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Will He Make It?

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Jay gets to Chiron, but isn't expected to live....may be a tad bit sad so don't hate me!(hehe tad lol random!)

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wow well here is a very depressing chapter....enjoy!

Chiron was in his study talking to Hera, when all of a sudden, the seven heroes barged in, with Jay and Adrien in two stretchers, both bloody and pain. Chiron looked at them all confused.
"What in Zeus' name happened?!" Theresa ran/limped towards the old centaur and had tears falling from her eyes.
"Chiron please you have to help us!! Jay is badly hurt and Adrien is hurt too." Hera came to her side and looked at her with concerned eyes.
"What on earth happened to all of you?" Theresa looked away and cried some more, so Odie decided to tell it to Hera.
"Adrien is a descendant of Ariadne and cronus used him to kill off Jay and then he started on Theresa, but then Theresa kicked his butt and then yeah that explains this." Hera looked at him with worried eyes and then she looked at a limping Theresa.
"Are you alright my dear?" theresa sat down on a chair and nodded slowly.
"I'm foot just kills and I have a few minor bruises and cuts." Archie looked at her worried.
"Theresa you might have sprained your ankle." Chiron looked at her worried after he put Jay on one of his beds.
"Theresa I'll give you some gauze and you can go back to the brownstone and rest." Theresa shook her head rapidly.
"NO! I'm not leaving Jay here alone. It's my fault he is like that, the least I can do is stay with him. Please Chiron! I need to make sure he is okay for something that I did." Chiron sighed and then nodded.
"Okay fine you can stay. But I want you to get some rest; you look so frail." Theresa smiled gratefully.
"Thank you so much Chiron you have no idea what this means to me!" Chiron smiled and then turned to Hera.
"What will we do with this one?" He pointed to Adrien's sleeping body. Hera looked and shook her head.
"Leave him to do whatever you need to with Jay and Theresa. The rest of you go back to your dorms." Everyone was about to leave, but Atlnta went back to Theresa.
"Is there anything you want me to get back at the dorm that you might want?" Theresa thought for a moment and then she nodded.
"Can you get me my black pj bottoms and my white tank top?" Atlanta nodded and she left. After Theresa put the gauze around her ankle, she rested her head on the pillow that Chiron put on her bed. It felt good just to rest.

After Atlanta brought Theresa her pjs, Theresa fell asleep on the bed Chiron gave her. At around four o'clock in the morning, she woke up and could hear Chiron talking to Hera.
"Chiron how is he?" Chiron didn't answer for a while and finally answered.
"I don't think he is going to make it Hera." Hera let out a light gasp.
"What why?"
"He is badly injured, he has lost a lot of blood and he is very weak....he may not make it through the night Hera." Theresa tried not to cry when she heard Chiron say that. Hera let out a tear and then asked Chiron something.
"Should we wake tell the children and tell them?" Chiron was once again silent.
"No....we will tell them tomorrow....let them all have some peace for once." Chiron and Hera walked out of the study and left Theresa in there. When Theresa knew for sure that they were gone, she began to sob. Jay couldn't die! She wished she could rewind time and fix things, but knew that time would only tell whether he would live or not. That night, she cried herself to sleep, thinking of no one, but Jay.

I'm sorry for that being so sad but hey, my story!! lol please review and give me some ideas
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