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Chapter 1, part 1: Not quite dead yet.

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Karra back! Almost... Se the next part of her adventers, how long will they last... The sequle to Another to know. Enjoy!

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Eyes that see: Sequle to "Another to know"
Chapter 1, part 1
Flash back!: Harry picked up the lifless body of their friend. They all walked out of the cave. Ramsis, her loyal friend, was on Archies head, crying tears you didn't know a cat could cry. They put Karra in the backseat of Harrys truck, Neil complained all they way back that he had to sit next to a corps, but he was sad to for he had tears in his eyes like his friends. Thereasa couldn't shake the feeling they'ed forgoten something. When they got to the school, they went thought the janators closet and quickly into Heras offeice. When she saw Karra she said to put her on the couch. She then insructed Hermes to send for Isis. They told Hera what had happened,
"... And then she died." Jay said just as Isis came sweeping into the room. She moved aside the cildren and Hera to look at her fallen family member. Her whole body stiffend.
"Who did this..." She asked quietly.
"Set." Atlanta replyed first.
"My brother will pay dearly... You are to tell know one of her death. It must remain a secret." She said as her and Karras body started to dissapper.
"What will we tell the kids at school?" Archie asked.
"You are smart kids, you can think of something." Isis replyed vanishing.
Reality!: Thereasa remebered that day vivedly. It was exactly 2 mounths ago. Every one was depressed. Their only hope of stopign Set was Karra, and now... Thereasa felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned around, but no one was there. This wasn't the first time.

Karra was not gone, far from. She just didn't inhabbet her body and couldn't. She couldn't go to the afterlife, but she couldn't have a body. She wanted one or the other. What fun was being a goast if you cna't haont people? She was nothing but an undetectable form. They only one she could conect with in anyway was Thereasa. Her pyscic ablilitys made her mind very open to wandering spirets. Karra could see she was wasting her time. /Giving signles wasn't eunough, she needed to let them know she was still their and needed help.

Set, Cronus, Seth and the giants were all partying. 2 mounths scence one proficy was broken.
"And their is no way for us to ever meet her again!" Cronus yelled. Then he and Set started to dance, I think they were drunk.
"Um... Not exactly..." Seth said looking at the ground.
"What?!?!" Set and Cronus yelled.
"Well, if Karra can fix her soal she will either go back to the land of the living, or be lead to the afterlife." Seth expained. He expected a large yelling match. To his luck there wasn't one.
"Then we stop any chance of that!" Set said walking out of the room. He came balk holding the golden cast off that was once Karras Anhk. He put it in his pocket.
"How will they get it know?" Set asked. He then picked up a bottle of wine, chuged it, and everyone started to party again.
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