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Chapter 1

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Sequel to The Fire Burns Red. Seven heroes, three survivors. Fate had deceived them, and it's up to them to turn it around. They had wordlessly made a promise between each other; they would brin...

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Author's Note: Thanks to everyone who reviewed, it really helped, and it's very appreciated. I wasn't sure if I should continue it, as RainPaw pointed out, it would kind of loose its emotional value. So, I gave it a shot, seeing how much it would affect the other story. I think it turned out pretty good, I still think it's pretty sad/emotional, but that's up to you to decide. It'll be a chaptered sequel... and keep in mind that I am still summary writing impaired. As well as art impaired. And soo many other things, lol. Well, enjoy!

SPECIAL THANKS goes out to story_master who took the time to beta-read, and did a damn good job at it too! THANK YOU!:D

The Flames that Never Died Out

Sequel to The Fire Burns Red

The delicate figure sat there sobbing for a long time. She seemed so out of place in the gory battlefield. Slowly the sun was setting, and only the warm rays were shone through. It was dead silent all around. Only her cries and short, deep breaths were heard. She crawled over to the lifeless bodies and tried to reawaken them. She shook Atlanta's body, praying the young girl would survive. She lifted her best friends' hand and gripped on to it, still shaking her. She cried harder as the ice cold hand slipped out of hers. She wouldn't accept the fact that they were gone. Gone. a matter of seconds their lives had slipped away so easily. Yet coping with the pain that came with it wasn't. Slowly she made her way to the other three, shaking their dead bodies as well. Why wouldn't they wake up? Why? She stopped at Jay, taking in the sight. Never again would she gaze into his eyes. Never again would she feel his warmth, his comfort. In a way, Cronus had won. He had killed her too. He had killed her the moment he had caused her friends pain. The moment they had collapsed onto the ground, clutching their wounds. The moment he stole their lives.

She collapsed onto Jay's chest, her hair surrounding her frail body. She sobbed on top of her leader, not wanting to leave his side. Their side. Her lips quivered as her fragile body trembled. She ignored the constant pain her wounds were causing her. She ignored Archie's pleads to stop crying, whereas he himself couldn't. She ignored the fact that they were really gone. She was no longer conscious of her actions. Her world had shattered before of her eyes. All she had left were the shards of glass that held so many memories. This was not how it was supposed to end. This was not their true fate. This was not how she was going to let it end.

Neil and Archie slowly walked over to her, shedding their own set of tears. The thought of never seeing their friends and loved ones again still hadn't completely sunk through their weary minds. Their purpose was to defeat Cronus. It was why they had met in the first place. Brought together from different parts of the world to form a team. In the end, they had gained so much more. They wanted them back. Back to cry with them, to laugh. Back to enjoy what this world had to offer.

They sat there for a while, taking in their surroundings. Archie winced as he looked around, quickly averting his gaze back to his bloody hoodie. But it was no use. These images were already burned in his mind and were sure to cause him recurring nightmares. He sobbed again at the thought of leaving without his friends. They had cried until their eyes stung from being so dry.

No words were spoken. But they had wordlessly made a promise between each other; they would bring them back. They would revive their fallen friends from the dead. They didn't belong in the Elysian Fields. At least not yet. Their friends would not be dead for much longer.

"C-Come on guys..." They were the first words spoken in so long. It seemed like they had sat there for an eternity. Archie slowly lifted himself off the cold ground, wiping away a few stray tears with his dirty sleeve. Neil got up too, tossing his mirror into the middle of the battlefield. He would always remember how they would tease him because he held onto that mirror as though it was his life line. It held too many memories for him to hold onto it anymore. He had learnt what was really important in life. Simple things like that seemed like nothing compared to what he had been, and was going through.

Neil and Archie each stood on either side of Theresa, grabbing onto her. She was still shaking, and her wounds were the most fatal out of them all. They were worried about her, and they knew they had to get her some medical attention, as well as for themselves before they joined their friends and ancestors.

She was still gripping onto Jay's cold hand as the others quietly pulled her away. Slowly, his hand slipped out of hers as she cried more tears than she knew she had. They walked back in a line, with Theresa in the middle, each looking for the much needed comfort in the other.

As the three remaining heroes slowly and hesitantly walked away, something triggered in the air. The winds began to pick up as the moon slowly started to appear, temporarily taking the sun's position. As the wind and the leaves whirled around, a small, thin round silver ball of air arose from each of the fallen heroes. They floated around together for a while until they silently joined the breeze that soon stopped blowing.

(A/N: Yes, I know, what the hell was up with that? Okay, about them leaving everyone kind of dead there, well they couldn't exactly take them with them, remember, they're badly wounded too, and really weak. And about the 'silver ball' thing, well imagine it as kind of the 'soul' or something like that. You know how TV shows portray the soul, like thin white air...? Just imagine something like that, trust me, it's hard to explain. Anyways, I'll shut up now, and let you read on.)

Along the way, Neil had suddenly collapsed and Theresa and Archie were forced to carry him. They had feared that his wounds had gotten to him, but they were both extremely relieved when they found a steady pulse in the blonde boy. They guessed this had been too much for him to handle.

The journey back seemed long, and the path seemed to stretch on forever. But they didn't look back; they couldn't. Archie glanced at Theresa and noticed she was silently crying.

He had already lost Atlanta, in his arms no less, without telling her how he really felt. He couldn't bear the thought of also losing Theresa without making amends. He turned around to face her, not sure if he should say anything. He let out a deep breath as he thought of what to say.

"I-I'm sorry..." He muttered this, unable to speak without causing his throat more pain then it was already going through. Every word he said pained him, and caused him to remember the friends they had left behind.

Theresa turned to him, not bothering to wipe away her tears. There was no point; they'd come back flowing down even harder than the previous time. She was confused as to what Archie was trying to say, but she stayed quiet, her eyes silently asking him to explain.

He sighed and she looked up at the dark night sky. Everything seemed to remind her of Jay as she brought her gaze back onto the ground. She felt her arms and legs go numb, but quickly pushed this pain aside.

"I'm sorry for always teasing you and crap..."

There was a long moment of silence while they both deeply inhaled the fresh air. Theresa seemed to be in another world, a world where her friends were still alive, were everything was fine. But Archie had abruptly awoken her from her fantasy world, making reality crash down on her once again.

"Why now Archie?" They were the first words she had spoken in so long. Her throat ached as she spoke, but nevertheless, she kept going.

"Because life is fragile Theresa. We've learnt that. N-Nothing could have ever prepared us for this pain, and the pain to come. I-I lost A-Atlanta, and, if I lost you while you hated me, w-well, that'd be too much." He stuttered a bit as he tried to hold back tears, recalling his fiery-red haired friend.

She knew all his words were forced, as his voice was hoarse. She wanted to hug him right there and then, but she felt as though she couldn't move anymore. She pushed herself to her limits, despite her current state, making sure she wouldn't pass out until they had safely reached the school. The conversation between her and Archie had reminded her of her friends. Of how they said they wouldn't live to see the day where Archie would be kind to her. Oh, how right they were.

They had barely made it through the 'portal', when Theresa's knees gave in as she fell to the ground, soon followed by Archie. They had dropped Neil during their fall, who hit the ground with a loud thud, although he was still unconscious. Archie felt his eyelids go heavy as his head neared the rough ground.

Theresa saw Archie start to pass out, and she tried to call his name, but she felt light headed and dizzy. She heard footsteps approaching, getting louder and faster by every second, but she lost consciousness as she felt the pain in her body overpower her.

A slender but rough hand frantically reached out for the doorknob. She had heard strange sounds and a loud thud come for the other side of the door, and something told her it wasn't good. She quickly opened the door, and starred in shock at what laid in front of her. She worriedly ran over to her fallen children, fearing the worst.

"Chiron!" She yelled as she quickly lifted Theresa's head up, noticing her pale face.


Well, what did you guys think for the first chapter? I felt so bad for killing them off like that, lol, but I won't tell you how it'll end. You'll just have to stick with this to find out:D So, rate and review please guys, the feedback is always appreciated! Thanks again to story_master for beta-reading!! Btw, if anyone has a better idea for a summary, please tell me! And enjoy your weekend guys!
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