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Chapter 3: part 3 of Not quite dead yet

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Karra is going to come back? Find out here! Bad summery, I know.

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Chapter 3, part 3
They were alasebled in Heras offeice. Arche didn't look right, like he was thinking on something. This was 4 hours after Therasa's discovery. Odie had done more reaserch and found one couldn't die if the soal was incompleat. They remebered the gold on the garound, but how would they get it?
"I know this is a little off topic but, what did Cronus mean when he said that Karra was our 'poor BLIND friend'..." Archie asked, everyone stoped. They remeber Cronus saying that but it had never came to thought, what did he mean? The kids turned to Hera, she looked as clueless as the rest.
"I didn't know Karra was blind... maybe it was a metaphor. We should contact Isis. She could help you with both problems." Hera said. She did a bit of magic and the head of Isis apered out of thin air.
"Yes?" The head of Isis said.
"We have some questions... How are we going to get Karra's ahnk?" Atlanta asked.
"You have to find that or it will not work, what was the other question?" Isis reypled.
"Is Karra blind?" Odie said, looking up from his laptop. Isis' eyes soffened. She sighed.
"Yes... She has been blind her whole life. It isn't a big deal. You will resive futher help when you least expect it. Goodbye." Isis' head left.
"That was a wealth of information." Neil said mockingly. Everyone sighed. They came up with a plan and went to the cave of Karra's death, were our bad guys are. When they got there, every one exept Seth was drunk. Okay "Drunk" isn't a strong eunagh word, "so plastered that the hang over will last a week or two" is better. They whent in and they saw the gold glinting in his pocket. Jay snuck over and took it out. He brought it back and Odie started to put it back togeather. It was like a gigsaw puzzle but the risk was much higher. When he put it togeather in dissapered.

Karra's spiret had watch the whole insadent, from the time they left the school. If she hadn't been a goast she would have died of laughter. But then her ahnk was fixed. She was about to go when out of the shadows stept Hrous.
"Karra, I know you want to live and I want you to live to but, if you don't go to the after life I get the pain. Please come?" Hours said. Karra kied him in the shin and started to run yelling
"I"M NOT GOING DOWN WITH OUT ONE HELL OF A FIGHT!" She then thought, I am sooooooooo grounded for that. She go to New Armana, Newfoundland really fast. In Bastet' s hospitle room she found her body. Bastet was nowere to be seen but there was Isis. She was reading a book. Karra jumped into her body. When you enter your body you expect to beable to move as freely as you did as a spiret. But Karra was almost to weak to breath. She put a lot of energy into making a small sound, no one knows what to call the sound it was so weak and pathetic. She was weak because her body had had no food of drink or nutrance of any kind for 2 mounths now, her body had also been inactive for as long. She was very week. Isis ran over to her and hugged her. Then gave her a strange magicle energy drink that gave her more energy. She opened her eyes. Her mind sight came on, and she smiled. Isis made her eat more.

The kids had left the cave and were in Harry truck. Ramisis was very unsetled because he wanted to see Karra, more than any one, again. Thereasa suddenly had a vision. Karra was smileling adn laughing, clearly weak but getting stronger. When they got to the school they were given conformation, Karra was okay. It would be a mounth befor they saw her again.
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