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The Magic Of A Kiss

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How will they turn Archie back to normal? Read on and see!!

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-" The titans?, said Archie, But they're.. my frien-"

-" Don't even think about saying that they're your friends! You don't have any friends!!" screamed Hera as she looked at Archie right in the eyes," All you have is ME! and ONLY ME! Now go and capture the titans RIGHT NOW!"

-" Yes Master..." said Archie and walked out.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
-" Poor Archie!!" cried Atlanta, " We just weren't in time to save him!! It's all my fault!!"

-" Stop blaming yourself Atlonto!" said Nick

-" It's Atlanta..."

-" Watever!!"

-" Stop fighting you two!!, said Jay, We still got to find a way to help Archie!!"
But then suddenly a small bomb like thing dropped in front of them and let out smoke. The titans started
coughing and they all fell on the ground. It was knockout gas... When they all woke up they were sticked to the wall.(just like the episode of Arachne) In front of them was Archie, with an evil look on his face. Hera came out from behind and put her hand on Archie's head.

-" Didn't he do a great job on capturing all of you!, she said, And now that you titans are out of my way, no one can stop me from ruling the world and turning everyone evil! Archie, be a darling and guard these mortals! And if anyone of them gets out, CUT HIM IN HALF! I have a world to rule! MUHAHAHAHAH!!" Hera walked out and left Archie alone with the prisoners. They all looked at Archie and started screaming to him: "Archie! Help us!","Arch!! Help!!","Snap out of it Arch!!" Archie covered his ears and shouted'

-" SHUT UPP!!!! Nothing you say is going to make me let you go!!"
Atlanta suddenly saw the nail file in Neil's pocket.

-" Neil!, she whispered, Pass me your nail file!!"

-" But,But, I need it for my nails after this mission!!"

-" Just give it!! she whispered and he threw it to her.

-" Archie!, she said, Please! Snap out of it! It's us! Your friends!!"

-" F-Friends..?, asked Archie..he stood there for a while, shook his head and said:" I don't have any friends!"

-" Yes you do Arch!! It's me!!Atlanta!! Your Best friend!!"

-" Atlanta..?I...I...Shut up!! All of you shut up!!!!" screamed Archie.
Atlanta quickly freed herself out. Archie looked at her and grabed his weapon, ready to attack her.

-" Maybe this will make you remember!!" she tought. She ran up to him and kissed him on the lips. Archie let go of his weapon and his eyes became back to normal. They continued kissing until Neil finnaly spoke'

-" Ahuuuumm!!! I hate to bother you two love birds but we're STILL STUCK ON A WALL!!!!"

-" What are you guys doing on a wall?" asked Archie.

-" You mean you don't remember?" said Jay.

-" Nope." answered Archie.
Archie and Atlanta helped everyone down. Archie turned to everyone and said with anger.

-" Time to get revenge and kick Hera's butt!"
fiouuuf finnalyy chapter 7 finished. There you go! I made Archie nice again! Happy guys? lol ok so please rate and review!!!
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