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Finding Jay

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The others know the truth about Adrien, while Theresa is fighting to find Jay, Jay has his own struggles.

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Wow I updated quicker than i thought :S lol well....enjoy!
"Who is Adrianna?" Neil asked stupidly. Odie looked at him with no emotion.
"Ariadne....she was supposed to marry Theseus, but Dionyssus told him not to marry her. Cronus probably convinced Adrien to help him kill off Jay and Theresa because of who Theresa's ancestor was and who his ancestor was." Archie snapped.
"Well we better get going if we want to see Jay and Theresa alive again!" They all nodded and ran out to Herry's truck and drove off.
Jay's head was aching and throbbing. He felt like someone had just stepped on his head a thousand times and cracked his skull open. He was about to get up and rub his forehead, but he then realized that his arms were chained together and he felt as if he were hanging from the ceiling. He was about to scream, but he then realized that he was gagged. He started to squirm around and then, Cronus entered.
"Why hello nice to see you this fine evening." Jay tried to curse at him, but his gag was making it unclear.
"What was that? I can't really hear you with that thing across your mouth." Cronus laughed a mocking laugh and then called in all of his giants.
"I'd love to stay and chat, but I assume that your little crush is here, after Adrien tried to attack her, so I better run. But I am going to leave you here with my giants. Any last words before I go?" Agnon reached up and riped the duct tape off Jay's mouth and Jay had a fiery angry look in his eyes.
"You lay one finger on Theresa....I will make you pay for it!"
"Touching....though I'd like to see you do that when you are dead!" Before Jay could say anything, Cronus walked out and closed the door. Jay looked at the many giants in front of him and then all of a sudden, the lights turned off, and he felt more searing pain.
Theresa walked around the halls, desperately trying to find Jay. She wished she could rewind time and prevent herself from falling for Adrien. She wished she hadn't been so mean to Jay....she wished she could start over. As she walked down the hall, she saw a shadow of a young boy around the corner. Theresa's hopes were up that, that was Jay; strong, handsome and clever Jay who had escaped Cronus. She ran to the corner and gasped when she saw who it was.
"Hello Theresa, it's good to see you."

Ohh I'm always giving you guys cliffhangers!! hehe i'm mean....later guys!
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