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Chapter Five

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I'm learning how to play guitar!!!

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I pushed open the door to my bedroom in the apartment I rented, smiling to myself. What an awesome night. UnderRated was awesome, and the crowd totally loved their songs, including me. And I was happy for Miranda. Her and Adam really had something for each other.
"I wonder what Pete's doing now?" I mumbled to myself and turned on my laptop, way too pumped from the concert to try and sleep. I signed on IM, somewhat surprised to see that PeterPan was already there. OK, it's my turn to start the conversation.

MusicforLife: wow, you're on already?
PeterPan: where have you been?
MusicforLife: i have a life you know
PeterPan: good answer
MusicforLife: speaking of which, you never answered my question
PeterPan: well, we finished our show for tonight and i'd thought you'd be on
MusicforLife: no partying?
PeterPan: we're keeping the party on our own bus tonight
MusicforLife: define party for me
PeterPan: me talking to you, patrick snoring, andy and joe playing some starwars game
MusicforLife: wow, sounds like fun
PeterPan: i know i'm having fun
PeterPan: so where were you?
MusicforLife: at an UnderRated concert with miranda
PeterPan: never heard of them
MusicforLife: yeah, I figured that much
MusicforLife: it's adam's band
PeterPan: adam that you work with?
MusicforLife: yeah

There was a pause in our conversation. I stared at the computer screen, unsure of what to say next. Did I say something wrong?

PeterPan: oh
MusicforLife: they're a pretty good band, the venue was packed
PeterPan: ok
MusicforLife: is there something wrong?
PeterPan: no

What is wrong with him? One minute he's talking like it's going out of style, and the next minute he's almost as shy as I normally am. And then it dawned on me. Adam!

MusicforLife: just for the record, adam and miranda are sort of boyfriend and girlfriend now
PeterPan: that clears up a lot
MusicforLife: don't get me wrong, adam's nice, but i could never see myself with someone i have to work with everyday
PeterPan: i guess that would get annoying
MusicforLife: you have no idea
PeterPan: well, I should at least try to get some sleep, we have an early interview tomorrow
MusicforLife: yeah, the concert adrenaline's worn off, I think I'll be able to sleep now
PeterPan: bye
MusicforLife: ttyl

Pete signed off and I couldn't believe myself. How does he make it so easy to talk to him? For me to just totally be myself? I turned off my laptop and fell into my bed, clothes on, and drifted off into sleep filled with dreams of Fall Out Boy.
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