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The Machine Is Operational!!

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Archie is kidnapped and the machine is operational!!

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Ok Guys so here's my next chapter. By the way me and Fluffypup will be writting a story soon so keep your eyes open for that! Its gonna be awesome! Ok so ill stop bothering now and let you continue the story..
-"Ohh..My head...Where am I?" said Archie when he finnaly woke up.

-"Well its about time!" said Hera, walking closer and closer to Archie who was imprisoned in a cage.

-"Hera! Why are you doing this? What's wrong with you today? Why are you so...evil?" asked Archie.

-"Evil? EVIL? I've alweys been evil you fool! And now that your little positive friends are too distracted with their own negative selves, I can use my mind control device!!"

-"Mind control device? What mind control device??" asked Archie.

-"The mind control device that's going to turn everyone in negative world evil! And when I finish here, im going to go and use it on the positive world aswell! No one will stop me! NO ONE!!"

-"You're insane!",said Archie," How do you know if its going to work?"

-"That's easy", said Hera with a happy look on her face, " I'm going to test it on YOU FIRST!! MOU HA HA HA!!"


- - - - - - - -

Meanwhile the titans we're talking with their negative selves when suddenly..

-" Beep! Beep!" rang Jays PMR.

-" Who is it Jay?" asked Theresa.

-" Its..Its Archie!" answered Jay.

-" Archie?, asked Atlanta, Was'nt he back at the brownstone because he was too chicken to swim with us?"

-" No!, said Jay, He's here, in the negative universe!"
Jay opened his PMR. They saw Archie in a giant cage.

-" Guys!! Help!! Hera!!She's evil!! And she wants to control my brain!!!" screamed Archie.

-" With the mind control device?, said Cronus, But that's impossible. It does'nt work!"

-" Yes it does!! It's working!! And she's gonna test it on me!!" and then they heard noises from behind.

-" Common Archie! It's time to try the device! MOU HA HA HA HA!"

-" AAHHHHHHHH-" screamed Archie and the message was cut off.

-" If the mind control device is functional, said Cronus, then your friend Archie is in grave danger!"

-" Quick guys! We gotta find him! Odie, try to get a lock on his coordinates!" said Jay

-" Got 'em!" said Odie.

-" Ok Guys! Let's go save Archie!" but as soon as they got out, they all stopped.

-" How are we gonna go there?, asked Atlanta, We have no ride."

-" YO dudes how about my Honda?" said Henry.

-" Ok.. but how are we all gonna fit Henry? The Honda only has seats for 7! And we're 14!" asked Tina.

-" YO don't worry dudette I got a plan.."

A few minutes later they we're all in the car, the negativs we're sitting in the seats and the positives, in the trunk.

-" This.. is so humiliating.." said Atlanta.

-" You said it!, said Neil, I just did my hair and its going to get ruined because its so humid in this car!"

When they arrived at Hera's lair, they saw Aphrodite and Chiron outside, guarding the entrance.

-" How are we gonna get through them?" asked Theresa.

-" Watch the pros at work!" said Nick and the 7 negative heros rushed outside. They all had super cool weapons that the titans had never seen before! In a few moments, the 2 evil god we're on the floor and the entrance was open.

-" Tadam!" said Tina.

-" Wow!" said Herry, " We so gotta ask them where they got those weapons from!"

-" No time for that!" said Atlanta, " We gotta save Arch!"

-" Right! Let's go!" said Jay and they all went rushed in.

Inside, Archie was in a giant machine who was ready to zap him and turn him evil anytime. Hera was infront of the big red botton. All she had to do was press it and the work was done! Suddenly, the 14 heros barged right in.

-" Let go of Archie, Hera!", screamed Atlanta.

-" You're too late titans! Ha Ha Ha Ha!!" laughed Hera and pushed the big read button!

The machine began to work and zapped Archie.


Atlanta and Jay ran to the machine while the others handled the evil god who were attacking them.

-" DETROY THEM ALL!" commanded Hera.

Atlanta and Jay we're trying to open the door of the machine, but it would'nt open! Suddenly one of the gods pushed them away from the machine. The titans we're fighting the gods with all they had until suddenly..

-" DING!"

-" The Transformation is complete!! My mind control device worked!!! MOU HA HA HA!!!" said Hera.

-" NO!!" screamed Atlanta with a few tears in her eyes.

The doors of the device opened with smokes comming out. Archie slowly walked out of the machie, looked at everyone and quickly fell on the ground....
OOOOOoooooOOOO what happened to Archie?? I'll write chapter 6 soon! Please rate and review!!
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