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Chapter 2

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They awaken, and Hera has something to say... but is it what they want to hear?

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Author's Note: Hey guys! Well, once again, thanks to all who reviewed! Enjoy!

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Chapter 2

His eyes slowly flickered open as he let them focus in the blinding light. His vision was blurry as the pain slowly flooded back to him. He moaned out in pain, turning onto his side. His eyes were shut, wincing at the throbbing. Slowly he inhaled many deep breaths as the sting began to subside. His eyes were opened again, as he rolled over onto his back. He wondered where he was, but it all became clear as his vision was met with a pair of worried eyes.

"My boy, are you alright?" Neil slightly nodded, as he tried to lift himself up. He struggled to sit up, only to fall back down clutching his stomach in pain. Chiron let out a deep sigh as he shook his head in sorrow.

"Neil, my dear boy. Do not try any big movements until your body is fully rested. Now lie down while I check on the others." Neil nodded again; it seemed to be the only movement that made him ache the least. Nothing was heard but Neil's silent breaths and the sounds of Chiron's hooves clattering against the ground.

Neil looked down at his stomach, and noticed there were bandages all across. Slowly turning his head towards where Archie and Theresa rested, he noticed their bandaged wounds as well. Archie had deep cuts on his right shoulder and left leg. His body was covered in other scattered scratches and wounds, and he was bruised everywhere else.

Theresa had taken the worst of them three. She had a deep gash on her left side, her arm, and her left shoulder. She was covered in bruises and other various cuts, but he was relieved to see that her face had taken a much softer color than before. He heard a loud moan as Archie slowly started to wake. He smiled, despite his current state.

"Welcome back." Archie groaned out in pain again when he tried to sit up.

"Ah, I don't suggest you do that..." Neil let out another weak smile, remembering his own struggle only moments ago.

Archie only nodded, and sat back down. He too looked around the familiar room as his gaze rested on Theresa's sleeping body. He looked back to Chiron, who averted their gaze. He was silent for a while before speaking.

"She... may not make it... I-I'm sorry."

Chiron explained to them that she had lost too much blood. But he told them not to loose hope. That she was healing quite fine. He soon left the room to announce to Hera that the boys were awake. But Archie and Neil were left shocked. They couldn't lose Theresa as well! Despite the pain rushing through his body, Archie lifted himself off the bed and limped over to Theresa. Neil did the same.

"Theresa, wake up. Theresa." Neil was shaking her now, trying to wake her. But it seemed to give no affect.

"Terri! Wake UP!" Archie and Neil were both shaking her now, yelling her name, making noise, anything to try and wake her. But nevertheless, she laid there, eyes closed. The only sign of life from her was her somewhat un-steady breathing. Minutes went by, as did attempts and failures until they slowly started to lose hope. Archie turned around, trying to hide his tears. Neil on the other hand, let them flow freely down his cheeks. Just as they were about to call Chiron back, Neil heard a moan.

"Archie! She's waking up!" Archie quickly turned around and let out a huge sigh of relief when he saw Theresa's eyes slightly flicker open. She moaned out in pain again, until she was unable to breathe because Neil and Archie were hugging her too tightly.

"Guys, GUYS! I can't breathe!" They quickly let go of her, as she let out a little giggle. She was glad they were feeling better.

"We... thought you didn't make it..." Archie and Neil lowered their heads solemnly, as they thought back to their friends. Just then, Hera, Chiron and Persephone walked into the room.

"Oh, Theresa! I'm so glad you're awake, my dear!" Persephone smothered her with hugs tighter than ones Herry could have mustered up. Persephone pulled away, a smile still clear on her lips. Chiron stepped forward, checking over Theresa and Archie properly, making sure they were okay. He nodded his head towards Hera, satisfied, informing them that the three would feel much better in a couple of days, with much rest, of course. Hera nodded back, and slowly rested her gaze upon the three remaining heroes. She watched them carefully, deeply lost in thought, confused as to where to start. The room fell silent as everyone awaited Hera's wise words.

"Children." The three winced at the word; the word Hera always used to address the seven of them. It made them think again, to a few hours ago; everything seemed to do that now. Hera sighed as she noticed the sorrow-filled silence that had ungracefully fallen upon them.

"You are all aware of the outcome of last night's battle. For some, it had been the last battle of their lives... but for you, this had only been the beginning. It pains me to think about them, but you must know that they are in a better place. The Elysian Fields is where they belong now, and you must understand that they had died as honored heroes, who will always live on in our memories... and our hearts. This is the fate that has been bestowed upon us, and even we, as gods, cannot tamper with it. As to why only you three survived that horrid night will always remain a mystery. But be proud, my children. Be proud that you have all been, and some still, heroes. That the afterlife that awaits you is an honor filled one, whenever that may be. Thanks to you seven, we are once again safe from Cronus. Yes, the God of Time has been safely locked away in Tartarus once more, from which he shall never emerge from again... Jay, Atlanta, Odie and Herry shall always live on... their souls will always be with you, no matter where you might be. They may be physically gone, but spiritually, you will find them by your side whenever needed. So be proud, my children." She said, squeezing Archie's tense shoulders tightly. "Be proud." She whispered.

Theresa's head was buried deep into the palm of her hands, sobbing loudly. Slowly trying to stop down the flow of tears, she lifted her head up to Hera.

"H-Hera, we can't just leave them like this... w-we can't!" She held back more tears as Archie spoke up.

"Theresa's right, Miss Hera. We can go to the Underworld. We can bring them back!" He said loudly, pounding his fist into his palm, something Jay always did at the mention of Cronus. Neil nodded in agreement, telling them he was behind them no matter what. Persephone tried to calm Theresa down as Chiron placed a comforting hand on Neil's shoulder. Hera stared out the window for a few moments before speaking again.

"This is their fate, you must understand." But it sounded as though she was trying to reassure herself at the same time. Theresa shook her head, not accepting this fact.

"Hera, w-we'll do anything to bring them back! A-Anything! J-Just please tell us how." Theresa stuttered as she tried to regain her breath. She looked pleadingly towards Hera and then to Persephone. It broke Persephone's heart to see them in so much pain. She stared expectantly at Hera, before clearing her throat.

"Hera, they could go-"

"No, they cannot. We will not risk their lives as well. It will not be done Persephone." Hera cut her off, almost forcefully. Persephone's hopeful face fell as she wondered how to persuade Hera. She walked over to her, making sure she was far enough not to be heard.

"But Hera, we should tell them!" She whispered.

"No, we will let them find out themselves." She said, her gaze not leaving the window, her hands held tightly together behind her back thoughtfully.

"But what if they don't?"

"Then it was not meant to be." She answered simply.

Archie, Neil and Theresa exchanged confused glances. It seemed as though the gods were hiding something from them. It bothered them that they had gone through so much for them, yet they still hid things from them. Hera turned and addressed them one last time.

"You are free to stay in the dormitory. Athena will be there whenever you need her. I see no reason as to why you would have to leave for home, but it is your decision. You are all excused from your classes until you feel that you are ready to go back. Now, go back to the dorm, if you choose to, my children. You must rest." She smiled to them, and walked out of the room, followed by Persephone and Chiron, leaving them to their thoughts.

"I'm staying." Theresa said, suddenly. Neil and Archie glanced at each other, and then back to Theresa's determined face. They both nodded.

"We're staying too." Theresa smiled; she knew she could count on them.

"Well then, we've got lots to do if were bringing them back!" They all smiled, filled with new hopes and determination.

Well, that ends chapter 2. Sure, not very productive if you want, but honestly, it's all just begun. So, will they succeed in getting them back? What's going to be standing in their way? Read on to find out guys:D Again, thanks to story_master for beta-readingx3 And this is where I leave you, and of course, asking you to please rate and review. It doesn't matter if you hated it, I'd like to know your opinion. It's always helpful, and of course, constructive criticism is always welcome. So, rate and review guys, and have a great week!
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