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Don't Leave Me

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Theresa is at her lowest point of her life....I suck at's better than it seems

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Here is maybe one of the last chapters....enjoy it guys and thanks to all who review it!

Theresa woke up again at eight in the morning. She had nightmares about what she heard Chiron and Hera were talking about. She sat up from her bed, and saw that Chiron's study was empty; it was just her and Jay. She got out of her bed and limped towards Jay's bed. She sat beside his bed and looked at him again. His face was covered in bruises, he had bandages all over him, and he looked horrible. Theresa ran her fingers through his hair again. This time, his hair wasn't full of blood. It felt smooth, thick and rich. Theresa's fingers fell from his hair to his face. Despite it being covered in bruises and bandages, it felt smooth and soft. Theresa took her hands off of his face and put her hands on his chest and she rested her head on his chest lightly. She began to cry again. it hurt her so much when she cried.
"Oh Jay! I'm so sorry! Please don't die! Please don't leave me here alone! I'm sorry! I'm the one who should die not you! You never did anything wrong! It was all me! Stupid, stupid me! Please Jay....don't die on me. I didn't mean to hurt you....please Jay....don't die." She kept on crying and her tears got onto Jay's chest. She got up and kissed his cheek, getting more of her tears on his face. She looked away and cried into her hands. After many minutes of crying, she felt someone grab her shoulder. Fearing the worst, she looked up and saw Chiron. He had lines of worry all on his face.
"Theresa, heard me and Hera talking last night didn't you?" Theresa cried a little more and finally nodded.
"Yeah I should learn to talk in a more hushed tone Chiron; you never know who may hear you." Chiron brought the crying girl back to her bed. He looked at her, eyes heavy with concern.
"I think that you should rest Theresa. You don't look very healthy. Jay wouldn't like to see you like that, so please just rest." Theresa was about to object, but then she realized how tired she felt. She nodded.
"Thank you Chiron....I owe you everything." Chiron smiled and Theresa rested her head on the pillow and fell asleep right away. Chiron went back to check up on Jay and then he noticed something; his heart monitor. It was suddenly stronger. Chiron scratched his head and then he saw tears on Jay's shirt and on Jay's face. He looked back at Theresa and smiled.
"That girl never ceases to amaze me."

GOD!! my last line was so corny!! lol but at least it was a cliffhanger....please review and I hope you guys will like what I have in store for the final chapter
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