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The ultimate truth is, drummers own rhythm.

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Another chapter that does without the presence of Joseph Trohman. But hey, look: It´s Billy Joel!

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28. The ultimate truth is, drummers own rhythm. **

Thank the almighty Bass Boss, Andy had volunteered to stick around when I would be teaching Pete our songs.

I glanced at the clock on my kitchen wall, "The Third is running late."

"The more time for us," Andy winked at me and traced the pattern of my belt until he rested his hands on my hips. I leaned in to kiss him when the doorbell rang. Yeah, reader, this doesn´t surprise me either. We kinda asked for it, didn´t we?

"S´up?" Pete greeted when I let him in.

My pants, unfortunately. I bet if Pete hadn´t shown up in this moment this could have turned into another nice rhythmical session between my favorite drummer and I. Better luck next time. Or maybe not - remember that kid with the ´fro and weird timing?

"Yo," Pete said when he spotted Andy sitting on the couch. He acknowledged the bassist with a small smile.

"Sorry, I´m a bit late and all. I got kinda sidetracked with Fox," a smug smile curling on his lips.

The instant I saw that woman I knew she didn´t have any taste at all. And, as it shows, she´s got a really twisted taste when it comes to men.** Hm, kinda odd that the couples that formed were all either our friends or acquaintances/ nasty bimbos but hey, I´m not the author of this junk.

Andy shot Pete a semi-angry glance upon his last comment. Why he did that is beyond me. Anyways, that explained why Peter had been at that college party several days ago.

"Nevermind about that, let´s get to work," I replied.

An hour later Pete was capable of playing all our songs. Andy and I had to admit that he would be a dignified substitute for me.

"Only with nicer hair," Pete didn´t fail to point out as he got ready to leave.

Andy petted the top of my head, "Sheena´s mane is the lion´s roar." I hadn´t really talked to him about the head-petting. It´s definitely on my list though. I´ll tell him. Just you wait.

Pete rolled his eyes, "Geez, you´re lovey-dovey, Andyman... Nah, well, I gots the fox´s tail waiting for me so gotta run." With that he went out the door.

"Hey, don´t forget to come to my place for practice tomorrow!" Andy yelled after him.

_ _ _ _ _

After Andy had left I decided to call Patrick to tell him that things went smoothly with his cousin.

"Sheena... I was gonna call you to ask how it went with Pete," he answered his cell.

"It was alright. He picked up on all the stuff fast. Honestly, he´s probably a better bassist than I am."

I heard him laugh softly, "You´re just fishing for compliments now... Did he say anything about Joyce and I? I mean do you think he´s still mad at me?"

"No, not really. Obviously he´s dating Fox now."

"Wow... Does Andy know that?" Patrick asked.

"Ah, yeah, he was here with Pete and I." Why did it matter if Andy knew?

The guy quickly changed the topic before I could ask him, "So you´re really hitting it off with Andy, huh?"

"I think so. We´re on our way to get to know each other better." Take that whatever way you want, Patrick and I had agreed not to talk about our sex lives with the Hurley siblings. Talking about that kind of stuff made us both feel uneasy. Yes, we were prude. Either you´re born an Evie or you aren´t.

"That´s great," he didn´t sound too delighted to hear that though.

"Is something wrong, Patrick? You don´t sound too happy."

He sighed, "It´s just that lately Joyce says she´s feeling slightly neglected because, according to her, all I care about is writing and playing music."

"Really? Didn´t you just buy her a dozen roses and a new DVD player just because?" How could she not see that Patrick was crazy about her? Ever since they had hooked up he had been all smiles. (With the tiny exception of when Pete had knocked him over.)

"I really have no idea. I tell her how beautiful she is to me everyday. Although... we don´t really have much in common. When we´re having a conversation I always manage to talk about music in the end. It´s almost like we don´t really have much to say to each other."

Oh, crap. Now that he had managed to get the girl he was longing for for so many years things weren´t working out as he had hoped they would.

I tried to think of something encouraging to say. "She probably just feels insecure because she knows you´ve been in love with her for a long time. That does put a lot of pressure on you, you know. I mean maybe she doesn´t feel like she´s all that what you see in her and she´s afraid that you will find out sooner or later. I bet she´s scared and she´s just bitching around to hide her insecurity, Patrick."

"But she IS all that what I see in her," he retorted.

Yeah, to you.

"In that case I have but one thing to say to you." I inhaled and started singing some lyrics that had popped into my head automatically, "Tell her about it Tell her everything you feel/ Give her every reason to accept/ That you're for real/ Tell her about it/ Tell her all your crazy dreams/ Let her know you need her/ Let her know how much she means/."

Patrick was laughing hard, "I´m positive this is the first time I´ve heard you sing. Let´s keep it that way."

"Charming, Trickster."

"Anyways... Thanks, Sheena... but I´m not sure if Billy Joel has the answers to everything."

"You heathen," I huffed.


* As a bassist, I dare to express my doubts about that. As a writer, however, I tell myself to shut up because this makes for a decent parallel chapter title. As an obviously split personality, we advise you to keep a safe distance between your body and our´s.

** That´s ironic, Alanis.
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