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Final Chapter

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My final chapter guys! It's a bit sad except for the last part! Enjoy!!

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Ok Guys so this is officialy my LAST chapter! I hope you guys enjoyed this story!
Tears kept comming out of Theresa's eyes as she layed there watching her loves shirt turn red with blood.

-" Jay.." she cried out.

-" Theresa..I alweys wanted to tell you that...I..Love..You.." said the leader and closed his eyes.

They all started to cry but then finnaly realized that Hera had jumped into the pool, she had entered the positive universe!

-" Finnaly, A NEW WORLD TO CONQUER!! MUHAHAHAHA" she began to laugh as she was getting out of the pool when suddenly the REAL Hera stood in front of her.

-" Get out of our world you she-devil!" said Hera(real) and kicked her back in the pool. She fell back to the negative universe and into the same exact spot she was before. She was surrounded by the angry titans.

-" Hee..hee.." said Hera.

-" Arch, you know what to do!" said Odie. Archie got out his wip and destroyed the mind control device.
Everyone in the negative universe turned back to normal.

-" NOOOOO!!! My plans!! My beautiful plans!!" cried Hera. The police came and took her away. The titans were all in front of the pool, ready to jump back into their world. Herry was carrying the body of the dead leader. Theresa wasn't letting go of his hand, even tough she knew he could'nt feel it. The titans began hugging their negative selves and telling them goodbye. Jason then came closer to Theresa.

-" Theresa, he said, We know how you feel and we're realy sorry.."

-" It's ok.." she said rubbing away her tears
They all said goodbye and the titans one by one jumped in the pool. First Odie, the Neil, then Herry holding Jay, then Theresa. But before Archie jumped in, Atlanta told him.

-" Arch! You faced your fear of water!"

-" I did? I did! I told you I was brave!" he said proudly. Atlanta then gave him a small kiss on the cheek and he became to blush. They then hold their hands and jumped in the same time. They all got transported back to the positive world.

-" Ahh it's good to be back home!" said Odie as he rushed to find his labtop.

-" Ya, but we lost someone more precious to us than our house.." began crying Theresa.

-" Children, you came back! Are you all alright?" asked Hera as she entered the room. She then saw the red bloody shirt of the leader. "Oh..I see.."

-" Hera!! Jay is Dead!!" started crying Theresa as she ran and hugged the god. Hera began to rub her back and tears started comming from her eyes also. The whole team layed there silently until Chiron interupted.

-" Children, bring him in my office." he said. Herry carried him into the office and put him on a bed. Chiron then told all of them to leave so he could have a look at him. Outside, Theresa was crying and Atlanta was trying to confort her. The boys layed there silently. Odie didnt even open his labtop. He was too depressed.
A few hours later, Chiron finnaly got out and called the titans in.

-" Is he going to be alright?" asked Theresa trying to wipe her tears.

-" I-I'm afraid not.. He's, gone.." said Chiron and the whole team began to cry this time.

-" Atlanta, take Theresa to the brownstone. Boys, you stay here to help me burry him." commanded Hera.

-" NO PLEASE!! I HAVE TO SEE HIM ONE MORE TIME!! PLEASE!!" began crying Theresa but all she was the door closing on her and Atlanta pulling her into the brownstone. When they entered atlast, Theresa quickly ran to her room. She closed the door behind her and jumped on her bed. She kept crying and crying until she had no more tears left to cry. She took out a picture of her and Jay and started crying. He couldn't be gone! He could'nt! But then she heard something, someone was yelling her name.

-" Theresa! Theresa!!" She then recognized the voice. It was Jay's voice!

-" Jay!! Jay where are you??" she cried.

-" Theresa! Thereeessaa!!"

-" Theresa! Theresa wake up!! THERESA!" yelled Jay as he shook the body of the red-headed girl.

-" Huh? What?" she said as she woke up. She saw Jay in front of her!! She hugged him and cried in joy "JAY! YOU'RE ALIVEE!!"

-" Uh..well duh im alive. When was I dead?" asked the leader confused.

-" You mean.. Hera didn't buy us a pool?" she asked

-" I wish" answered Atlanta, trying to keep herself cool. It was steaming hot.

-" So we didn't get sucked into a negative universe and Archie didn't turn evil, Jay didn't die and Atlanta didnt kiss Archie?" she asked again.

-" KISS??" yelled Archie and Atlanta at the same time. Then they both looked at each other and began to blush.

-" Theresa, what are you talking about?! We were all sitting down under the hot sun when you finnaly fainted because it was too hot!" said Archie.

-" Oh... So it was all a..dream.." she said.

-" Uh..Theresa..? Do you want to go and.. grab some ice-cream?" asked Jay, nervous.

-" Ok but under one condition!" answered Theresa.

-" Ok.. What is it?" asked the leader.

-" Promise me you'll never die!" she said and hugged him.

-" Ok... I promise!" answered Jay and they both began to walk to the ice cream parlor.

-" Girls, he tought, Why are they so hard to understand!"

-------------------- THE END------------------------
lool well here is my last chapter! Sorry it was sad at first. I was almost going to cry when I was writting that part. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this story. I will be updating my other ones soon and I'm also going to write a new one! Don't forget to RATE and REVIEW please!! Love ya guys!!
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