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Chapter Seven

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Eh, I'm feeling extra slap-happy tonight, so here's another chapter!

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Miranda shook her head as the two of us plopped down on a bench. It was lunchtime for both of us, and Miranda suggested we go to the pier by Lake Erie. Seagulls swirled over-head and made their usual noisy raucous, while the air smelled particularly fishy today.
"I can't believe you told him all of that stuff," Miranda shook her head in disbelief again.
I bit my lip and looked out over the lake, "I can't believe it either."
"It took me years to find out the whole story from you," Miranda added. "But then again, I know a lot more details and such."
I didn't know what to say, so I used my usual trick of staying silent.
Miranda smiled slyly, "I see where this is going."
I looked at her and blinked, "I don't." OK, now I'm confused...
Miranda kept on smiling sweetly, "I get it. He's cute, funny, understanding, easy to talk to, not to mention he can write awesome lyrics and play the bass."
"What?! No way," I shook my head and looked at Miranda like she was crazy.
"Oh come on Rory, it's just a little obvious," Miranda laughed.
I shook my head again, "Well whatever you're assuming, it isn't true. End of discussion." I stood up and headed back for my car.
Miranda rolled her eyes and followed me, "Oh, so you only talk to this guy more than you talk to me or any other human being. And you only talk to me about how easy it is to talk to him."
"Exactly. What's your point? Can't I have a friend?" I was getting a little annoyed.
"Rory, you should here how you talk about this guy! You're totally awestruck!" Miranda stepped in front of my car door to prevent me from getting in.
I glared at her, "He's just a friend! That's it! I haven't even met him!"
Miranda sighed and moved to the side, "Whatever you say." And with that she turned back to her car parked next to mine.

I sighed and rubbed my eyes. I couldn't concentrate on anything, let alone the review I was trying to type up for work. And it was getting late. That meant Pete would be on soon. I sighed again. Do I even want to talk to him? Of course I do, talking to him is the highlight of my days. That's pretty sad. Jeez, if Miranda had just dropped the whole topic, I would be OK. I wouldn't have to think about this.
I was feeling pretty crummy for yelling at Miranda too. I don't know why I was yelling at her. All the things she said were true.../But I knew why I had yelled at her. It was because what she had said was true. I guess I sort of had a crush on Pete. But I don't like letting guys into my life, they only wreck it even more. That's why I had yelled at Miranda. /I'm scared of my own feelings. I'm scared of going too far and ending up like what had happened with my last boyfriend. Scared of getting left behind.
Just then Pete signed on IM. I bit my, lip then signed off quickly before he could say anything. I turned off my laptop so I wouldn't be tempted to talk to him. I got up and got into bed, pulling the sheets up over my head. A tear slipped down my cheek. I'm such a loser...
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