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Saving Jay

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Theresa fights for Jay...sorry but I suck at summaries

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here is my other chapter....I hope that you all enjoy and that you review after:)
Theresa turned to the door and tried to open it, when, all of a sudden, the lights went out. She walked a few feet away from the door and then she tripped over something and landed in a wet liquid. She groaned in pain when she landed on her foot wrong. She was about to get up and find the door but the lights turned back on and she screamed when she saw what was in front of her. It was Jay! He was unconcious, his hands were chained together and he was beaten up badly. The liquid that Theresa had fell in was his blood. Theresa fell to her knees and put his head on her lap. He was in the worst condition ever, but Theresa still thought that he was as handsome as ever. She ran her slender fingers through his light brown hair and realized that his head was bleeding. She looked at all the bruises on his face, and nearly cried. She hated seeing Jay like that. She brought her head in closer and rested her forehead on his forehead and began to sob. It was her fault that he was hurt so badly. She was still sobbing, until she heard her PMR ringing. She grabbed it and answered it. It was Herry.
"Hey Theresa, I hate to tell you this, but we didn't find Jay." Theresa shook her head rapidly.
"You don't have to worry because I found him." Herry's eyes widened.
"Oh that's great! Are you okay your eyes are red?" theresa nodded.
"Yeah I'm fine."
"Okay....I'll call Atlanta and Archie and tell them. Bye!" Theresa hung up and put her PMR away and she looked back at Jay. She looked at his chest and ran her fingers on top of his abs and nearly cried. His chest and stomach were full of bloody cuts and bruises. She began to shake him.
"Jay it's me, Theresa." He didn't wake up.
"Jay I'm here to help you." He still wouldn't wake up.
"Jay please don't do this to me! I need you!" He still wouldn't budge. Tears began to fall from her eyes.
"Jay I'm so sorry! It's my fault that you are like this! It's my fault that I let Adrien use me, it's my fault that you are like this! Please wake up Jay! Please....wake up Jay." Theresa lowered her head and let tears fall onto Jay's bloody polo shirt.
"Very touching....too bad it won't help." Theresa whirled around; it was Cronus with Adrien. Theresa got up and had an angered look in her tearful eyes.
"What did you do to Jay?" Cronus smirked.
"I don't should ask my giants; they are the one's who tortured him." Cronus laughed and Theresa just got even angrier.
"You sick evil cow!! How dare you hurt Jay! My Jay!! I will make you pay." Cronus grinned and began to walk closer, with Adrien following behind.
"Nice to see how much you care about your little crush....but I'm afraid it's too late....for both of you! Adrien finish them off." Cronus stepped to the side and Adrien walked closer, holding his very own scythe. Theresa felt anger inside of her when she saw Adrien. She just wanted to kill him.
"Hey babe....this is the exciting part of our date." Theresa kicked him in the ribs and heard a loud crack. Adrien screamed in pain as Theresa kept on karate kicking him in the stomach, chest, in any place on him where it would hurt. When he was finally on the ground, she grabbed his scythe and was about to slice his stomach open. He began to cry.
"Theresa please don't! Please forgive me! I will get out of your life if you don't kill me!" Theresa was furious.
"Sorry isn't enough! You not only hurt me, but you hurt the one true person I loved the most! You deserve to die!" She got the scythe ready to slice him open, but then she thought of Jay. What she did to him was enough for him to kill her; but he didn't. She had to prove she was more than that. she threw the scythe away and just looked at him.
"You're getting out of my life is better than killing you." She spat at him and she turned around and Cronus was right behind her and he hit her. She screamed in pain and he then grabbed her by the neck, like Adrien did to Jay, but a little tighter.
"You are really trying to get yourself killed my dear....I wish you the best of luck when you go to elysium fields." He got his scythe ready to behead her, but then Archie and Atlanta burst in the door and Atlanta threw her bolas at him and it wrapped around his feet and he fell, dropping Theresa on top of Jay. Archie whipped Cronus with his chain whip and Cronus got up and went through his portal, leaving Adrien behind. Archie called Herry and then others and Atlanta went to Theresa. Theresa was feeling weak, but managed a smile when she saw Atlanta. She hugged her best friend and cried into her shoulder. When she let go of Atlanta, she jumped up and tried to get Jay up.
"We have to get Jay to Chiron! He needs medical attention! He needs it now!" Archie came and helped Jay up. When Herry and the others arrived, Herry was helping Atlanta bring Adrien back to the school. Throughout the whole ride back to school, Theresa stayed by Jay's side, doing nothing but running her hands through his bloody hair, hoping he was alive.

this was a very sad and dramatic chapter and probably my longest one well I need some ideas for the next chaoter so please give me the details that you want to see happen:) love ya guys
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