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"This life is good, the road is clear, it´s time to shift into high gear"

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Surprisingly, Joe has some news to tell his band mates. Coincidence? Déjà-vu? Irony ? CERTAINLY NOT irony. That´s something completely different. *nods vehemently*

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26. "This life is good, the road is clear, it´s time to shift into high gear" *



Andy and I were in his kitchen, having dinner. The last week had been just amazing with him. Oh, and he had started to grow a bread which made him look even more handsome. All manly, I´m telling you. Oh well, I guess when you´re in love you find everything about the other one attractive.

"Anything special you wanna do tonight?" he asked between bites.

"Hm... I can´t think of anything at the top of my head. Just hang out here, I guess."

Then Andy´s cell went off. After I had witnessed half a phone conversation mainly consisting of "Hi.", "When?", "Oh, alright. See you then." I was informed that Joe wanted us to come over to his and Patrick´s place. He had something he wanted to tell us.

I wondered if he had just found out what happens in level 5 of ´Bikini Madness´. (I have a teenage brother, remember?)

_ _ _ _ _

"Come on in, dude...s," Joe pratically shoved us through the hallway into the living room where Patrick was sitting, strumming an acoustic guitar.

"Hey, drummer guy and bass lady," he waved at us. Then he glanced at his watch nervously. "So, Joe, what´s the news? ´Cause I´m supposed to meet Joyce in a few."

Andy and I sat down on the sofa, opposite to Patrick´s armchair.

"Alright, you´re gonna love this, kids!" Joe built up even more suspense.* "So this friend of mine is in a band called ´Rattlesnake UFO´ and they´re touring some colleges in one week´s time. They saw us play and asked me if we would like to tag along as support act. How ace is that?!"

Patrick started tinkling ´We are the champions´ on the guitar and pulled a silly face. Andy was all smiles and rubbed his hands against my arms in excitement (horny excitement, hopefully).

Wow, that was great news! However, there was one problem.

"Ah, for how long is this tour gonna be exactly?" I asked.

"Something like three weeks or so. Oh, it´s gonna be so grand, dude!" Joe squealed.

"I´ll ask Ted if he can get someone else to cover for me in the music store. I bet that´ll be no problem," Patrick chirped happily.

"Well, I hope my boss is fine with me being gone for so long. But she owes me a favor anyway and right now there´s not much work," Andy let us know.

"And I´ll just quit my crappy job. I hate it anyway!" Joe blurted out.

Everyone was looking at me. I cleared my throat.

"Well, that´s good for all of you but I can´t just leave my students for three weeks," I was feeling guilty already.

"Can´t they just get a substitute?" Joe wanted to know.

"I don´t know... a substitute teacher for three weeks on such a short notice? I mean they had me move here because they couldn´t find somebody else to teach my class."

Patrick sighed sadly, "That sucks."

Andy placed one of his hands on mine, "We´ll work something out, Sheena. Maybe you can get a substitute for a couple of days so you can at least play some of the shows."

I smiled at him, "That could work." His positive attitude towards everything was starting to rub off at me. Not a bad thing. He also had the tendency to rub something else against me when we were alone.**

"Neato," Patrick commented. "I mean... Joe could go bass again when you can´t make some of the shows."

Joe shook his head, "You´re not taking my lead guitar from me, Smurf."

"We´ll figure something out, guys," I said happily.

Things were just getting better and better. It was as if the powerful force that had been messing with my affairs lately had ceased to torment me. Probably it had gotten hooked to ´Bikini Madness´ too* and forgotten all about the joys of torturing a self-conscious loser like me.


* Oh, put a sock in it! I know that you know already.

** Namely his bad thing. (Subtelty is probably not so highly valued in sex-ruled parallel universes.)

* Bugga, bugga. drools
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