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Chapter 5: The after math

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What happend AFTER the screming match.

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Chapter 5
Ramisis ran as fast as he could after Karra. He hid in her suitcase on the flight. It wasn't very comfie but hid did find some cherie-o's so life was good. When the flight ended kara got her bag, and then it started to wiggle. She opened it up and ot jumped a very happy cat. Karra was plesantly suprized. He jumped on her sholder and they walk along. She didn't go to her house. Her mom would wonder why she was back, and then she would have to make up a really elabrite story. Her mother and father didn't know that she was blind or had magic. And any ay, it was right beside the school so Isis would find her and make her apologize. She went to her friend's house, John McNeil. John knew of Karra's conection with the gods and kept it a good secret.

By this time Ares voice had come back, and he was ANGERY! He was making things out to be wores thst it really is. What was worst is that he was talking to Hera. Hera was desucsted by Karra's behauver. She called up Isis. The kids were sitting in Hera's office. Neil was stairing at himself in the mirror. Jay and Thereasa were talking quietly. Archie and Atlanta were having a debat... and Odie and Harry were yelling to to Odies pmr trying to get Karra to aswer.
"Isis, is Karra their?"
"No, why?"
"She ran away."
"Did you check the dorm?"
"Well she isn't here."
"She talked about going back to New Armana."
"What would poses her to do that?"
"She had a shouting match with Ares."
"Karra wouldn't do that unprovct, what Had he done?"
"Well she semmed upset because of the new life style we were trying to give her."
"Why would you do that?"
"Well she is blind, so we thought we would help her out."
"Hold on wale I hit my head agenst a brick wall! Why would you do that? She can function quite well with out help, and if she really needs help that is what Ramisis is for!"
"Ohhhhhh..... Well she did call Ares and Arogent pig."
"Well she will be punished for that, and she will apologize. Seeking of witch, I will go and see if she is at her home." Isis disapered. Everyone felt really bad. They all went back to the dorm and Athena made cookies to chear them up.

"So you insulted the god of war?!?!" John asked Karra. They were in his living room. They had set Karra up in the guest bedroom.
"That explains it. He had it coming." Karra replied with a grin.
"Karra, do you think that was the smartess thing to do?"
"No, but I stand by my staitment."
"What about the world?"
"I don't need to live and train with them. They can call and I will get my butt over there! Not to hard." Karra said. John sighed. His best friend was an odd one.
"It's late Karra, we should be getting to bed."
"Your right, good night!" Karra said walking down the stairs to the guest room.
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