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"There´s a song on the radio that says: Let´s get this party started!"

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Some tofu, some making out and Pete is outta here.

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24. "There´s a song on the radio that says: Let´s get this party started!" *



Andy´s and my first date was quite alright.

The next day at school I-

Ah well, ok. If you insist, I´ll tell you more about our date. First of all, it was SUPERCOOLNUMBERONE! Yes, in one word. That´s how great it was.

Andy wanted to go to some special place where they have "the world´s biggest salad buffet". (Think of "the world" as a circle with its center at Andy´s place and a radius of 15 miles which is the distance to the next city. Under these circumstances, the chances of Patrick´s deer stalker hat being the ugliest in all the world were pretty high too.)

"Patrick was quite laid-back about the news, huh?" Andy said in the car.

"Yeah. I mean... what´s he supposed to say to that?"

"Well, I bet Joe has a lot to say about that," he smirked and turned off the engine.

"Over the past few months I´ve got the impression that he has a lot to say about almost everything."

We got out of the car and Andy grabbed my hand as we walked into the restaurant.

"Yeah, Joe´s very..."

"Obnoxious?" I suggested a fitting adjective.

"I was gonna say ´talkative´. But I guess you hit the nail right on the head," he squeezed my hand slightly. Did I mention I was melting?

Five minutes later I was looking through the menu, "Anything you can recommend?"

Andy nodded, "Yup, the tofu soup´s awesome... Actually I think I´ll go with that and then a big plate of salad."

I decided to have the same. (I was definitely not having something non-vegan on our first date. Ruin the chances of another kiss. Ha. Don´t look at me like that... I already picked an outfit for the sole reason that this guy liked it. You should be used to me being a slave to his taste.)

The soup was good. Could´ve used some meat though. The salad was fine too. Although it wouldn´t have hurt to have some meat to go with it. Or at least fish. As I was starting to wonder how flies taste as I saw one buzzing past us, I remembered that I had some chicken in the fridge I could eat when I got home.

We were talking all through dinner and got carried away over our conversation after we had finished eating. He told me about his work place and his parents who had moved to the west coast and had left him and Joyce the house two years ago. I was asked several questions about being a teacher and how I learned how to play the bass and drums.

When Andy was driving us back home I gathered up all of my courage, "Andy? How come you changed our mind about me? I mean about us going on a date and all that?"

He laughed lightly and took his eyes off the road to glance at me, "It´s not like I´ve planned the kiss in the garage, if that´s what you´re thinking."


"That just happened. You kinda caught me off guard there."

Ok, don´t let the guy fool you. It´s not like I had flung myself at him. Even though, that had been my plan B.

"That still doesn´t explain why you went out on a date with me...," I tried to push him to a more revealing answer.

"Ah, well... You´re a nifty kisser."

To quote Joe: Holy Pacman! Andy thinks I´m a good kisser.

He laughed at himself, "That sounded so totally lame."

I couldn´t have disagreed more with him. Well, unless he would have said that a preposition is nothing to end a sentence with.*

He glanced at me again, "I´m really sorry I rejected you like that on Halloween. I totally regret that. The longer I know you the more interesting you seem to me."

Readers, I think it´s safe to say that I RULE.

Andy stopped the car in front of my apartment building, leaned in and kissed me softly. His gentle ways didn´t just give me butterflies in my stomach. I think I had a fully grown eagle in there. I surely wouldn´t have minded, after the humble dinner...

"Hey, can I come upstairs?" And smiled at me. With a smile like that he could have asked me if he could put me in a potato chip costume and have me chant insanities like "Chip, chip, hooray!" or "Crunchie! Crispy! You know you want me!". (Summer job when I was 16. Don´t ask.)

I put on my best I´m-not-just-freaking-out-on-the-inside-straight face and gave him a smooth, "If you wanna..." After one year without any sexual activity - again, I feel compelled to quote Joe, this time in capital letters: HOLY PACMAN! - I would choose a weiner over the old chicken my fridge any day.**

_ _ _ _ _

The next day in the afternoon Patrick called me.

"Hi, Patrick."


"Um, usually you say ´hi´ when someone answers the phone."

"I believe when a girl who´s been drooling after a guy for months finally goes out with him, then different rules apply."

I laughed softly, "Since when are you invited into my private love life?"

"Since you started having one, dummy," Patrick joked.

"Well... it was nice."

The guy grunted, "Please, could you be anymore elusive?"

"We had dinner at a nice restaurant, a nice conversation, -"

"If you use the word ´nice´ once again I will scream the highest note I can sing into the receiver."

I laughed again, "That´s ni-.... ah, ok, Patrick.... Well, later he came upstairs with me."


"And Mr. Meatball hissed at him. Weird... I think he´s just jealous because Andy´s still got his balls."

Now it was Patrick´s turn to chuckle, "And you know this because?"

I blushed but not even someone as sensitive as Patrick could possibly pick up on that over the phone, "I didn´t actually see them... we just made out a bit... Good times."

"Ha, ha, Sheena, you horndog."

I sighed blissfully, "It seems that the Hurleys have great potential when it comes to making other people happy." I know, I know. That remark makes my lunch (chicken... finally) resurface too. But I´m in love, happily mind you, so you can start a club with Joe if you wanna hold it against me.

"Speaking of which, Joyce and I are going to a college party in a couple of days. She said you and Andy should come too. I´m not sure if she talked to him about it yet..."

"Oh, alright. I guess we´ll see you there then."

_ _ _ _ _

"Patrick will catch up with us in a bit. He´s gotta work overtime today," Joyce informed us when we arrived at the party. Andy and her had picked me up on the way there.

"Sheena, you want something to drink?" my boyfriend (YIPPIE!!!!) asked.

I nodded, "Yeah, I´ll come with you. Can I bring you something, Joyce?"

"No, thanks. I´m good. I´ll go say ´hi´ to some friends of mine," she pointed to a small group of people and then headed towards it.

After having found some plastic cups and some soda* we walked around in the sorority house and made our jokes about the college kids. Then we decided to look for Joyce.

We spotted her. With Pete. What the hell was he doing here?

"... No, Pete. I´m with Patrick now. You´ve had your chance," we heard Joyce saying as we approached them. Pete looked at us.

"Pete," Andy nodded at him, offishly.

"Hi," I didn´t show much enthusiasm about his presence either. That man meant trouble. At least for Patrick´s lip.

"Guys," he said back.

"What are you doing here anyway?" Joyce sounded a bit annoyed.

Pete rolled his eyes at her, "I got invited."

I was feeling a bit uncomfortable. Where was Patrick? He wasn´t gonna like this.

"So, I´ll head back to my DATE," he gave Joyce a piercing look, "Just wanted to say ´hey´ and all. Bye, guys."

After he had left our field of vision Joyce turned towards us, "I pity the girl who dates him. She must be lonely and really desperate." Please... no Pete bashing 101. You dated the guy, he´s a jerk. Get over it.

"Hey, everyone!" We turned around to face Patrick.

"Did I miss anything exciting?" he asked and kissed Joyce´s cheek.

Andy shook his head, "Not at all."

Luckily we didn´t come across Pete again that night. I was still wondering if I should tell Patrick about what he had actually missed. Then again, nothing really happened, right? It would probably just get him worried over nothing. Joyce was clearly not interested in the chick magnet anymore.


* I actually get off on linguistic bullshit like that.

** That´s sweet love-talk right there, baby.

* Pop, if you must.
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