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Chapter 4: Non-conbutible

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This chapter will defanatly make you think twice about pissing off Karra.

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Chapter 4
Karra knocked on the door of the doorm. To move, to breath, to smile, it was wonderful and she could feel her power restoring. She wasn't fully "rechared" as she called in, but that just ment no really big spells. Harry went to open the door. When he saw who was there he droped to sandwitch he was eating and gave her a big hug.
"Harry! Good to see you do! Please stop breaking my bones!" Karra said laughing.
"Guys! It's Karra!" Harry yelled, putting down Karra. Everyone came running in and gave her huggs and she returned them. How good it was to be with her friends.

It was the first training class Karra had been to in over 3 mounths and she was ready. She wanted to get back into the swing of life. She came intot eh class room with everybody eals.
"Hello class, today we will be doing archery." Ares said. Every one smiled, they all liked archery. "Eeryone go get a bow... Karra come here!"
Karra walked over.
"You will be doing whats on this page." Ares handed her a sheet of paper. Karra ran her fingers over it.
"Um... brail? I can't read brail. And why do you want me to do what ever is on this brail sheet?"
"It has come to the gods attetion tht you are blind, right?"
"Yes, but..."
"So we have changed your life style here to better suit your limmitation."
"it's not a limmitation, really! I..."
"We have taken anything that includes reding, writing, aim, walking in a stait line or seeing of any kind, out of your life, unless you have help. WE are even trying to..." Ares was cut off short by a clearly mad Karra,
"HOW DARE YOU! I have lived here for more than 6 mounths! I have done everything as well as everyone else! Why do you think You have to agust to me!?!? I know you are trying to be nice but use that tiny-little pea sized brain of yours and do something you clearly don't do much, THINK about it! I have fit in here with out any trouble and you find out on igsigniffacent detail about me and you turn me world ups ide down! Your an arogent pig! I'm going back to New Armana, at leat there the give help when needed and not when its very clealy not!" Karra wiped around and blasted open the door. It was smoldering whan she turned down the hall way. Every one had started to stare when Karra started to yell. Ares was speechles, yes speechles.
"I didn't know thoose doors were wood." Jay said.
"They arn't, they are Iorn with gold leaf over top." Odie said. looking at the door now only a pile of ash. Every one flinched. That got Karra really really mad.

Karra was back at the dorm. she saw rails every were. She could follow theese rails to get places. This only got her more angry. She stormed into her room. She pack away all her stuff, locked the door and jumped out the window. She went to thje air post and got the next flight to New Armana.
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