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Mr. Meatball, initiator of mating practices

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You want secks? Ok, here you go. Now, please excuse me while I lay down in my bed and feel embarrassed for having posted this. In other words - the words sung by Patrick: "Let´s get it on."

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25. Mr. Meatball, initiator of mating practices or "The obligatory secks chapter" *

Patrick took Joyce home so I ended up alone with Andy in his car. When we had reached my place I asked him if he wanted to come up again.

"Well, I´m glad I didn´t have to ask this time," he gave me a kinky* smile.

"And I´m glad you´re saying yes." Andy sure knew how to boost my ego. And my sex drive.

We made our way to my apartment and I unlocked the door. I looked around but couldn´t spot Mr. Meatball. Good. The silly eunuch had been a real pest the last time Andy was here with me.

"Can I get you something to drink?" I asked Andy as he sat down on my couch.

"Water would be fine," he replied and I went to the kitchen to get some. Water, sillies.

"So, how did you like the party?" I heard him from the living room.

"Ah, well," I answered loudly enough for him to hear me over the running water, "I´m not really a party-goer. Pete kinda freaked me out... But it was good because you were there."

Could I become any lamer? Sure, just you wait.

I went back into the living room, carrying a plastic beaker filled with water in each hand. And that´s when the brownish tabby rushed at me at the speed of - nah, let´s not exaggerate here: He´s a pretty fat cat. So, at the speed of a pretty fat cat that had a chip on his shoulder about having recently been neutered. What a fool, he should´ve been happy about having lost the ball-ast. Made it possible to pick up more speed. Hm, for some reason I´m having a feeling I wouldn´t be really popular with animals if they could read my mind...

I tripped and gravity took its toll. Me on the floor, embarassed to no end, the beakers in Andy´s lap, Andy´s clothes thoroughly wet. Mr. Meatball set a few inches away from me, taking pleasure in admiring his handiwork.

Looking at Andy, I got up, "I can´t tell you how sorry I am."

He smirked and tugged at his wet clothes, "Accidents happen... It´s still nothing compared to what Katy did..."**

"Who´s Katy and what did she do?"

"She was my girlfriend a couple of years ago. At Thanksgiving she tripped and the gravy ended up all over my hair. Not really something that a vegan appreciates, ya know?" He laughed lightly, obviously lively remembering that incident.

"Did she have a cat to blame for it?" I tried to make the best of the situation.

He shook his head slightly and grinned, "No, just too much... What was that again? Ah, yeah: plonk."

I looked puzzled.

"That´s British English for ´cheap wine´."*

"Nokay." That´s international English for ´Stop talking about your ex-girlfriend. NOW.´.

I picked up the furball and removed him from my apartment. Why did men have to give me a hard time? Even the not so manly ones?

I returned to Andy and suggested to go look for some clothes he could change into. As I was about to walk past him he grabbed my wrist, "Why should I put some new ones on when I´ll just take them off in a matter of the wink of an eye?"

Alright, that´s what it´s like to get shamelessly hit on by a guy. Ha, I could get used to that. If it was Andy, of course.

"In fact, I think I´ll take off my hoodie right now. I don´t like it when it clings to my skin like that."

Mr. Meatball, whatever you want for dinner tomorrow - you´ve got it.

I leaned over Andy and helped him peel off his hoodie. With the shirt that was under it. I might be out of practice, readers, but not out of my mind to let a chance like this one slip by.

Then he pulled me onto him. I was sitting on his lap, my hands on his bare shoulders and kissed him. His lips trailed off and started to explore my chin and then my neck. I let my hands travel down his upper body and up again. I was feeling shivers going down my spine.

"Take off your shirt," Andy whispered into my ear and I obeyed. His hands wandered from my neck, over my shoulders and my breasts and then down my sides, where he rested them while kissing my clavicle.

Frankly, I wouldn´t have needed the foreplay. I had been ready to go when he had picked me up to the party. Hell, I had been ready to go after the first few weeks that I´ve known him. Of course, I didn´t actually MIND it either.

Maybe this was a good moment to start moaning? To show him that I enjoyed what he was doing? Should I maybe even sigh his name? For the time being I settled for a soft "Oooh..." and felt Andy´s lips stretched into a smile as they trailed down my chest, his hands cupping my breasts.

"OOOHH!" So much for controlled moaning.

Moments later we changed positions, so that he was lying on his back on the couch and I was on top of him, kissing his shoulders while holding onto his waist tightly. When I had reached his belly button with my lips I started to unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants.

"Hey, Sheena."

I looked up at his face, his eyes reflecting warmness.

"We don´t have to go all the way tonight, you know."

Oh yeah, we DO! We MUST! Please...

I smiled at him, my best attempt at being seductive, "I wouldn´t mind if we did..."

He ran his fingers through my hair. Or rather, wanted to. They got stuck halfway in my messy curls. "Ouch," I said. Andy untangled his fingers and petted my head instead. Makes ya feel kinda dumb.

Then he got up and took off his pants, I followed suit. Next thing I know is he´s on top of me and undoes my bra. Softly fondling my nipples while taking it off.

Alright, that´s the trigger, boy.

Seconds later we were completely in the nude, Andy on top of me, checking if I was prepared for the live show.** I nodded slightly and he bent down to kiss me. Then I felt him enter me and let my hands trail down from his shoulders onto his back. He started out slowly but, I guess as he felt me relaxing under him, he thrusted harder and faster.

"Oh, Sheena...," Andy sighed.

Readers, I think it´s safe to say that I just kicked my own ass at ruling. If there´s such a way of putting it. Then again, it´s my story.

"Andy," I felt compelled to moan back. It felt good too.

Moments later he lifted my legs and placed them against his upper body, my feet resting on his shoulders. Nice move.

When we were finished we cuddled up next to each other and laid in silence for a bit. I hadn´t climaxed but that was ok, I was probably too nervous.

"Was it good for you?" Andy asked me. "I mean you didn´t... did you?"

"Ah, no... but that´s alright. I, ah... I have to work kinda hard to get to the point where I do. So... it´s ok." I smiled at him.

He petted my head again (I needed to talk to him about this before it became a habit), "We´ll work on it then."

Oh, Andy!


* That´s one of the coolest words in the English language ever, along with "perpendicular", "velcro" and "bronco". Oh, I´ll throw in "pot roast" as well.

** Dude, I hope you accept this as a humble compensation for my short atte- hey, shiny object! (= not getting the Sheena reference the first time)

* At least I hope so.

** I can write "nipples" but can´t bring myself to a less metaphored phrasing. But yes, "hot Andy booty" is to follow, Evie.
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