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The Darkness inside

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Archie turned evil! What will happen next?

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ok so guys before you start I just want to say that me and Fluffypup will be writing our story soon! It's going to be written in Fluffypup's account so keep your eyes open because its going to be great!!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
-" ARCHIEE!!" screamed Atlanta and she quickly ran beside him.

-" Our job here is done!!" said Hera and she and the gods ran away.
Everybody ran next to Archie who was still on the floor.

-" Archie! Archie! Are you ok??" kept saying Atlanta, shaking his body. Archie woke up and said:

-" I-I feel....strange.."

-" Well duh!, said Neil, That's because you are strange!! Sheesh have you never realized that before?"
Suddenly Archies eyes became red and he grapped Neil from the troat.

-" OK OK SORRYYY" said Neil but Archie kept chocking him. Jay ran and slapped Archie who quickly let go of the blonde titan.

-" What's wrong with you Arch? It was just a joke! You dont need to kill Neil for that!" exclaimed Jay. Archie ran towards Jay when Herry suddenly catched him.

-" LET GO!!!!" screamed Archie.

-" No! Not until we know what's going on with you!" answered Jay.

-" Uh. Jay?, said Odie, I think the machine worked and turned Archie evil!"

-" What do we have to do to save him??" asked Atlanta.

But before Odie could answer the question Archie got out of Herrys grip and attacked Jay. Jay was trying to protect himself but the warriors punches were getting stronger and stronger until he finnaly lost concious. Herry and Atlanta were trying to get Archie off him. Theresa ran next to the leader.

-" Archie!! How could you!! Look what you did!!" she and she started rubbing his face. "Jay! Wake up! Can you hear me?" The leader didnt respond.

-" He deserved it!! And all of you will also suffer when Master Hera will rule the world!! MOUHAHAHA!!" said Archie. He kicked Atlanta and Herry off him, jumped through the window and ran away.

-" Archie.." said Atlanta with tears in her eyes as she watched him run away. " What did Hera do to you.."
Abby, seing Atlantas pain, walked next to her.

-" So I see you like him!"

-" Is it that obvious?" asked Atlanta.

-" Well.. a little. But like, dont worry. Im like, the expert of boys!! We will like,save him! And then like, I can give you some helpful hints to win his heart!"

-" Thanks Abby!" said Atlanta. She was feeling better alwredi.

-" Like, No prob!"

-" Guys!!, screamed Theresa, Jay is waking up!!"

Everyone gathered beside the leader as he woke up and scratched his head. He had a black eye and he had bruises all over his face.

-" Are you ok Jay?" asked Tina.
Theresa looked at her with jeolousy. Who did this girl think she was? Jay belonged to Theresa, not her!!

-" Well of course he's ok!", said Theresa, pushing Tina out of her way, "Right Jay?"

-" Oohhhh... ya... I-Im fine.." answered Jay.

-" Guys this is not good, said Odie, Now that Archie is evil, who knows what Hera will tell him to do!"
- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Meanwhile, Archie entered Hera's lair.

-" It's about time you came Archie!" she said.

-" I'm so sorry Master.. The titans weren't letting me go."

-" No matter, said Hera, I have a task for you."

-" I will do anything to please you Master." said Archie.

-" Your task is to Capture the titans, all 13 of them!!"

ok guys that's the end of chapter 6!! I know it sucks but im still proud of it! Tell me what you think about it!! Rate and review!!
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