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He is Alive

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OMG COULD IT BE?!?!?! MY FINAL CHAPTER!!!!! lol well this is Jay and Theresa's little hookup so enjoy and review :)

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well here is my FINAL chapter!!!! lol well I hope that you guys enjoy it and hopefully you will all review....thanks to all who do!!

Theresa opened her eyes at ten o'clock and still felt weak and tired. She wished she could stay in bed the whole day, but knew that she had to get up eventually. She glanced over at Jay's bed that was across from her's and saw that it was empty. OH NO! Jay is dead! Chiron took his body away and didn't bother to wake her up! Theresa stood right up in fear and could sense someone sleeping next to her. She turned and nearly died when she saw how it was; it was Jay! he was sleeping next to her. Theresa kept herself from screaming and she moved into him and shook him a little bit, trying to wake him up.
"Jay....wake's me, Theresa." Jay shifted in his sleep and then he opened his eyes and saw what he thought was two emerald green gems in front of him. He rubbed his eyes and then saw he face he loved to see; Theresa. He sat up and smiled at her.
"Hey how are you?" Theresa smiled.
"I'm better are you?" Jay shrugged his shoulders.
"I've been better." Theresa looked at him and saw that all his bruises were almost cleared up, most of his cuts were going away and he seemed to be a little less pale. Theresa put her hand on his face to make sure that this was really happening. Jay looked at her hand that was rubbing against his cheek and smiled playfully.
"You satisfied now?" Theresa smiled and put her hand down.
"Glad to know that this is really happening and it's not just a dream....Jay?"
"Yeah Terri?"
"Chiron said that you weren't going to come your alive and healthy looking?" Jay took both of Theresa's hands and stroked the top of them with his thumb. He looked at her with loving eyes.
"It was your tears Theresa." Theresa looked confused.
"My tears?"
"You showed how much you cared about me and that you loved me....that is what kept me alive." Theresa could feel tears forming in her eyes. She got up and he went after her. She looked at him with tears in her eyes.
"Jay I am so was fault that you were hurt, it was my fault that I picked Adrien over you and it was my fault that...." Jay pressed a finger against Theresa's lips. He took his finger off of her lips and cupped both of her cheeks in his hands and wiped away most of the tears away.
"It's not your fault Theresa. It's no one's fault. It is Cronus' fault as always so we can blame him for that. But now we know that we can never trust the new kid. First the incincident with Oan and now with Adrien....I think we finally learned our lesson now." Theresa let out a light giggle and loved the feeling of him stroking her cheeks with his thumb. She moved in closer to him and had a very loving look in her emerald green eyes.
"Jay there has been something I hsve been wanting to tell you...." Jay looked at her curiously.
"Okay what is it?" Theresa looked into his chocolate brown eyes and smiled. She knew it was time for him to know.
"Every time you touch me I feel like I can fly. Every time you smile at my I feel like I am looking at an angel....what I mean to say is that....I love you." Theresa looked at him and saw him smile as wide as he possibly could. He looked so handsome when he smiled.
"Theresa....I love you too!" He moved in closer and then he finally did it; he kissed her! His hands were still on her face and Theresa threw her arms around his neck. They both felt the electricity run through them, both not wanting to let go of each other. They kept on kissing until....they heard someone.
"WHOA!!" They both let go and saw Neil, with his mouth wide open. Theresa and Jay could feel themselves turning red and Jay finally said something.
"Hey Neil." Neil waved.
"Hey....Atlanta wanted me to bring you these Theresa." He handed her a pile of clothes. She looked at him curiously.
"What is it?"
"It's your jeans, your red tank top and your white flats. I need to take you to do some serious shopping Theresa, those clothes are getting old." Theresa rolled her eyes and Jay pointed to the door.
"Out you go Neil. I and Theresa are doing something." Neil pouted.
"I can see that you are feeling better Jay." Neil walked out and Theresa and Jay were silent for a few minutes. Theresa turned to Jay and put both her hands on his face.
"Now where were we?" Jay grinned.
"I think I remember." He wrapped his arms around hetr waist and they kissed once more. After that day, they knew that they could always depend on each other, and they would always love each other.

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