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Totaly Opposite Worlds!!

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Everyone is so opposite in this new world!!

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Meanwhile back at the strange new universe...

-" Cronus?!?, exclaimed Jay.

-" Are we talking about the same guy?, asked Neil," Short,ugly,evil,has a beard..Are you talking about that Cronus?"

-" Yes, replied Josh, " And Cronus is not evil! He's the nicest guy I ever knew!! He would do anything to save us!!"

-" Ok.. I think this guys i phsyco.." whispered Neil.

-" Ok so what are we all waiting for? Let's go to the brownstone!!" said Josh.

When they entered the brownstone, they saw Cronus wearing.... AN APRON?!?!

-" Why, Hello there children, he said, " What brings you all here??"

The 6 heros stayed there with their mouths open wide, until Neil finnaly said:

-" Dudee?? Aren't you supposed to be outside trying to kill us and ruling the world??"

-" Why would I want to do that?, asked Cronus, " I love the world and everyone in it! Oops! There's the bell!
I better go bake those cookies!!"

-" This is weird, whispered Atlanta, " What's up with Cronus?"

-" I think I know guys. Do you remember I said this is a negative universe?" Everyone nodded their head. "
That means that everything in this world is opposite to everything in our world!!"

-" Then.... if Cronus is nice, who's the evil guy??" asked Theresa.

-" I can answer that question.." said Cronus with a worried look on in face.

In the mean time, Archie lands at the same spot where the others landed.

-" Ouch! That was one horrible ride! Note to self, next time try to land on butt, not head. Hey, where am I?? Alanta?? Jay??? ANYONE!!"

-" Hello Achie, said a mysterious person standing in front of him, " I've been waiting your arrival.."


omgg i finnaly finished chapter 3!! Srry it took some time guys!! 4th one comming soon!! rate and review!!!
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