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The Plan To Escape

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My before last chapter guys!! Hope you enjoy it!!

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Ok Guys just to remind you that this is my before last chapter!! I will update my "A Good Source of Vitamin Death" and I will also write a new story! So I hope you enjoy this chapter and Don't forget to RATE and REVIEW!


The titans all went outside and saw the whole city of Old Olympia (the negative of New Olympia) being broken down. People all had red glowing eyes and they were destroying the city. They were hitting themselves, going wild and even jumping off buildings.

-" I think we're too late.." said Jay as he looked around him

-" That evil witch!!, said Josh, She's destroying our city!! She alwredi turned EVERYONE evil!! We have to stop her!!...I think

-" But how are we going to find her? She can be anywhere!" said Atlanta.

-" I think I know where she is.." said Tina and everyone followed her. They saw a croud of people around something.

They went closer and saw Hera on a jumping bord, ready to jump into a pool, the pool back to the positive universe!!

-" Duuhhh. How are we gonna get throughh? There are mean people with big guns!" said Ollie.

-" Yo, for once, you're actually right dude." said Henry

-" Wait! I got an idea! " said Archie and he quickly explained his idea to everyone.

-" Great Idea Arch! Ok everyone, Let's go!" finnaly said Jay and they put their plan to action.

Meanwhile, Hera was on the jumping bord and she was ready to jump.

-" My Slaves! I have alwredi taken over this world. Watch as I jump into this pool and take over the positive world as well! MUHAHAHAHHAHAH!!" Suddenly she heard:

-" Make way, Make way!" she saw Archie, and behind him was Atlanta tied up to a rope.

-" Archie dear, What are you doing here??" asked Hera, confused.

-" Master, this one tried to escape but I caught her. She then made me mad so I decided to bring her to you so you could choose a punishment!" lied Archie.

-" Good work Archie! Now go and destroy her."

-" Of course master!" said Archie. But then Hera tought for a minute and found out that Archie's eyes weren't red! He wasn't evil!

-" As a matter of fact, I think I'll destroy her myself!" she said and she grabbed Atlanta.

-" No!! Atlanta!! Let her go!!" screamed Archie as he tried to save her but Hera kicked him back.

She took Atlanta and threw him on Archie. They both landed on the floor. Then Hera took one of the guns and aimed it at them.

-" You made me VERY angry Archie, so I have to destroy you aswell!!"

She charged the gun but as soon as she was about to shoot, the titans activated the plan. Andrew and Jay jumped on Hera and tried to take the gun out of her hand. The others took care of the guards and Hera was now surounded by the titans.

-" You can't escape now Hera!! " said Jason but then Hera clapped her hands and her slaves jumped on the titans from the back. Hera then kicked Andrew off of her and shot Jay with her gun.

-" AHH!" screamed Jay as he holded his chest. His shirt started turning red and he was getting dizzy.

-" JAYYY!!!!!" yelled Theresa, punched the slave holding her and ran next to Jay. Tears kept comming from the redheads eyes as she looked at her love.

-" You Monster!!" she yelled at Hera.

-" I'm just doing my job! And now to take over the positive world!! So long titans! MUHAHAHAH!!" she said and
jumped in the pool...

Oh oh!! What will happen now that Hera jumped in the pool??? I will update soon!! PLEASE RATE AND REVIEW IF YOU LOVE ME!!
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