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A New You?

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Nomore Atlanta!!New spirit!R/r please

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AtlantaWalked back home and Archie was back from the foot ball game.

"Hey their stranger"Atlanta said.

"Hey,Atlanta were,where you"?Asked Archie..."Oh i went for a jog,you know"She replied.Her voice was a little different,it was more like a little kid.

"Do you have a cold or something"?Neil asked.

"Shut up blond boy"Atlanta replied and walked to her room."This is my room,i hvae a room,cuz now im free,Huray Yipee"The new Atlanta sang.

"Whats wrong with her"?Asked theresa looking at Archie because they were SPYING on her.

Archie shrugged."I dont know,mabey she went to the bathroom or something and found out-"Theresa covered his mouth."look"Theresa pointed at New Atlanta.

Atlanta said something."Esta,perustia,Eagati,ME"She said in greek.All of a sudden all went black in her room and spirits came all over,"Come inside me my friends,and we can rule the world"Atlanta exclaimed.

The 2 spying titans gasped."Is she ok"?Asked Archie.

"I dont know,but lets call Jay"Theresa demanded and the 2 rushed downstairs.

"Dont worry spirits,i have 6 availible bodys,so you can take over them!Exclaimed Atlanta.The spirits were happy.

"And lets start seeing who's body should be who's."She continued

"Aron,you have Archie,
Tessia,You have Theresa,
Nick,you have Neil,
Jayne,you have Jay,
Henery,you have Herry and Odin,you have Odie"Said Atlanta the wondering spirits nodded happy they would have bodies REAL SOON!

"Jay,Jay,something is wrong"Exclaimed Theresa."What"?Jay exlcimaed.Atlanta then came down stairs."THIS IS"She exclaimed.Atlanta threw a spirit at Jay."AH"He yelled.Then at the others.

"WE ARE HUMAN"The spirits said.

"What,whats going on here"Asked Herry.

Atlanta then put the titans spirits each in a shoe box."HEY ATLANTA"Theresa's spirit exclaimed.Lanny didnt awnser and she shut the box.

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________SHort i know but my sis greektitan wanted to go please review!
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