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Chapter 4

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another chapter...

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hey guys sorry i didnt realy find a name for this chapter.. anyways read on!

-" Hera???" asked Archie, looking at the strange person in front of him who was indeed,Hera," What are you doing here? Werent you....and you.... Ok IM CONFUSED!! If you're here to take me back then forget it!"

-" Im not here to take you back, answered Hera with an evil look on her face," Im here to take me with you!" And suddenly Archie felt a BANG on his head and lost consious..

- - - - - - - -

-" Hera.., started Cronus,"..Is the most devious and evil person I know. She would do anything to rule the world and destroy me and these 7 heros. With the help of her evil gods, she plans on ruling the world and making everyone her slaves by building a mind control device. Luckily, her device does not function yet, but if it does.. we are all in grave danger.."

-" Ok so.. we have to stop Hera and not Cronus?? This is soo weird!!!" said Atlanta.

-" Indeed.., said Cronus," Now I must go and work on some stuff.. You heros stay here and talk or as the teens say it these days,chill.

And Cronus leaves the room...

-" So let's talk about ourselves, said Abby after a long moment of silence," Im Abby and I HATE hunting.. eww I hate arrows and stuff...ughh.. and by the way NEVER challenge me to a race because Im so sloow and I might break a nail!"

Every one looked at Atlanta.

-" She is SOOO your opposite!!" laughed Neil.

-" Shut up!" said Atlanta and slapped him on the back.

-" Ok back to us..., said Andrew, " Im Andrew and I looove water!!! I LOVE IT! I love swimming, diving, anything that has to do with water!"

-" Im Tina.. Im increddibly poor so I live here in the brownstone.. my daddy coudl'nt afford a house.. I also suck at fighting!!"

-" Im Josh.. the leader... im not the best leader.. or am I? Ok so im realy scared of almost everything so never EVER scare me ok?? Im also going out with Abby."

-" WHAT?!?" exclaimed the titans.

-" So what?, said Andrew, Im going out with Tina!"
The titans all looked at each other.

-" Ahhuumm!, said Nick, " Im Nick and Im the ugliest person ever! I mean, eww just look at me!! That's because
I dont care of myself. I dont brush my hair and I never EVER look in the mirror!"

-" T-T-That cant be me!!" said Neil and fainted.. The whole team laughed.

-" Duuhh.. Im Ollie. Let me spell it. O-P-P-R-H, Ollie! duuhhh"

-"" said Oddie, looking at his stupid negatif self.

-" Yo sup Im Henry.. Im not strong but I got attitude dudes."

The whole team looked at each other.. and then at their negatif selves..and then each other..and then again at their negatif selves... until Atlanta finnaly said:

-" We soo gotta get outta here.."

Fiouf finnaly finished chapter 4... 5th one comming soon! I know this chapter sucked but still.. Rate and review!!!!!!
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