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Adrien Attacks

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Theresa is alone and gets attacked by Adrien

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wow i'm getting slammed for all of my cliffhangers!! lol jks jks well here it is so enjoy.

"Adrien!!" Theresa nealry screamed at the top of her lungs. Adrien walked closer to her and grabbed her wrist tightly. He had a hard look in his face.
"Hey babe....I don't believe our date is over...." Theresa was struggling to get free from him, but he tigthened his grip on her. He started to drag her down the hall. She wished she had her nunchucks with her to whack him, but she didn't. She began to hit his head and then after one hard blow to the head, Adrien whirled around and slapped her so hard, her face began to swell up and turn red. Theresa began to scream and cry and then she kicked him in his tendon with her heel and that's when he finally let go of her. She ran the opposite direction as fast as she could, even though she was in heels. She turned on a corner and she leaned against the wall. she turned to see if Adrien would pop up again....and someone did! But it wasn't someone who would hurt her; It was Atlanta! Theresa took a deep breath of relief and hugged her as the others came. Archie looked at her with wide happy eyes.
"Oh my god we are so glad you are okay!" Theresa smiled.
"Yeah same here." Archie smiled as Neil came and looked at Theresa's face closely. He then screamed a loud girly scream.
"You have a rash! Your face is all red and...AHH gross rashes! Why didn't I bring you some lotion or something? Now I'm going to get it too!" Theresa rolled her eyes and shook her head.
"It's not a rash....Adrien hit me just now." Odie looked at her concerned.
"Are you okay?" Theresa nodded slowly.
"Yeah I'm fine....I'll be better once we find Jay." Herry nodded.
"Yeah I hope we do....what should we do now? Jay is normally the one with all the plans." Theresa looked at all of her friends with a brave look in her eyes. Something in her just made her feel brave.
"Guys we need to split up. Archie and Atlanta, you go and find Adrien. Herry, Odie and Neil will go and find Jay." Archie looked at her curiously.
"What are you doing?" Theresa looked at him, with the most serious look she ever had.
"I'm going to find Cronus....this is the last time he will ever hurt my friends." She then marched off and left all of her friends in the hall. She wanted to find Cronus and him know that he had hurt her; physically and emotionally. She wanted to hurt him for hurting Jay; she wanted Jay to be alright.

Theresa walked down another hallway, still no luck at finding Jay or Cronus. Then all of sudden, she heard something.
"Theresa...." Theresa heard an eerie voice calling her name. she turned around in fear. She kept walking down the hall and the voice got louder and louder. Then when it got really loud, she saw an opened door with light coming out. She walked in and the the door closed with a friegthening bang.
hehe cliffhanger!! later guys
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