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Blood Streaked Tears

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"Why am I alive Jay?" she continued to snuggle into his arms, breathing in his essence and feeling at home. "I wished it so." He said wrapping his arms, "Blood streaked tears are quite handy." She...

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Yes! I was able to update in seven days... wow I'm pathetic. I'm sad right now... there's only four more chapters to go before I'm done this story! -Sees audience crying out in joy and doing a dance. - Fine you can celebrate! Just remember to review! -Nuuoa Eclaire

"I can't be realy anymore Jay.-Theresa


A tear of pure salty water blood dropped from his face and landed beneath him. It shone back with a magical glisten before sinking into the stone. A blood streaked tear. A wish.

Theresa was standing there in all her shocked and perplexed glory. She stared down hard at her hands and just blinked; all she could do was blink. Then she turned her green eyes upwards and met Jay's wide-eyed gaze. She took a step and almost wobbled, one word escaped her mouth in a stutter.
"How-" She cut herself off and sank to the ground in astonishment, ginger hair falling over her face.

Just as Jay opened his mouth and took a step forward he froze, they all did. Crawls raced up and down everyone spine, Cronus laughed uncertainly and didn't even care about Theresa as he raced into his portal. The dark sky vortex swirled desperately as he called out, "Scio Havarti!"

Odie was the first to act as the cold that laced the air trembled and gushed around them, causing his hair to look like a shaggy dog.
"Run!" he forced his lungs to cry against the wind. They didn't need to be told twice.

Herry raced faster then he had for any football in his life. For once he was truly scared. Not the zombie germ type scared... truly beyond compare... petrified. Odie was racing to catch up

Neil felt the adrenaline pumping in his veins. The heavy pounding in his heart took over everything else. He wanted to curl up and die as darkness took over his form... along with all the others... fading from view. He didn't notice the two that had been left behind.

Jay stumbled forward, but caught himself as the hair rose on the back on his neck. He looked back with darting brown at Theresa slouched on the floor. He finally found his voice.
"Theresa! Get up Theresa!" he cracked pulling her up by the waist and looking deep into her eyes.

Filled with steps of lead Jay dragged her along behind him. She still had her light forest eyes on the dark gem floor. His heart sung out with numb joy as he felt her warm hand in his. He was dancing in the sky, her touch leading him safety.

He finally stopped and realized just how out of breath he was, but it was all her. She still wasn't facing him as they both sunk to the floor; he grabbed her wrist and felt the warmth rush over him again.
"Are you real?" his eyes lit up with a nervous hope. She just sighed and let tears fall to the floor staining it dark orange.
"I can't be real anymore Jay." Her voice was hard in the time of breaking.
"How can this be? I'm supposed to be dead! This can't be real..."

Jay placed a hand on hers as his heart cried out for her. She looked up at him and saw the reality that was before her... and it was a dim light in the darkness.
"The beast has come Jay..."

At her words the air stiffened around them... the beast was still chasing them... but this wasn't a hunt to it. This was a game. And in the end zero out of seven would remain. Jay stiffened... but stopped as he began to cradle her in his arms. Yes welling up with happiness... as if this truly hadn't set in yet. Her being alive, the beast, the missing comrades.

"Why am I alive Jay?" she continued to snuggle into his arms, breathing in his essence and feeling at home.
"I wished it so." He said wrapping his arms, "Blood streaked tears are quite handy." She smiled; it lit the room in the approaching doom.
"What did you say?" He laughed, "That you could be with me if only for this one battle." At his words she pulled away and began to shake, finally realizing what her dreams so long ago meant.

"Theresa?" Jay asked a look of confusion crossing his strong face, brown eyes frowning.

'Your choice from on after. Leave. Stay. Fate let you lead yourself. What will be will and won't. Chose again Theresa...The pathways you chose to walk.'

She put her face in her delicate hands; she could feel Jay breaking again all around her. She saw her destiny and the fate that she could, but never would escape.
"Annabelle once said," she whispered hoarsely, "that the only way to kill the beast is using the blood streaked tears..." she wept bitterly, wailed almost as she rubbed the back of her hand against her eyes, clouded by decision. She was truly happy, why couldn't stay that way?

She looked into the eyes of the man she loved once more and turned on her heel, long legs moving forward, but glued to the ground.
"If I kill the beast then everyone will be free... but if I do I'll die again." She turned to him, as he stood speechless, grasping for the meaning.
"I can use my wish to live... or use it to die and save every living being..."

And then she turned away from her own life that was never meant to be... for she had died two times now. It was written in the grasps of fate that she could bend... but never would.

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Archie fought to catch up with a panting Atlanta... Atlanta didn't pant, she never got tried. The cold tornado of air caused his violet hair to create a wall, blocking his vision... as he lost sight of her, Atlanta became nothing more then a blur of red in the approaching shadows.

Archie kept running, head looking at the unsure footsteps he was making, running beyond anything he knew, heart pounding in his ears. Finally he stopped at choked on the little air he found he had.
"Atlanta!" he cried out of breath, to the empty room he found himself in. Frantic he ran around screaming her name.
"Atlanta!" his words caught in his throat as he pummeled to the ground and shook, breaking his ankle brace.

Archie cried out in pure pain as he clenched his teeth together. It overwhelmed him, took control of his very being, as he shook. 'Atlanta... be safe.' His thoughts became numb as the throbbing took hold of him... going off into unconsciousness.


Ok this was much shorter then I've been writing lately, but I needed to update and I made it short and effectively. Only four chapters left. -Nuuoa Eclaire
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