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Wrath of the Beast

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Laughing, trembling, screaming, echoing doom, death, screams, laughing... he had, had enough. He raised his head fiercely and raced towards the sound of the beast coming in a mist of darkness and e...

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Wow. There are so many stories on fanfiction and ficwad right now that it's impossible to read everything! I keep updating and then the next minute my story isn't even on the page! But I must applaud to all the authors out there! Class of the Titans is getting so popular! On another note I must say that I'm sorry for not updating in a while. I've been having a major block for this chapter, so it might be a bit shorter. Sorry, sorry, sorry and sorry. (Now I'm mumbling. Sorry I just feel really bad right now. Sigh. I feel pathetic at the moment.) -Nuuoa Eclaire

"Guys I really hope this thing is Archie's cooking come to life! If not! Run!" -Odie


It's gray. Everything is gray. Look to the west, gray. Look to the east, gray! North? Big surprise... gray! No colors exist beyond what's there. And it's gray. And faces... dead silent screaming faces of agonizing gray.

This place has no name. Maybe it did a long time ago, but no one's there to remember what it was in the first place. Why? Because memory doesn't exist. All there is or ever will be, is gray. Silence, unheard screams, dead eyes and gray. But for some figures felt there was more. Very few, but some. One of them was a young woman with a little less gray in her face then others, a little more life. Her name was unknown... but at least she could vaguely remember what a name was.

So this young woman, we shall call her Jayda, because for some reason she loved the ring to the beginning of it. What was 'liked' anyway? This dead transparent shadow of gray felt things that didn't' exist or she couldn't comprehend. She felt like there was something more to life then this. And life didn't even exist.

Jayda swirled around in an endless pool of death. Light didn't met darkness here; it was the end of no beginning. No light glistened over the water's edge, no waves played a lullaby against the shores and there were no... what are those? Colorful? That was real? Something beyond no life and gray? Weird things that skim over the waters and a colorful and blindly bright shirt... shirt? She will call them 'Jayes'. Again she felt calm around the beginning sound.

What was she missing? All these images and colors swirled around in Jayda's head and she felt, actually felt, lost. Misplaced. And felt like something more then just colors and light should be in her thoughts. Thoughts? Words?

Words. One stuck with the ghostly form of Jayda. And then she said something that seemed like a sonic boom in a place where no soul had ever spoken.

The pain was immense as she struggled to hold onto that one lost memory. She screamed a true scream, not like the silent ones that most of the ghost's of what was did. And the she felt a warm, hot like iron light crawl up her legs and engulf her entire being. She disappeared and the form called Jayda had a real name again, 'Theresa.'

Even though it was in shadow, the cave was immensely bright and rich topaz and other gems. She barely noticed this though as she felt completely empty inside, like half of what was. She had no will; she didn't even know why she was here. But she knew that she was missing a body and half of her heart.

She floated over the air in a deadly grace and felt her hair flow up behind her like she was walking under water. She felt like she had been in the same situation before. Like this wasn't the first time she had been here searching for something. Then she remembered a name a new, for what felt like the tenth time.
"Jay." The ghost like shape whispered, her voice lacing with the air. And a tear formed in her eyes when she saw a man she barely remembered. His face cast in shadows.

She reached out transparent hands and called out his name again, savoring it like the taste for a delicious fruit. The barely recognizable man before her looked haunted and overjoyed at her appearance. Then she remembered her own name again and longed to be near him.

So the now slightly remembering Theresa longed to be near Jay. She gravitated towards him and he to her. And she pressed her cold dead lips against his. She felt nothing for a long while... then realized she wasn't even touching him, she was going right through. She was being sucked into his body as she felt herself being to dissolve... she was being sucked back to the old world, passing through Jay in a burst of fridge wind.

"NO!" But she was back in the unmoving water made of dead souls She felt like screaming but no sound came out, she felt like crying, but she had no tears, she felt like thinking but she had no thoughts in words. 'Jay!' she cried inside with a blank slate of a face, 'I can't forget! No I can't!' And then she found herself getting sleepy, lulling off into all she had ever known, everything she had never known. And her thoughts were gone.

But one clung on by a fine delicate thread. One word that she had no place for. 'Jay.'

Annabelle clung her badly injured arm as the blood stained it red. She hadn't had time to heal her injuries. She looked into the now struggling face of a single figure. It had just reappeared.
"As a clairvoyant, in great peril you can separate your body and soul. But now having no body to separate with, you separate your own soul." She mumbled more to herself, squeezing out the words in a soft pain.
"Half your soul can reside in the real world, longing to get help... but you can't have your whole being in more then one place. Your memories divided and so does you heart... without a body your soul will continue to do this until nothing is left. You will have never existed... only in your friends memories." A tear escaped down her pale face.
"Nothing left at all." She looked at the soul disappearing in agony and reappearing once more.

And another person the guardian of this world cared about was gone. And she left, her feet padding on the gray ground the only sound heard. And her cloak twirled around and seemed to be a single


"Atlanta wait!" Archie's cry was heard echoing around the walls. Odie turned his mopped head towards the frantic noise. Herry glanced over to his small friend and Neil took a glance away from the mirror, after trying to fix his foundation... that had been running from tears.
"Shut up!" Atlanta's voice was heard this time.
"Atlanta!" The ranting continued from far off.
"Go away!"
"Purple one!"

After this dead silence followed.

"That sounds like Archie." The now appearing Jay walked in a trance towards the surprised mourners.
"So glad you could join us." Odie hissed at him. Jay put up his hands in mock defense.
"Whoa Odie, easy." He let his emotionless haunting eyes slip away, "I was thinking."
"Well good to see you got around to your friends then." Neil tried to meet him in a stony glare, "I thought you didn't care."

Herry jumped between the defeated Jay and the 'No' pair. He had decided that a mad Odie plus Neil was bad. Odie + Neil = Dead Jay. And since Herry figured out that he needed to protect his wounded buddy. Sure he was sad... but he couldn't blame Jay.

"Come on guys. Don't take it out on Jay. We'll find a way to get Theresa back." Jay felt struck as he heard her name. The trace of her on his lips was all too real.
"We will? I thought we already did! Oh wait, my bad... Jay ruined it for us!" Odie pointed at their leader, his hand shaking in rage. Herry took Odie's arm and looked him in the eye.
"Calm down little buddy." And if the tension couldn't be higher an angry and hurt Atlanta, along with a silent sulking Archie plodded into the room.

Jay looked away from what felt to be the millionth dagger drilling into him. His friends hated him. Theresa probably hated him. Heck! Even he hated him! Himself! Zeus he couldn't even think straight.

"Hey." Archie growled at him, steel blue eyes burning the back of his head.
"Hey." He mumbled. Atlanta rushed over towards him and put a tanned hand on his back, comforting him.
"You ok?" Archie wanted to rip Jay's head off. And serve it on a platter. A nice silver platter. He liked silver.

"Atlanta I-" he tried to get a word in but she cut him off.
"Purple one." The others wanted to laugh... but the word 'laughter' had been scratched from their vocabulary. But not terror.

A frantic howl surrounded them as a shadow leapt into their disfigured circle. Blazing yellow and green eyes making vicious contact with everyone of them. Odie screamed and pointed at the snarling beast.
"Guys I really hope this thing is Archie's cooking come to life! If not! Run!" (A/N: Lol)

Archie opened his mouth to protest when Atlanta raced off towards the shadow wolf and avoided his snapping silver jaws. Ok now Archie didn't like silver. Atlanta engulfed the wolf in a hug, as he collapsed into her arms.

"They are all dead aren't they?" she clutched to his soft bristly fur. He yelped in reply and began to shake. Atlanta petted him as the other Titans, minus Jay, looked on in awe. Atlanta with their enemy? The rest of the wolves' dead? This was too much.
"It's ok." She hushed putting her face against him and her crimson hair mixed in with his dark fur.

"Khalil?" Jay questioned moving forward, watching his mouth with a watchful eyes. Khalil couldn't hurt him in the dream world... but here he was real. And Khalil pushed Atlanta roughly aside and ran again. Howling the song on the dead.

"Fluffy!" Atlanta picked herself up ignoring the pain in her side, "Wait!" And with a burst on inhuman speed she scurried off after him, as he was engulfed in shadow. Archie rushed after her.

And as they all turned the corner Cronos cut them off. He was laughing with a pure evil gleam glowing in his eyes. It was the scariest look of happiness they could ever see on his face.
"The beast is free! I've won!" And the words cut through everything in whole. The wrath of the beast settling in around them.
"No!" Neil stuttered out, "We aren't done yet!"

"The Prophecy says that seven heroes will stand in my way." He chuckled, "I only see six." Jay had to hold himself down at these words. Herry began to tense, Odie cringed and Archie and Atlanta want to wipe that smile off his putrid face. Neil dropped his mirror to the ground, the sound clanging around the cave.

"But I saw her!" Jay cried out, "I did! Theresa somehow came back!" he ranted.
"She's dead you fool." Cronos laughed maniacally forming a portal in front of their faces. The sound of the beast getting closer echoed around the walls, the air changed drastically and it was getting much, much colder.

But they couldn't run. The portal held the image of the gray land of despair... and Theresa was their screaming silently with tears clinging to her eyes. The team was in shock and Jay trembled his face down cast in shadow, as Cronos continued to laugh.

Laughing, trembling, screaming, echoing doom, death, screams, laughing... he had, had enough. He raised his head fiercely and raced towards the sound of the beast coming in a mist of darkness and eerie destruction.
"Jay no!" Atlanta cried reaching out her hand to him, tear glistening in her silvery eyes.
"You'll die too!" she screeched as the drastic change of the atmosphere left her feeling empty. Archie reached out for her as she ran to Jay and grabbed him and began to shake him.
"You'll die Jay!" Tears now welling down her face. He smirked, his face still clouded over with dark. And Atlanta pulled away and stepped slowly back to the group falling into Herry's strong arms.

"Death isn't so bad." Jay continued to smirk. 'Once you lose your everything twice, there's nothing left to lose.' His thoughts were bitter.
"I just wish," He gripped his sword tightly turning his knuckles white. A warm glow flooded in around him as the words left his mouth, leaving a trail of light behind him as he turned the corner towards Scio Havarti.
"That she could have been with us," he reeled in for Cronos now, raising his weapon high above his head and sending his brown hair back as he thrust down for the God.
"That she could've been here!" he yelled falling towards the spot where Cronos was, "If only for this battle."

And as he whispered hose words he fell to the ground expecting a crunch of bones and cold. But the heat that had surrounded his body escaped and landed under him, in soft flesh. He opened his eyes curiously and pulled himself up reeling back in towards his friends, all mouths hanging open. Cronos had to slap his face to believe it. Jay choked out one word. One lost word. The beast was close now.


I don't really like this one. Gosh I'm depressed... So that spirit in the last chapter was only half of Theresa's soul. Remember in chapter 6 when she was endangered she separated her body and soul. Well she doesn't have a body no so it's like she is dividing her soul until there is nothing left. But as you can see Jay used got her back... or was that the clairvoyant power again? I brought back purple one. Ahh, I love that quote. I hope you liked it, I'll update as soon as I can, but I want to write a sequel and a prequel to the one-shot I wrote, 'Our Tomorrow Never Came'. So I'll see what I can do. Thanks. -Nuuoa Eclaire
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