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Chapter 2: part 2 of Not quite dead yet

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Thereasa has found how to reunite the team.

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Chapter 2, part 2
Help me! Help me damn it! Can't you see I need help! Thereasa awoke for a startlign dream. Their was Karra yelling at her to help but she couldn't. Maybe their was something they were missing. Or maybe it was her just hoping their was a way to save their lost freind. She looked at her clock. It read "10:14 am". She knew it was time to get up. God she loved saterdays. She got up and changed from her nighty to a green t-shirt and brown track pants. She din't bother with shoes or socks just went down bare footed. Atlant and archie were out skate boarding, Neil was in the bathroom. Odie was in his room playing that video game of his. Herry was in the living room. But were was Jay?
"Herry, do you know were Jay is?" Thereasa asked him.
"Roof." Was his one word answer. Thereasa nodded her head in thanks and went up stairs to the roof. As Harry had said, their he was. On the roof.
"Jay I need to talk to you..." Thereasa aid nevosly.
"Okay, than go ahead." Jay said giving her a smile.
"Last night I had a dream... There was Karra, yelling at me to help her, but I couldn't! I couldn't help her... Could it have a meaning?" Thereasa said.
"Lets talk to Hera about it." Jay said.

Jay and Thereasa drove to the school in Thereasas car. They weren't going to tell the group and maybe raise false hope. When the two of them got to Heras office, Isis was there, talking with Hera. They were talking in hushed tones.
"... why don't you tell them."
"It will only work if they figure it out for themselves, or with the help of her."
"But they need a hint!"
"No! They get a hint from her when the time is right."
"But Set and Cronus have already figured it out!"
"Then she better hurry... Children! How good to see you. I can tell you want to talk to Hera so I will leave." Isis said, leaving through the door.
"Um, Hera? Can we talk to you?" Jay saked. Hera was at her desk with her hands on her head. She looked up.
"Yes, of coarse! What is it Jay?" Hera asked with a smile.
"I had a dream..." Thereasa said. Hera looked at her.
"Then please speak." She siad.
"Well, In my dream... There was Karra, yelling at me to help her, but I couldn't! I couldn't help her... could this be truth or a concotion of my on making?" She asked the aged goddess.
"You have to discover that your self." Hera said. "But did Karra say how to help?"
"Okay. Think on it my dear."

Karra had tryed to tell Thereasa in her dream but she couldn't say how. She was limeted in a dream to only a little that Thereasa didn't know. But know she thinks Karra needs help. She was going to try to give her a vision. She had to. When she acted, Thereasa was on the coach reading about the latest Brittny Spears scandle. Karra started to give her the image of the ahnk, there in Cronuses hand, and then the shated gold peices on the ground, and finaly Karra saying help. Thereasa gasped. Karra needed help, and she had an idea how. Jay was working at his job, junior manager of the local walmart. Therasa ran into the store and found Jay in his office.
"Jay! Karra does need help. She still hasn't gone to the afterlife, she is here on earth! We need to talk to Isis!" Jay's eyes lit up. He wrote a note to the sinoir manager sayign that his grandmother has just took ill and he is visiting her. He took off his vest and ran out of the store with Thereasa.
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