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Baby, Baby, You Make Me All Hot and Bothered

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I have the sudden urge to take a bubble bath with Patrick. -smiles- I found myself wanting to see some Pete booty, but realised that would ruin the plot line, so it came to this. -your welcome-

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"I think I want this, Pete,"

Evie bit her lip and took a deep breath as her hands found their way up to his face and closed her eyes. Pete closed his eyes as well and leaned down to capture her lips.

This what he was waiting for and he didn't even have to make the first move.

Evie moaned slightly and slithered her arms around his neck. Pete smiled into the kiss as he parted his lips, hands resting on her hips. They pulled away from each other for a moment and Pete read her eyes, deciding to test her.

"I love you..." he whispered. He waited for her to respond. He watched the glint in her eye and felt his heart beating as she parted her lips...

"Just fuck me already," she hissed.

Pete smiled and felt her hands moving to the hem of his t-shirt where she snuck her hands under it and ran her fingertips up his abdomen until she pulled the t-shirt off his head and smiled in a flirtatious way, slowly stepping backwards and beckoning him with her eyes.

Pete bit his lip as their hands hooked together and as soon as she was leaned against her bedroom door, Pete pressed his lips hungrily to hers and held her close as he opened the door and pushed her in, closing the door and bringing her around to hold her against the door in a passionate lock, her arms around his neck and his hands lowering from her face and to the tie of her halter top, finding the knot and slowly undoing it, Evie pushing him slightly towards her bed and pushing him down, her body crawling over him and leaning up to take the halter top off herself. She leaned back down and kissed him, smiling.

"You're too slow," she whispered and her hands snuck down to his belt buckle where she quickly undid it, shimming his tight jeans down his legs before crawling back over him and kissing his collarbone.

"Oh god," he breathed and held her waist for a moment before rolling her around, reaching down to undo her pants as well.

They were quick to shed the rest of the clothing like they wouldn't be able to experience this if they didn't do it in record time.

Evie wrapped her arms around his shoulders as he entered quickly and moaned out as he sped up, bringing her up and over for her to be on top. Pete liked it way too much for his own good, gripping her hips as she grinded, biting his lip hard as he felt her contract around him.

"Pete..." Pete opened his eyes to see stars and blurs of different colors. "Pete...oh god Pete..."


"Pete!" Pete furrowed his eyebrows together. "Oh my god Pete! Fucking gross!"

Pete blinked the tiredness from his eyes to see himself in the back of the van, his legs stretched out across Joe as he squirmed and tried to get as far away from him as possible. Pete blinked again and saw Patrick with his eyes wide and a blush taking over his face.

Pete looked down to see the cause of the chaos and tugged at his boxers a bit before reaching for a blanket and covering himself up.

"Sorry," he mumbled. Joe groaned.

"Dude, you really need to get laid," Pete rolled his eyes and stared out the window at the familiar roads.

"How long until we're home?" he asked and Andy looked at the clock from the driver's seat.

"In about a half hour," Patrick shifted in the passenger seat.

"Should we call the girls?" he asked and Andy nodded, glancing over at him. He tossed his phone to Joe.

"Call Ev, they should be together," Joe smiled.


I yawned as I heard my phone go off in the middle of the night. I sighed, reaching up to grip it in my hands. I furrowed my eyebrows and flipped it open.

"Baby, it's too late for phone sex," I joked and heard a smirk.

"I never knew you were into phone sex," I widened my eyes at Joe's voice.

"Sorry Joe, it was a joke by the way," Joe sighed.

"Listen, we're like half an hour away, alright, why don't you wake Izzy up and you girls meet us at...Andy's house, alright," I cleared my throat, sitting up.

"Izzy's not here," I mumbled and Joe coughed.

"Where is she?" he asked and I sighed.

"She spent the night with her boyfriend," I could literally hear the surprise in his voice.

"That girl is going to crush Patrick's soul," I sighed and stood up from my bed.

"I'll see you guys there, alright?" I said and heard Joe mumble something.

I sighed, grabbing a pair of pants and slipping them on, finding a bra as well, gripping my bag and shoving an extra pair of clothes.

I found myself leaning against the door of my car, half asleep as I waited for the headlights of the white van to light the street and driveway. I hummed to myself and smiled as I heard a car and a random voice ring out of a window.

"It's mommy!" I laughed slightly as the van stopped on the side of the road, a pajama clad Joe jumping out and running over, lifting me up and swinging me around until I couldn't see straight.

I struggled to get my footing right and bumped right into another chest, arms picking me up and kisses being placed on my cheek.

"Ok, ok. I missed you too," I pleaded and stumbled backwards before there was a kiss on my lips. I smiled and pulled back to see Andy smiling wide.

"It's good to be home," I bit my lip, smiling and snuggled my nose into his t-shirt and smiled.

"Are we all staying here?" I asked and saw Patrick nod. I leaped away from Andy's arms and latched onto Patrick, kissing his cheek.

"You're too hyper for two in the morning," I jabbed a thumb back at Joe.

"He's the one that woke me up," Joe rolled his eyes and I smirked before turning to see Pete standing awkwardly, his teeth poised over his bottom lip, mouth askew.

I smiled lightly and took a deep breath before taking a step towards his and hesitatingly wrapping my arms around his neck. His arms moved around my waist and I sighed as he hugged my tightly, kissing my temple.

"Is it alright if I missed you?" I smiled and nodded, pulling away.

Our eyes caught glances and it seemed as though he was surprised as he read my eyes. I wasn't much of an eye reader and bit my lip, finding something I didn't expect. Pete wasn't hurt or angry, but...happy.

"I'll see you inside, Pete," I whispered and walked over towards the open front door and down the hall where I slipped into Andy's room, him pushing suitcases over the floors and sighing, turning to face me.

"What's up?" he asked and I shrugged.

"I'm so tired," I mumbled and moved to sit on his bed. "I'm going to crash here," Andy shrugged.

"Does it look like I mind?" I smiled which made him smile as well. "I haven't seen that smile in forever," I sighed before watching as he left the room again.

I closed my eyes and reached down to slide my jeans off before turning around and slipping under the covers and moving towards the wall side of the bed, my head turning to the door as Andy entered again before closing it and sighing. He looked over and smirked.

"You're fast," I yawned, nodding.

"I told you I was tired," I said and Andy nodded, pushing his stuff away before reaching over his nightstand and flipping the lights off.

I rolled onto my side, snuggling my cheek into the pillow with my hand behind it and smiled, seeing his silhouette come closer and sit on the edge of the bed, taking off whatever pajamas he was wearing before slipping under the covers and rolling over to face me. I found a smile creeping to my lips and bit my lip to restrain it as fingertips brushed against my shoulder, running down to rub my arm.

"So you just want a snuggle tonight?" Andy asked and I blushed still in the darkness.

I nodded and closed my eyes before I felt him shuffling closer, pushing the blankets up so I could snuggle into his chest. I sighed, worn out.

"How was tour?" I asked. Andy sighed, his chin on my head and arms around me, one in my hair while the other on my back, tracing small patterns.

"It was fun, well, for being trapped in a van with four guys," he paused and sighed. "It was fun," I smirked.

"Did you miss me?" I asked and Andy shook his head.

"I missed this," he mumbled and I pursed my lips together.

"I was so worried this would tear us apart," I whispered and my mind ran across other possibilities. Andy sighed, rubbing my back still.

"I was worried too, but you know, I think it did us good," he pulled back slightly to glance down at my expression. I frowned.

"It didn't do Izzy very good," I mumbled. Andy kissed me.

"Well you're not Izzy, are you?" I smiled lightly and closed my eyes, yawning slightly.

"No, no I'm not," Andy smirked and leaned back in again.

"Good, because I'm going to kiss you now,"

I smiled lightly before closing my eyes again and parting my lips when the time was right, rolling back onto my back when Andy pushed at my shoulders and rolled slightly over, his hands dancing at the hem of my t-shirt. He pulled away and I struggled to stifle a yawn.

He pouted.

"I'm too tired," I whispered and bit my lip. Andy sighed, a light smile on his face.

"You leave me all hot and bothered sometimes, Ev," I smirked lightly before rolling over again, his arm curling around my waist. I yawnwed.

"I want to sleep now," I muttered and snuggled back in.

"Then sleep,"


"She has a girlfriend," I bit my lip from behind Patrick as he snuck his head to look out into the crowd and we both caught glance of Izzy smiling and holding hands with somebody I had still not yet to meet at a table against the walls. I sighed and leaned against Patrick.

"I'm sorry Patrick," Patrick frowned and turned around before stomping off backstage. I followed quickly, passing Pete who furrowed his eyebrows together before turning on his heel and following.

"What's the matter?" he asked and I hushed him before speed walking after Patrick, who pushed the back alley doors open and running out.

"Patrick!" I yelled and stopped him, turning him around to find his eyes lost, glazed over.

"I'm sick of this, Ev. I don't deserve this," Pete seemed uncomfortable and shifted his feet slightly.

"Listen to me, Patrick," I said, moving his face to look at me. "No matter what she does, you can't let it get to you," I though of Pete who was behind me, listening. "You can't let her get to your heart...don't let her be a home wrecker," Patrick looked down, defeated.

"She has a heart of gold..." he whispered and I sighed, bringing him into a hug.

"I hope you find somebody, Patrick..." I whispered and he sighed before excusing himself and stepping back inside.

I sighed and played with my fingers a bit before glancing up to see Pete staring at his converse.

"Pete," he glanced up and we both widened our eyes at the close contact due to the slender alley. I gulped and he leaned back slightly, his shoulders meeting the brick wall.

"I think I want this, Pete," I bit my lip and took a deep breath as my hands found their way up to his face and closed my eyes.

Pete closed his eyes as well and leaned down to capture my lips.

This what he was waiting for and he didn't even have to make the first move.

I sighed slightly and felt his hands at my waist. I parted my lips at his request, and that's when I heard the door creak open.

"Holy Toledo, Batman!"
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