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atlanta doesnt like archie atlanta doesnt like archie,thats what atlanta sais all day in her head but little do they know she does.

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Atlanta was lying down on her bed thinking of the next track meat,but thats what wasnt worrying her.It was that pruple haird tall young man.

"i dont like him,hes my bestfriend,i cant like him,impossible"

She said all day.

"But hard thing is ido"

Atlanta was very stressed,she said sometimes she wished pan never kissed her so her first kiss would be with archie.

All of a sudden theresa knocked on the door,atlanta was looking at a picture of archie,but when she heard a knock she quickly put it under her pillow.

"Atlanta can i come in"?

"Yea,go ahead its not like im doing anything,that well i wouldnt do"

Theresa opened the door.

"Are you ok,you have been acting odd latley"?

"Me im fine,just very stressed"Atlanta said.

"About what"?

"Uh,track meat,you know i really wana win"

"Oh,ok well i just wanted to tell you archie,jay,neil and me are going to a football game,and im the cheerleader,the guys are playing in it,you wana help me cheer"?

"No im staying back,im not that type of cheery girl anyway"

"Sure,no problem,well we will be back later"

"Bye"Theresa closd the door and atlanta was alone again.

She was thinking how archie would look in a football uniform.

"Stop thinking of him,you dont like anyone"She yelled at her self.

"You just dont"

After a while herry and odie went for pizza and atlanta was alone.She went in archies room and saw his journal.

"Should i"?She asked her self.

"No i shouldent"

She walked downstairs.She found a love movie on and sat down and wached it,she was acting like some dumped fat chick that didnt like junk food nomore.

"I love you"

"leave me alone"

"but your smille is amazing"

"Oh,kiss me"

The lines in the movie killed her.She got a bag of doritos and started munching.She was board and turned the t.v. off.She went outside and went to the park.

"Atlanta"Said a voice.

She got in fighting position."Show your self"She exclaimed.

"Help me please"

"Im dying to get out,i have been traped here for my own temper"

"Archie is this some joke cuz you can stop"

"I am not archie,i am the spirit of death and anger,free me please"

"Stop,just shut up"


Atlanta then followed a trail with glowing emeralds.

She opened a box."Im free"It said.

"Thank you how may i serve you oh great one"

"Umm nothing im just glad i helped"She said.

"You must accept my thanks so ill go inside you and ill have a body again"It said.

Atlanta ran as quick as she can.But not fast enough the spirit caught up and went inside her.


Atlanta's soul lay their in the opened world and got put in the box by the spirit in her body.

"Im free"

"Hey thats my body"Atlantas spirit exclaimed but the spirit inside her closed the box and a new atlanta was born.
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