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Chapter Six

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My fingers hurt....badly....

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It didn't take me long to get to know Pete like an old friend. We talked for hours on end everyday. Correction, we talked for hours on end mainly every night after the concerts. Sometimes Pete would talk to me at work, but I it was hard to find time when he wasn't sleeping and I wasn't doing an interview or checking out a new venue.
And it was amazing how open I could be with him. Miranda thought Pete was some sort of miracle. I'll have to tell him that.
It seemed like he always knew the right thing to say. He could cheer me up after a horrible interview (which was pretty much every interview). We also had a lot in common. We liked the same bands, the same movies, and the same food. I don't think I've ever had so much in common with anyone, not even Miranda.
And I also learned that no one ever thought they were perfect. You think that with having a million girls wanting to marry you, you'd get over the whole looking bad problem. Not Pete. He always joked about "looking funny", but then he moved on to the next topic. I guess he was trying to make the topic seem light, but I could still feel the underlying seriousness and sadness of it all.
I haven't met a lot of huge celebrities, but from the ones I have met, Pete seems the most down to earth. He acts just like a normal person. I guess it only makes him all that much easier to talk to.
Miranda finally let me hang up the phone after our half an hour-long conversation that left me in the dumps. I grabbed a Pepsi out of the refrigerator and headed upstairs to my bedroom. I took a sip of Pepsi and turned on my laptop. I signed on IM and sighed when PeterPan popped up on my buddy list.

MusicforLife: today sucks
PeterPan: could you expand on that thought?
MusicforLife: you going to be able to sit and hear me out? it might take a while
PeterPan: i've got 4 hours
MusicforLife: that's enough
MusicforLife: ok, where to start? how about with my wonderful, loving mother?
PeterPan: that sounds bad
MusicforLife: it's more than bad when your "role model" is a crack head who can't take care of herself, let alone a little kid
PeterPan: and what about dad?
MusicforLife: i don't even know who dad is
MusicforLife: i was an "accident", and that's how my wonderful mother treated me
PeterPan: so, where is mom now?
MusicforLife: married to some guy in new york
MusicforLife: she moved away when I turned 18
MusicforLife: on my birthday to be exact
PeterPan: that sucks
MusicforLife: yeah, and as good a friend miranda is, she really knows how to bring the whole mess up
PeterPan: and exactly how did that happen?
MusicforLife: well, she started talking about my "terminal shyness", which led to my old boyfriend, which led to my family
PeterPan: you don't seem that shy
MusicforLife: for some reason i'm not shy when i talk to you, but then again i've never talked to you in person
MusicforLife: sorry for the pity party, but this was one of those rare moments when i just needed to talk about life
MusicforLife: and thanks for not saying i'm sorry or how terrible or that's awful
PeterPan: normally people like to hear that
MusicforLife: i hate pity, i know how to take care of myself, i've only been doing it my whole life
PeterPan: i didn't really say anything because i hate sounding sappy
PeterPan: and sappy reminds me of syrup, which reminds me of pancakes, which reminds me of breakfast, which reminds me of this afternoon when i made patrick laugh so hard he spit milk all over joe
MusicforLife: ok, picturing that in my head made me laugh
MusicforLife: just wondering, what did you do to make patrick laugh so hard?
PeterPan: do you really want to know?
MusicforLife: hmm...maybe not
PeterPan: ok, our manager is yelling at me to hurry up
MusicforLife: I guess that's your cue to go save the day
PeterPan: only if saving the day to you is signing a piece of paper
MusicforLife: hey, you never know with some people
PeterPan: ttyl
MusicforLife: bye

I turned off my laptop, feeling 100% better after talking to Pete. How can a guy make me feel so happy?
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