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Keepin´ it plonk since... ah, a few days ago actually

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I really like to write summaries. They challenge me.

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27. Keepin´ it plonk since... ah, a few days ago actually *

We didn´t discuss my problem about not being able to just go on tour for three weeks any further. Patrick left to meet Joyce and Andy and I returned to his place to behave like mammals with intact genitals.* However, we agreed to meet for practice the next day and try to find a solution.

After the practice Joe wanted to know if I had asked the principal about taking a leave for three weeks so I could go on tour with the rest of the band. Well, actually he didn´t refer to him as "principal" but "boss or whatever you call that at a school". I would like to inform you that he was home-schooled and that´s why he didn´t know but I´m not gonna lie to you. Constant computer gaming surely takes its toll on your vocabulary.* And social skills. And keeping your hair presentable.

"In fact, I have asked about that," I replied.

"AND?" Patrick wondered out loud.

"Well, I can have one week off. That´s the max."

"That´s... emolicious!"** Andy blurted out, jumped up from his seat behind the drum kit and hugged me. (A bass guitar pressed into your stomach = ouch.)

Patrick smiled and gave me two thumbs up.

Joe shrugged, "That´s better than nothing." There´s noone like Joseph Trohman to still take it up a notch in a happy moment like this. I´m guessing he was still mad at Andy and me for hooking up and creating a possible threat to the band´s future existence, in case our relationship wouldn´t work out.

"Oh, shut it, you pessimist,"Andy got back to his position and played us a drum roll.

"I´m stoked and all that you get to come with us for a week but what are we gonna do about the other two weeks?" Patrick asked a justified question.

"We could ask another bassist to fill in for Sheena," Andy suggested.

Joe scratched his head (I told you he wasn´t washing his hair regularly... ewww), "I´m meeting Pete in an hour. Want me to ask him?"

After Pete had beaten the scale up and down out of Patrick Joe had stopped hanging out with him until he had promised that it wouldn´t happen again. Plus, Joyce was definitely with Patrick now so he didn´t have to stop seeing him out of loyality really.

Andy and I held our breaths.

"Hm, as long as he doesn´t punch me in the face again, I guess, that´ll be alright," our singer answered.

Andy and I agreed as well.

"That´s settled then," Joe concluded. "If he says yes then I´ll give him your number and tell him to call you so you can teach him our songs, Sheena."

I sighed, "I guess I have to." The prospect of spending a couple of hours with Pete wasn´t exactly my idea of fun. I´m not that much of a sadist.***


Sex scenes are out of the question until they´ve returned from the tour. Don´t bear a grudge, your laughing muscles will be repaid after the tour. (I hope.) Besides, there´s enough smut in these people´s stories: moocow, Evie and moomoo.*

** Yeah, I know, you´ll get revenge on me for that. Can´t wait either. ;) (A footnote in a footnote - I´ve just successfully raised the standards of fanfic. Fucking guneis... genius, I mean.)

* Expand your vocabulary today: Look up "plonk" in a dictionary!

** Check out bandgeekfreak´s newest chapter of "The Car Trip", GODAMNIT! But, for the sake of your nose, computer screen and keyboard, don´t drink anything while you´re reading it.

*** But somebody else is... OOOOOOOHHH, foreshadow.
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