopes of starting a new career somewhere else. He saw in front of him, some rough looking kids. They wore tattoos and they smoke cigarettes as they stared at him. One of them, obviously the leader walked up to him.

"You're that Beast Boy kid aren't you?" He asked, Beast Boy made no answer. Suddenly, they all jumped on him, fist flying. Beast Boy was caught off guard as he staggered back from the blows. He'd be able to handle this, he told himself, after all he was a superhero. He morphed into a tiger and jumped out of the way as he smashed his fist into someone's face. His attacker fell dead at his feet while the rest rushed at him, one pulled a gun on him and fired.

The bullet ripped into his shoulder, enraging him. He leapt for the leader, smashing him to the ground. Baring his teeth, he mauled the man to death. He didn't know why he was doing it, but it gave him a sense of power.

Your friends always held you back, a voice told him, If they really cared, they would be here helping you. He listened as the voice rang inside his head as he morphed into a bear and charged the two remaining members, You are worthless and unloved. SHE never loved you, if she really did, she wouldn't have left. She's made you like this, SHE'S the reason your life is so pathetically pointless! Beast Boy continued to listen, the more this voice spoke, the more it made sense.

"Who are you?" he asked the voice.

"I am Changeling, let ME control you and I will give you something you've always wanted."

"What's that?" Beast Boy's mind asked Changeling.

Power, you've always wanted power. And revenge. I can give it to you. You hate her, she ruined your life. I can make her pay."

"Really?" Beast Boy asked, if this Changeling could really destroy Raven, whose powers were extremely strong, what could stop him?

"Trust me. Let me take over and you'll do things beyond your wildest dreams!"

Beast Boy was hesitant, "I can still come out when I want to, right?"

"Of course, but I'll be here on the inside, ready to come out when you need me."

So Beast Boy let Changeling take over. Indeed, Changeling did do things beyond his wildest dreams. Withing minutes, his opponents were dead, throats ripped out and he saw the blood on his hands.
"You must throw away your identity," Changeling's voice told him.


"You wouldn't want to ruin your reputation as Beast Boy would you?"

"No," he answered.

"Change into the leader's clothes, he is dead. Give him your clothes and everyone will think Beast Boy sacrificed his life for a good cause and you can start a new life with me, and no one will ever know. Changeling murdered that pathetic fool Beast Boy, and now, Gar Logan WE will achieve our ultimate goal."

"What's that?"

"Revenge on Raven."

So with the 'death' of Beast Boy, Changeling began his reign of terror. He formed the gang The Iron Fist and as their leader, reeked havoc on Jump City. No one was safe anymore. From assassinations to burglary he was the mastermind of all sorts of mayhem. His sick sense of humor left his victims bodies to rot in the streets and alleyways, or hanging ripped to shreads on street signs.

What of Beast Boy? Well, he was still in there somewhere. Every so often, he would come out under his real name Gar Logan and walk the streets of Jump City. It during these times he had met Angel and fallen in love with her. It during the night when he was Changeling that he discovered the return of Raven and the other Titans.

Yes, Changeling would have his revenge. There was no way Raven would sit by and let him have her mirror...her emotions would be her downfall. He turned his attention to the mirror. "Come Raven, let's see what your thinking..." he paused and looked into the mirror.

"What the-" he exclaimed. He didn't see inside Raven's mind, instead he saw Beast Boy staring at him, complete with Titan uniform.

"What are you doing in there?"

"None of your business," Beast Boy replied. "Wanna come in and find out?" he asked.

Changeling reached out and touched the mirror. His surroundings swirled and he soon found himself in a place with beautiful surroundings. He found it odd, because Raven was an unemotional Goth. He thought her mind would be a dry wasteland not some warm pleasant place.

"How are you separate from me?" Changeling asked, curious.

"How should I know, you looked in the mirror."

"So, is this Raven's mind?"

"That's the problem," Beast Boy said to Changeling, "I don't know, I thought this was Raven's mind, but it's too happy."

"Too happy..." Changeling's voice trailed off. "Do you know what she did after the Titans disbanded?"

"No," Beast Boy said, "didn't want to talk to her. I hate her, remember that."

"Do you? Do you really?" Changeling asked, his mind was sorting through the pieces of an odd jigsaw puzzle called Raven.

"Yes, I hate her!" Beast Boy's eyes flamed, "she broke my heart."

"And what of Angel, do you love her?"

"What's Angel got to do with Raven?"

"Didn't you notice how cagey she was when you asked her about Raven?"

"Not really, Beast Boy replied, "I just thought she didn't know anything. I don't want her to discover you, you know."

"Why?" he asked.

"I don't know why, I just don't want her to know, that's all."

"Do you think it's because," he paused slightly, "Angel is really Raven?"

Beast Boy's eyes flamed, "That's not true! Angel is not Raven!"

"She's not?" Changeling sneered, "How do you know?"

"I-I don't," Beast Boy admitted.

'That's right you don't know, but I do, why's she so mysterious all the time and why was she the only witness who saw John Thomson rob the café?

"And why does she always look exhausted?"

Beast Boy stepped back, "maybe she's a late owl."

"I'll tell you what she does," Changeling began pacing around. "After work she leaves and changes into her uniform, then she goes and meets with the Titans in the Tower.

"How do you know this?" Beast Boy demanded. "Her employee Zach is my most trusted spy and he followed her around one night and told me."

Beast Boy fumed, "And where was I during this whole ordeal?"

"Fool, you let me take over, that's why you don't know. So, I'll finish your work for you, I shall destroy your beautiful Angel."

"You wouldn't! Why?" Beast Boy grabbed Changeling by his throat, ready to strangle him.

"Haven't you been listening to me, fool. Your Angel is Raven, hence I destroy Angel, I destroy Raven." Beast Boy was for the first time in 10 years, distraught. Changeling unexpectedly threw Beast Boy off him and he landed on the ground hard, grunting, he tried to rise, but Changeling placed his foot on his chest keeping him there, "Admit it fool, you still love her. You still love Raven."

Changeling pressed his foot harder on Beast Boy's chest, making his breathing more difficult, "I... don' her..." he gasped out.

"You still love her..." he sneered.

"I...Don't..." Beast Boy gagged out.

"Oho," Changeling chuckled hideously, "Then you won't care when I strangle your beautiful Angel, will you?"

Beast Boy continued to struggle, but he couldn't do anything about it. He was trapped in Raven's mind with his psychotic, deranged alter ego slowly killing him.

"Oho, I see I've made you angry...yes, now you've made me angry and now I'm gonna make sure I punish your Angel nice and slow like. I'm gonna rape her, and I'm gonna enjoy hearing her scream!"

Changeling grabbed a struggling, enraged Beast Boy to his feet and took him over to a barren area. Changeling threw Beast Boy into a cage that had seemed to come out of nowhere. Beast Boy jumped to his feet, "You can't do this Changeling, I created you!"

"No Beast Boy, I took over you," Changeling sneered, "I'll tell your Angel you said hello." He cackled hideously as he walked out, leaving a distraught, confused, and angry Beast Boy to try and figure out just who Angel was.

Raven flew back to her café, horrified. She knew it was a trap, she knew Changeling was just baiting her to come get it. She had to go find it, trap or not, she couldn't let him have her emotions. She landed silently behind the building and walked inside. Normally she'd duck into the women's restroom and change.

She walked in and heard Zach's voice on the phone. "...Yes, Changeling, I'll find Raven for you...No, no I can't leave now, Angel will be back from her errands...Just let me get off work okay? "What, You want me to bring Angel? What? She's really Raven? No way, she'd never come with me! Sure I know who she is now but this is unreasonable! She'd never fall for it. Alright, Alright, I'll bring her. I'll come by tonight I promise, I just can't let anyone suspect me, okay. Tonight at 11 then. Okay, goodbye."

Angel was horrified, Changeling knew! He knew who she was! She reached out and grabbed Zach by his throat and threw him against the wall. "You betrayed me you miserable wrech!" She shouted as she punched him hard, "I trusted you, and you've found out my secret. You're a spy for Changeling!" She grabbed a gasping Zach and slammed him against the wall. "Where is Changeling's headquarters?" Zach said nothing. "Where is he?" she roared out

He was silent. Raven summoned her powers, "Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!" She raored with all her anger, and the black energy smashed into Zach's body.

"Where is Changeling's headquarters?" she asked, grabbing his throat, she began squeezing, choking him.

"It's...It's..." Zach gagged out.

"it's where?" Raven demanded.

"It's on the south side of Jump City. In the old storage warehouse. You know, the one covered in Iron Fist Graffiti. It's on Fourth Street, across from the highway."

Raven's power rendered him unconscious. She called the cops and they dragged him away as she made her way to the warehouse. She would get her mirror back, she knew what would be waiting for her: Changelings's best assassins and soldiers. But she'd rather face an army of them for her mirror than let it stay in the hands of this perverted, deranged monster who had unleashed all his powers against her; the monster was unleashed and it was time to destroy him.

Beast Boy sat inside his caged prison, miserable. How could I have been so stupid? He thought to himself, how could I love Angel? He slammed his fist against the bars. How could I fall for her again. I hate her! She broke my heart. She ruined my life! I loved her and she never loved me! How could I be so stupid? "

"Oh when will you ever get over it?" asked a voice suddenly.

He looked up, "Rage, what are you doing in here?"

"I should ask you the same question," Rage growled, "Raven keeps me here, stupid..." her voice trailed off and a smile slipped slowly across her face, "I think she's letting me out...Good!" Rage saw Wisdom and Knowledge walk over.

Wisdom unlocked the cage, "Okay, Rage, she wants you out." "It's about time!" Rage roared and stomped out of her cage.

Wisdom spotted him and frowned, "Beast Boy? What are you doing in here? I thought Raven didn't want you in her mind."

"She doesn't know I'm in here," he replied.

"Oh," Wisdom said, "I see. Well come on out, you obviously want to aks me something."

Beast Boy climbed out of the cage and looked at Wisdom. "Why do I still love Raven?"

"I don't know that answer," Wisdom was thoughtful, "You must ask yourself that question."

"Did someone call me?" Love was standing a short distance away eavesdropping.

"Well, sort of Love. This discussion's kind of about you."

"Love?" Beast Boy frowned. "I didn't know you existed in Raven's mind at all."

"Well I do now; Raven loves Gar Logan." "But I'm Gar Logan," he said exasperation.

"So she loves Beast Boy then," Knowledge said simply.

"Yes, she loves Beast Boy. She thinks he's dead though."

"But I'm Changeling and she hates him."

"You are not Changeling anymore. You two separated in here, remember?" Timid said from out of nowhere, Beast Boy was shocked.

"How did you-" he asked.

"I watched from a safe distance," Timid said, "I'm too timid to come over there and help as it is."

They all stopped, it seemed the sky in Raven's mind shifted to reveal her on her knees, in the middle of a room, weeping. Beast Boy's heart wrenched as he saw her clutching a photo of him. He recognized where she was. Changeling's Trophy Room. Beside her was his uniform. She was sobbing uncontrollably. He'd never seen her this emotional before, not ever. The strong, emotionless Goth was weeping over him, and he knew she knew the truth.

"So, Wisdom, Knowledge, Timid, Love, what should I do?" Beast Boy asked.

"You should tell her how you feel and what's happened to you."

"Alright, she'll probably hate me, but I'll do it...because I love her." And he stepped out of the mirror.
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