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Chapter 3

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Author's Note: Hey guys!! Okay, first off, thanks again to my reviewers, you guys rock. I stayed home sick today, so I decided to write. Lol, I went with my mom to the doctors (she had an appointment), so I waited outside, with my Halloween candy, and then I had the sudden urge to write. And all these ideas/lines popped into my head, so I grabbed my pen and started to write on the candy wrappers. Lol, so some of this is typed off of a Twix wrapper... hehe. Oh and the 'flashbacks/memories will be in Italic. Anyways.

This chapter is dedicated to all my awesome reviewers! Thanks guys!

And as always, a very special thanks to story_master/story goddess for beta-reading this. YOU ROCK!!!

Chapter 3

"S-Should we go in?" Neil stuttered. They had paused outside their wooden brown door, not sure if they could handle the flood of memories that was to hit them, hard, once they'd walk in. Theresa gulped and took in a deep breath before nodding.

Hesitantly, she fumbled with the key as she slowly placed it into the key hole. Emotionally preparing herself for the pain to come, she lightly pushed open their squeaky door; never let Herry slam a door shut. They had been surprised it hadn't completely broken off, right then and there.

Theresa was the first to walk in, but both boys quickly trailed behind her. She winced; there, carelessly lying on the living room floor, was Odie's precious flying game. She recalled why it had been left there that unfaithful day...

They had all been seated on the various couches of different sizes, all minus Jay. Laughing and teasing, they were watching TV, with Neil checking himself and Odie mesmerized by his beloved game. That's when his PMR went off. Quickly and almost absentmindedly, Odie's hand lunged for the little contraption.

"Jay, what's so important? I was almost to lev-"

"Odie, I need you to gather everyone, now. Cronus is in the empty field not too far from the park. I'll meet you there." And he clicked it off. Jay's voice was serious, as it always was, but another emotion was present there as well; fear. For once, Jay seemed to truly be afraid, and it troubled everyone.

Their laughter had subsided as they heard someone's PMR ring. It was a ring they had rarely ever heard; the emergency one. Everyone quickly ran to the door, pushing each other to hurry up. Odie had dropped his game and ran to gather any of his inventions that would be useful. The sound of screeching tires backing out of the driveway was heard soon after. Moments later, they were gone... some forever.'

Theresa averted her gaze off the toy, feeling sure she was going to breakdown any second now. Neil placed a comforting hand on her shoulder, as he tried to muster up a weak smile. Archie felt his vision start to blur as his hesitant gaze rested on a blue skateboard; Atlanta's. He chocked back tears as the unwanted memory pushed itself to the front of his mind...

"Archie! Is that all you've got?!" The outgoing redhead yelled over her shoulder. She stopped as she reached their chosen 'finish line', and she jumped up in triumph. But her left foot landed on the edge of her skateboard as she felt herself lose her balance. Quickly, two strong arms grabbed her from behind, but it was too late. She and Archie had toppled over, Atlanta landing on the hard cement ground, as Archie roughly landed on her skateboard. He looked down, and the despite the pain coming from his behind, he smiled. Atlanta noticed this and gave him a quizzical look.


"Why are you smiling?"

"You're using the skateboard I got you." He smiled again. Archie remembered how during a previous battle with Cronus, one of his hideous giants stepped on her skateboard with it's big disgusting looking foot, crushing it to pieces. That night, Atlanta had been completely ticked off, deciding on what kind of torture she would do to the giant, the next time she saw him. That very night, Archie had gone out and had bought her a new skateboard. She was ecstatic and insisted on immediately trying it out, in the middle of the night, no less. He loved seeing her so happy, and he had, of course, tagged along with her.

"Of course I'm using it you dork. It's my favorite one." She flashed him a huge smile as his face took on a new shade of crimson. He helped her back up to her feet, blush still clearly visible. But he was shaken out of his thoughts when Atlanta lightly punched his arm.

"You're not going to let a girl beat you every time, now are you?" She asked, mockingly. He poked his tongue out at her, earning him another punch, before he heard those oh-so familiar words.

"Race ya home!" And she was off, surely there by now.'

Archie shook his head as though it would make the images disappear. But of course, it didn't. As Neil sat Theresa down, he walked over to their closed window. He sighed as he stared out the window that overlooked their driveway. There, to the side, was Herry's truck. The gods had insisted on bringing it back to the dorm, in case any of them needed it. But they knew they would never touch it again. It was to be left as it is. As he stared out to his friend's most prized possession, he too recalled a previous event...

'Neil walked over to his muscled friend who was bent over one of his tires, cleaning and checking it over. He never did understand why Herry loved that truck so much.

"Hey Herry?"

"Yeah buddy?" answered the brown haired boy, now from under his truck.

"Why are you like, in love with that... truck?" The blond boy asked curiously. Herry gave him a half smile before asking.

"Neil, why are you in love with that mirror?" Neil immediately looked down at his hand, where he tightly held onto his valued three-paneled mirror.

"I-I don't know... I just do." Neil answered simply, shrugging. Herry nodded.

"Exactly. It's just... something that means a lot to me... It's hard to explain but it's important to me since it was also important to Granny. I guess everyone just has something they really care about, for some unknown reason... I've never really had anything to really care about... I can't really explain it, but do you understand what I mean Neil?" Herry asked, a serious and thoughtful look on his face. Neil nodded, completely understanding what Herry was trying to explain. He didn't know why he was so attached to it... in the end, it was just a mirror. Tired of thinking so deeply, he glanced at Herry's truck before bringing his gaze back to his golden mirror.

"Mine's shinier." He concluded, as Herry rolled his eyes, still smiling. Then his face took on a panicked expression.

"Wait, why? Do you see a smudge anywhere?!" But Neil had left, leaving Herry to check over his truck for the tenth time that day.'

Even through the tears, Neil had to smile at the memory. That day he had felt as though he understood Herry a bit more. He turned back to his remaining friends, taking in their current state. Archie sat on the ground, crossed-legged, his eyes fixed on some random spot on the ground as his tears slowly rolled off his cheeks and onto the carpet. Theresa was still sitting on the couch, staring dead ahead. A couple of tears trickled down her face as her fingers lightly grazed over a spot on her right cheek...

'Jay and Theresa were alone for breakfast since they had both slept in that morning and none of their friends had wanted to wake them. They smiled at each other, blushing as their eyes locked for a moment while each had been trying to steal a glance from the other.

They sat there for a bit, both deeply lost in the other's eyes. They were both blushing madly, but neither wanted to turn away. It was like a forbidden game. How far would they go? Who would turn first? And what were they to do to if someone walked in on them?

All of a sudden, Jay's PMR rang. He sighed and reached over for it, forcefully focusing his attention to the little lit up screen. Theresa smiled and looked down at her cereal, stirring the soggy little shapes. She could feel Jay watching her from the corner of his eye, and it just caused her to blush even more. Then suddenly, Jay got up. He started to walk over to the door when Theresa followed him.

"Jay, where are you going?"

"Hera wants to see me. She said it was really important... I want you guys to have all you're PMRs on, just in case..." He seemed to have turned all serious again, forgetting about the little round of their daily game only moments ago. But something was bothering her... she had a feeling something was going to go wrong. Horribly wrong. Suddenly she felt worried for Jay.

"Jay, I want you to be careful, promise?" He smiled at her concern.

"Promise." He said. She smiled. Just as he was about to leave, he turned around and faced Theresa.

"Bye Terri." He said before he planted a short sweet kiss on her cheek. Smiling, and blushing, he disappeared out the door before Theresa could do anything but smile.

That had been Jay's last morning.

Theresa was unable to focus her wandering thoughts. She was unable to get a hold of herself. She was unable to do anything but cry. She wondered how she would go on like this... about how much she missed them; how much they meant to her. And she wondered how they were going to get them back.

Archie felt like hurting someone. He wanted someone, anyone to blame for what had happened, just so he could make them pay. But Cronus was to blame, and he was already locked away for ever. Not that it made him feel any better. His friends had been left with the expensive bill. And there would be no refund.

He looked over to Theresa and Neil and noticed that he wasn't the only one crying. He wondered how they were going to live here when they couldn't even sit for five minutes without breaking down and crying.

"H-Hey guys...?"

"Y-Yeah Archie?" Theresa asked sadly.

"I think we should sleep in the school for a bit." He said, wiping away a couple of tears with his sleeve.

"I think Archie's right Theresa." Neil nodded towards Archie and the three decided to gather anything that was important; clothes, money...

As they slowly walked up the stairs towards their rooms, they hesitated. Neil felt as though this was where his confidence was really needed. He walked up first, and the others soon followed. They kept everyone else's room doors closed, as though it was now forbidden territory. They packed up some of their things, as Theresa stopped to examine one of her pictures.

It was a picture of all of them, the whole team, smiling and laughing after an amazing day on the beach. The weather had been perfect, and they had even gotten Archie a couple of steps into the water. A couple of tears dropped onto the glass protecting the photo. Everything had been perfect. But now, everything was falling apart.

She set the frame back down on her dresser as she zipped up her bag. Emotionally, she wasn't ready to come back to the dorm; none of them were. Maybe a couple of days with the gods would do them some good. And maybe they would be able to figure out just what they were hiding from them...

For once, Neil was the first to be ready. His bag was packed, and he stood at the bottom of the stairs, waiting for Archie and Theresa. They both emerged out of their rooms at the same time, each lugging a tiny bag behind them. They locked their doors and came down the stairs towards Neil.

Just as they were about to leave, Theresa glanced back one last time to their home. She promised herself that the next time she would come back, it would be with everyone. Alive.


Done, lol. That was chapter 3 guys. Rather long, less than 50 words away from 2,000. Hope you guys liked it, not much happened, it was more of a memory chapter. But the search will start in the next one... I felt kind of sad writing this... Ugh, well tell me what you guys thought!

Anyways R&R guys, and thanks again to story_master/story goddess for beta-reading this. You're awesome Taylor, and thanks again for doing such an amazing job! Rate and review guys!! Have a great week!!
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