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Adrien's Dirty Little Secret

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Adrien isn't as perfect as Theresa thought he was....don't worry it's not as bad as it seems.

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"I'll pick you up at 6:30 by the parking lot okay babe?" Theresa blushed again. She felt that she was blushing everytime Adrien called her 'babe'.
"It sounds perfect....just like you Adrien." Adrien smiled at her and kissed her cheek. Theresa could feel her knees going weak as Adrien left the school. She immediatly missed his presence. What she didn't know was, he had to go meet someone very important; a little more important than her.
Adrien stepped out of the school and walked down an alleyway. He had an evil smirk on his face as he saw his boss walking towards him. It was Cronus! Cronus looked at the boy curiously.
"Did you do what i asked you to do?" Adrien nodded with satisfaction.
"Yes I did Cronus. Theresa is head over heels for me and she hates Jay right about now. Plus Jay's jealousy seems to be getting the better of him....I would say that the plan worked perfectly." Cronus let out an evil laugh.
"I knew that Theresa, the descendant of Theseus would fall for you, the descendant of Ariadne who her ancestor was supposed to marry....and Jay doesn't seem to be taking things easily." Adrien looked at Cronus curiously.
"Are we going to kill Theresa first when we go on our date tonight?" Cronus looked at him angrily.
"No you fool! We won't kill her first. There is someone who we shall get rid of first before we get rid of her."
"Who are we going to kill then to break that prophency thing you were telling me about for an hour?" Cronus looked at Adrien, right in the eye with his red eyes. He suddenly smirked.
"Jay....we start with the boy that Theresa truly loves."
ohh cliffhanger!! kay so i will update maybe tonight, but i dont know if i can because i have an audition for alice in wonderland....thanks guys bye!
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