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My Time of Need

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Jay is missing and Theresa doesn't care....until she finds out Adrien is helping Cronus!

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Here's my new chapter...maybe one of the most exciting one I've done so far....enjoy! Oh and i would like to make a special acknowledgement to horseluvinfreak, since my story has the plot as her story...I'm very sorry and this story is for you

Archie looked at the clock anxiously. 6:25 it read; Jya had been gone for almost two hours now. Archie walked into the kitchen and fpund Herry eating out of the ice cream carton. Archie looked at him worried.
"Herry have you heard from Jay?" Herry swallowed his ice cream and shook his head.
"No I don't think so. Didn't he just go for a walk around the block? It takes like five minutes to walk around it." Archie looked at his feet worried.
"Yes....that's what's worrying me." Just then, Neil rushed in, calling for Jay.
"JAY!!! Archie have you seen Jay? I need to ask him for his hair gel; that stuff is like a miracle in a bottle. I looked in his room and didn't find it and I need to ask him for it or else I will look bad for the rest of tonight." Archie shot him an angry glance.
"Neil, Jay is missing! He has been missing for two hours!!" Neil actually looked worried.
"Oh my I'll try and call him on his PMR." Archie smiled.
"Thanks Neil....Herry you try and get a fix on his location and I'll work with Neil." Herry nodded and he left the room and tried to get his location. Theresa walked into the kitchen and got a freshmint. She didn't know if she looked good, so she decided to ask Archie, since she needed a guy's opinion.
"How do I look?" Archie didn't answer her.
"Neil you get him yet?" Neil shook his head.
"All I'm hearing is a staticy noise." Archie looked at the PMR. Theresa asked again, a little bit louder.
"How do I look?" She still got no answer. Archie looked at Neil, with a straight plain face.
"I think that we should try and call Hermes and see if Jay went to school." Theresa got irritated and screamed into Archie's ears.
"HOW DO I LOOK?! I ONLY ASKED YOU THAT AT LEAST TEN TIMES!!" Archie turned around and gave her an angrered look.
"Theresa we have more important things to think about! Jay is missing!!" Theresa rolled her eyes and shook her head.
"Oh Archie stop worrying so much. I'm sure Jay just went for a walk around the block and didn't bring his PMR." Archie gave her the angriest look he had ever given anyone before.
"Theresa....HE HAS BEEN GONE FOR TWO HOURS!! OF COURSE YOU WOULDN'T NOTICE BECAUSE YOU ARE DOING NOTHING BUT THINK OF YOUR NEW BOYFRIEND AND BE SO STUCK UP ABOUT MAKING JAY FEEL THIS WAY!! JUST LEAVE I DON'T WANT TO SEE YOUR FACE! HAVE FUN ON YOUR DATE." Archie turned away and Theresa ran out of the brownstone, angered. She didn't think that it was her fault that Jay was gone for a while.

Theresa walked into the parking lot and saw Adrien standing in front of his car. He smiled at her.
"Hey babe." Theresa forced a smile.
"Hey cutie." Adrien pulled her in and kissed her. Theresa was glad he kissed her, but it didn't feel magical to her. It felt like a cheap and crappy kiss. She didn't know if it was because she was mad at what Archie said to her, or if it was because Adrien wasn't the one for her. Theresa reluctantly jumped into the car beside him. As they drove down the streets, Theresa looked at him curiously.
"Where exactly are we going?" Adrien smiled at her mysteriously.
"It's a surprise'll see." Theresa nodded and shifted to look out the window and then felt something sharp stabbing at her foot. She bent down to pick up whatever it was that was stabbing her and gasped at what she saw. It was Jay's PMR; crushed and broken. Adrien looked at her plainly.
"What's that you got there babe?" Theresa looked at him, with a scared look in her eyes.
"You were with Jay weren't you?" He didn't answer. He pulled up into the parking lot of a nuclear power plant. He looked at her with an evil glare in his eyes.
"Jay is with Cronus....and you will be too." Theresa screamed and she threw the PMR at him and it cut his cheek. As he cringed in pain, Theresa got out of the car and ran and hid behind a bunch of bushes. Trembling, she got out her PMR and called Atlanta.
"Hey Theresa how's your date going?" Theresa was shaking and whispered.
"Lanta I need your help." Atlanta had a great amount of worry in her voice.
"Terri what's wrong? Why are you whispering?" Theresa tried not to cry and told her what happened.
"Adrien is working for Cronus....and they have Jay and Adrien is trying to kill me. I need you guys to find out as much as you can about Adrien and get down her to the nuclear plant." Atlanta nodded.
"Dont worry Terri we are coming. Hang in there okay?" Theresa hung up and she tip toed into a back entrance of the nuclear plant, hoping no one saw her.

Odie was on his computer, trying to find Adrien's file. Archie rolled his eyes and looked at Atlanta.
"Why are we doing this? Jay's life could be in jeporady right now. Plus, how do we know Theresa is telling the truth? She could be trying to get attention and be lying." Atlanta gave Archie a very dirty look.
"Archie look, if you want to be an arrogant jerk just because you argued with Theresa before, then you can leave." Archie looked at his feet and thne they heard Odie gasp loudly. Herry looked at him, dumbly.
"Odie what is it?" Odie looked at his friends and finally told them.
" a descendant of Ariadne."

CLIFFHANGER!!!!!! HEHE! lol well enjoy my next chapter and big acknowledgment to Horseluvinfreak once again
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