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Where is everyone?

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Now that the titans got sucked in the negative world, what is going on meanwhile in the real world?

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Meanwhile, back at New Olympia..

-" This is very strange.." said Chiron,rubbing his beard," Where did they all go at the same time?"

-" I dunno", replied Archie, " But we gotta save them!!"

-" Patience Archie," said Hera.

-" Patience? PATIENCE? My friens disapeared and im stuck here doing nothing??? And you expect me to have patience?!?" said Archie angrly.

-" We will find out where they went as soon as we find our where this pool takes you." said Hera, " Chiron, come with me. Let's go and ask Hermes to locate Jay and the others. Archie, you stay here and warn us if anything comes out." They both walked out of the room.

Archie looked at the water. He coul'dnt see anyone except his own reflection. He was worried.. How were the others? Were they ok? Was Atlanta ok? Who knows what was happening to them. Maybe they were being tortured or maybe even drowning or something!!! He coul'dnt wait any longer. He had to see if Atlanta was alwright. He had to see if they were all alwright.

-" Theresa was right." he tought, "Me and my stupid fear of water! If I wasnt such a big baby, I would've gone with them. Atleast I would know if Atlanta was ok.....You know what? I think today is the day im gonna face my fear of water!"

He got his shirt off and looked at the water. It didn't look that scary to him anymore. He was confident. He knew he was gonna make it. He took a deep breath, positionned himself and screamed:

-" Im Comming Atlanta!!!!!"

He quickly jumped in the water. But he was still in New Olympia. Nothing changed.

-" Oh man! Stupid thing! It's supposed to take me somewhere!!!"

But then he felt something tickling his leg. Suddenly he was pulled under water as well...

A few minutes later, Hera and Chiron entered the room. They saw that no one was there, only Archies shirt lying on the ground..


well thats the end of the second chapter!! Sorry it was a little short!I will be writting the 3rd one soon!! Please review guys!!!
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