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Jay Gets Suspicious

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Jay mourns the arguemnet he had with Theresa. He notices something rather odd about Adrien and follows him out in the middle of the streets....and never comes home!

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Kay so here is my next chapter....hope you guys like it:) maybe when i'm done this chapter, i will make an effort in making my last chapter a bit longer....thanks everyone who reviews my story!
Jay was laying down on his bed, staring at the ceiling. He was still very sad about what had happened between him and Theresa that day. Her harsh words were still being screamed in his ears. After the inncident, he went to the office and said he felt sick with a sore stomach and came home early. Since he got home, he didnt nothing but lay on his bed and cry. It got to a point where he was thinking about killing himself. Jay got up and saw a picture of Theresa on his back that he had framed. He couldn't bare to look at it anymore so he put the frame in his drawer of his desk and went into the kitchen. Once he got into the kitchen, he saw Herry making himself a sandwich and Archie was eating an apple. Jay forced a smile.
"Hey guys." Herry looked at him and waved.
"Hey Jay....why did you leave school early today? We didn't see you for the rest of the day and Hermes told us that you left." Jay first tried to ignore him, but he didnt like to ignore his friends.
"I didn't feel well; my stomach was hurting, so I came home....But I'm feeling way better now!" He forced a smile on his face, but that didn't quite convince Archie.
"Jay you didn't go home because of that did you? I have a feeling you went home because a certain redhead yelled at you and slapped I right or not?" Jay looked down at his feet sadly and he sat down on a chair.
"You know me too well Archie." Archie smirked, until he saw Theresa walk in the kitchen. She tried her best to ignore Jay as she got herself a glass of orange juice. Jay kept staring at her as she drank her juice. When she finished her drink, she noticed Jay staring at her.
"What are you staring at? You never seen a woman drink before?!" Jay looked the other direction and walked out of the kitchen and she followed after but went the opposite direction of him. He slumped down on the couch and started channel surfing on T.V. Many moments later, Atlanta came in and tried to smile.
"Jay are you okay?" Jay rolled his eyes.
"Best I've been all year, thanks for asking. OF COURSE I'M NOT OKAY YOU RETARD!!" Atlanta saw how mieserable he was and left and went to Theresa's room. She knocked on the door.
"Come in." Atlanta heard Theresa's soft voice from behind the door. She opened the door and saw Theresa wearing a denim mini skirt and a black halter top with matching heels to match. Atlanta looked at Theresa sharply.
"Theresa we need to talk." Theresa looked at her best friend and looked puzzled.
"Okay what's wrong?" Atlanta took a breath and then blurted out why.
"It's about Jay. Since you just left him hanging today, he has been depressed and mieserable. He just called me a retard because I asked him if he was okay. Can't you just give him another chance? Everyone deserves a few chances Theresa." Theresa rolled her eyes.
"That's all I have been giving him! Chances! I'm tired of waiting for him. You said it yourself, by the time he tells me how he feels may be when I'm eighty years old and on my deathbed! Jay will have to deal with the fact that I met Adrien and I really care about him. It was his fault that he made me wait and he will have to deal with it." Atlanta nodded sadly as she left Theresa's room.
Jay was walking out on the streets, trying to clear his head. Why didn't he tell her he liked her earlier? Why didn't he pay attention to her? He tried to clear his head of all those questions, but had little hope....until something caught his eye! He saw Adrien walking down a dark alley and Jay became suspicious of what he was doing. He followed him and found that he came to a cornered alleyway; and Adrien wasn't there! Jay looked at the brick wall and was about to turn and walk away....when Adrien hit him! Jay flew back and hit his head on the wall and began to fight Adrien. After fighting for a long time, Jay grew weak and Adrien grabbed Jay's neck. Adrien smirked.
"Hello are you?" Jay struggled to get out.
"Why are you doing this Adrien? Is this because I knocked you over this afternoon?" Adrien tightened his grip and Jay was beginning to lose his breath. Adrien finally answered.
"I need to please my boss....for I am a descendant of new girlfriend's descendant's ex girlfriend!" Jay's eyes widened and then Adrien threw Jay up against the brick wall and Jay passed out. Adrien began to drag his body into a truck and the truck drove away. Jay didn't know what he was in for.
oh what's going to happen to Jay? What will happen when Theresa goes on her date with Adrien? Read and review to find out!!
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