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Yes! We Got A New Pool!

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AWESOME! Hera bought a new pool for our heros to chill in and have some fun! But do they know that the pool actually teleports you to a negative universe? Find out what happens when the titans meet...

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One Sunny summer day, the titans were all outside under the hot burning sun, trying to cool off.

-" Man! Can't this day get any hotter?" said Neil.

-" I just wish we had a pool to swim in.." said Atlanta.

-" No way!! We dont need a pool!" quickly said Archie.

-" Oh Archie! You and your fear of water! If one day we ACTUALLY have a pool, ur gonna HAVE to swim with us."said Theresa.

-" Well keep on dreaming guys cuz we're never gonna have one.." said Jay sadly..

Then suddenly Hera rushed outside.

-" Jay! I have good news for all of you! Come inside!"

Everyone looked at each other. What was that good news? They all rushed inside. Then suddenly,it was the best moment of their life!! Hera had bought them a..

- POOL!!" screamed Atlanta!! " You got us a pool!!"

-" Indeed", said Hera, " I heard you talking about having one so I said why not just buy them one! You all deserve it!"

The titans all thanked Hera and jumped in the pool! Except Archie ofcourse. He was sitting down, watching them have fun..

-" Oh Man! I never had this much fun since...Ever!" said Theresa while splashing Jay in the face.

-" Hey Stop that!" said Jay angrly.

-" Oh common Jay! Have some fun!" said Atlanta and splashed more water on Jay.

-" No no not that! What i mean is, Theresa! Stop tickling my foot!!" angrly said Jay.

-" But im not tickling your foot!" said Theresa, confused.

-" Then... who is?" said Jay. As soon as anyone could say anything, Jay got pulled down underwater. Everybody looked underground and saw that no one was there.. Jay had disapeared!

-" Guys where's Jay?" asked Theresa.

But as soon as anyone could talk, they all got pulled down underwater. Archie quickly called Chiron and Hera. But when they came, no one was left..
They had all been sucked to a negative universe.

-" Ouch! My head! Hey, where are we?" asked Jay, waiting for everyone to wake up.

-" I...I dont know.." said Atlanta, "But this place is extra-freaky!"

-" We gotta get out of here fast!" said Theresa.
Then suddenly a someone came in front of them and helped them all up.

-" Thanks!", said Jay, " We owe you one mr...?"

-" My name's Josh!" said the mysterious man who looked just like....JAY!

-" Jay! Why didnt you ever tell us you had a twin clone?" asked Theresa.

-" That's because I don't have one!!" answered Jay.
After, 6 more figures came out and they all looked just like the titans!!

-" Let me introduce us", said Josh," Im Josh, that's Andrew,Abby,Nick,Tina,Ollie and Henry."

-" Uh.. ok..."said Jay, " Im Jay, that's Atlanta,Neil,Theresa,Odie and Herry."

-" This place is weird," said Jay to Odie," Those guys look just like us!"

-" Guys.. I think the pool Hera bought teleported us to a Negative Universe!!"explained Odie. The whole team gasped.

-" You all look exhausted!", said Josh, " How about you sleep in our house tonight! Im sure Cronus would'nt mind!"

-" CRONUS?!?!" exclaimed the whole team.

-" Well duh!", said Tina, " He is our BOSS!"

dum dum duuum!! lol well anyways thats the end of the first chapter!! Hope u guys enjoyed it! I will be writting the rest soon! Pllz review!!
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